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Meant For You Lyrics

As I sit and close my eyes
There's peace in my mind
And I'm hoping that you'll find it too
And these feelings in my heart
I know are meant for you

Meant for you
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bobo192 On May 18, 2002
2 Meanings
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A very brief song, that only goes on for about 38 seconds, but it is a very great 38 seconds at that. A very peaceful introduction to the album, which sets the mood, and in those 38 seconds, Mike Love delivers one of his best, most sincere and beautiful vocals ever.

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Beautiful intro for the GOOD lp "friends"(24 july 1968)....."there peace in my mind,and I'm hoping that you'll find it too"...this heartfelt line seems a message for the listener....for the world.most of the songs permeate with hope and tranquillity,I especially love ""Busy Doin' Nothin'" in that bossa nova style (..Astrud Gilberto is my favourite!)and the crystalline "Diamond Head"..the rest of the songs are.... simply unforgettable!

LOL...I'm king of hoping someone gets an STD, but that's just me :) And some would not know what true peace feels like if it bit him in his skinny arse. Keep up the charade if it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm gonna have a bagel in your honor this fine morning. It's the least I can do...

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