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What You Are Lyrics

Somewhere searching to figure it out
You take me back again
Somewhere drifting above and beyond
The sky and everyone

What are you
What are you
What are you
Is the voice behind that dream

Sleeping quiet I float in the air
Searching for you there
Miles and miles away from your touch
Aching everywhere
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May 18, 2002
3 Meanings
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SO hot

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oh my.. everyone should find the song "could you care" by drill. it is wonderful! this one is only "alright" in comparison

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^^^ Agreed

We need to get more Drill lyrics up!!

I can't believe the suggestions when you look for Drill lyrics.. those ones that are like 'if you like Drill you might also like ..." Run DMC?! Goldfinger?! What the hell! No. Just no.

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