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Human Waste Lyrics

Now once upon a time
In this village of the damned
I took my shot at greatness
And the goddamn gun was jammed
So I'm in a drunken state
'Cause I can't take life straight
And if I dull my eyes enough
The brightness fades

I left my heart in San Francisco
And my brain in Los Angeles
My heart just made me bitter
And my brain just made me dangerous
I don't miss either one
But I look into the sun
And I'd give anything
For one good pair of shades

The world is a wasteland
From Green Bay to Graceland
There's no one fit
To lead the human race
And you all know what we are
The throwbacks, the retards
The ever growing face of human waste

I first fell off the wagon
On the open road to nowhere
And I guess I'd still be draggin'
If I thought that I could go there
And return to sing this song
But I knew all along
It's a one-way trip
And I can't pay the fare

All my heroes are gone
And their figures cast in lead
From the fountains at their feet
To the bird shit on their head
And I can't help but wonder
As they lay six feet under
Did they die for me
Or did they even care?
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