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Nails Lyrics

See the buildings rising up
See the buildings crumble down
Hear a million voices scream for silence
Automated tasks, Repetition beat into the ground

All these great things that we’ve made
Sewn with rotten string
Destined for defeat right from the beginning
You can’t learn from past mistakes
unless you admit they’re made
There’s more to history
than the Cliff Notes we all read in second grade

The biggest criminals in town
can be spotted fairly quick
They like to dress in dark blue suits
and carry nightsticks
Make people feel warm and safe
Intimidate and isolate

The elegant sip chardonnay, Put on a happy face
Days filled with consumption and desolate space
You can hire one thousand slaves
to build this house for you
Or you can utilize your own tools

These nails can build anything we want them to
Let’s build a place where we can choose
the lives we’re living
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May 22, 2002
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