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2 Fists Full Of Nothing Lyrics

I was living on the edge of a knife
I was my own biggest threat to my life
I can't believe it when i look back now
Always seemed to make it through somehow
Some money in my pocket and leaving on my mind
I've tried to leave those skeletons behind
Those rattling bones wake me in the night
Gotta find a way to put things right
Drivin all nigh but im not there
Sign on the road says you're going nowhere
I ask myself, what have you got to lose
2 Fists full of nothing-which one do you choose
If i keep on driving till the darkness fades
Will it take some of this guilt away?
A new day's rising, but nothings changed
On the highway of life in thhe breakdown lane
I feel it inside just like a burningg flame
The eyes in the mirror show nothing but pain
How long can one mans bad luck last
And can you really out run your past
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