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Holiday Parade Lyrics

We lost.
Lost the revolution
Behind closed doors.
After mass executions,
We lost.
Now whatcha gonna do?
It's the same or worse,
And there ain't nothin' new.

Free speech!
For those who can buy it.
New clothes!
If you're dumb enough to try it.
If ya got white skin.
Ya got freedom...
When to exercise again.

8 cops
Couldn't do a thing to hurt me.
8 days
Couldn't do a thing to stop me.
When I shoulda been out,
And they shoulda been in,
Why can't I throw up my hands,
And just say that they win?

I got such a laugh
Outta your T.V.,
And I'm sure as hell glad
That those faces ain't me.
It's been a long, long time
Since I saw a thing
With any value at all,
Is this the place I've been?

Well I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna do,
But my options right now are gettin' kinda few.
If it wasn't for all the friends I've made,
I woulda bombed more than one fuckin' holiday parade.
Some say that I don't belong here and that may be true.
But why all the violence, 'cause I'm smarter than you?
The border seems farther away from me now,
I'm gonna stay until they try ta get me out somehow.
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