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Doubletalk Lyrics

1996 in the USA
What's it going to be today?
Same thing, or something new?
A few more lies, or a little truth?

Things are floating up from the bottom
Day by day things smell more rotten
You wish that they'd be forgotten
But they never can be

1996 in the USA
Wish I had something good to say
Its hard to be happy when your future's in doubt
There's trouble heating up
Keep us out

Things are fallin' down from outta the sky
All the time I'm wondering why
Taking more than you need...
Its as simple greed

I'm not a cynic, the dangers are real
I can't tell myself it's no big deal
It's all this doubletalking
That gets me trouble talking

1996 in the USA
1996 in the USA
Tomorrow will come, it'll be OK
1996 in the USA
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May 21, 2002
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