The Distances I've Walked Lyrics

do you ever think about me?
when you're all alone at night
and you're staring out your window
trying to read my letter by the moonlight
and every word i write to you
i wish i could tell you to your face
i'm starring at the picture
the one you dropped while running away from me

and it seems i've finally found the one
but she's found another way for me
to sit outside your window and wait
hoping to catch a glimpse
of what i can never have

so now i'll pick up the roses
you left on my doorstep so long ago
they've been sitting on my table
dying with the dreams i'll never know
i'm sitting and i ask myself
do i really know what i miss?
i wake at night in a cold sweat
and you're not there to calm me with a kiss


do you ever think about me?
when you're crying in the corner all alone
your tears always meant the ocean to me
and now i'm always standing by the phone
hoping i will hear from you
the voice i listened to every night
do you ever think about me?
do you ever wonder what might have been?
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