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12:34 Lyrics

no words paint no picture

indifference lost to all i feel

painful things a smile conceals

simple heart it kills this can't be real

and it never stops happening

painting faces pale with disbelief

i never wanted things to end this way for .....

if i pull my hands from my face now

i'll see sickness

unthinking, unfeeling

frozen, inept

how can i think straight

the world is waving goodbye

so silent, complete and out of reach

laughing in my face let's justify

the beginning and end

looked, tried. cried too hard

to find

no matter what i thought the bones still

pile up behind

was i ever on

can't fight the feeling

when indecision comes to us

it keeps pushing

breaks me down

astray, but will i be okay?

if i can't see you

you can't see me
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May 22, 2002
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