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I'm An Asshole Lyrics

i listened hard to all your talk, but with none of it could i agree. you're deep in the thick of your own bullshit, and the smell of it nauseates me. i've got a grudge that i want to grind in the teeth of your superior sneer. step outside or i'll be obliged to spew all over you here. there is a problem, you see you know that problem is me forget your psychology what is the problem with me? i'm an asshole. i met your wife, she was very nice, and she really took a shine to me. we talked about this, we laughed about that, and we shared a drink or three. my head's in the window, my foot's in the door my fork's in the mulligan stew. and with every bite through the moaning night you know i'll be thinking of you. (chorus) there is nothing that i wouldn't do to fuck you up royally. i've got a finger in all your pies and you'll never get away from me. look at my face, look in my eyes, and forget your psychology. the world may be buying your present disguise but you can't pull the wool over me. (chorus)
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May 19, 2002
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