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Raise Yer Glass Lyrics

You got a grip on the American Dream
Your hands are empty but thats not what you see
Your pockets are empty & the landlords here
You spent your money on piss warm beer
To be someone and make the rules
To hold the cards & throw down your tools
To wash your hands clean and tuck in your shirt
It's the American Dream, it shouldn't have to hurt
You got a job and thats what pays your way
Got a family thats what makes you stay
The mouths are fed, the roof don't leak
You pat them on the head and kiss them on the cheek
But you forgot their faces and the place you got
Spend time thinking about what you haven't got
Slaving every day but your hearts somewhere else
Trying to figure out where you lost yourself
Can't you see youre just a working man
You'll never have more than you hold in your hand
You work all your life for someone else
The working man, he's the only one
With a legacy of pride in the work he's done
Sweat and tears for the family that he loves
His pride and his family will always be enought
Cant you see that im a working man
And we're all just working men
Raise your glass to the working man alright
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May 19, 2002
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