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Abomination Of The Desolate Lyrics

You stand on holy ground
Placing your idols upon the altar
Dare you desecrate this temple with sacrilegious ways?
For this will be the hour when darkness reigns
And your messiah can offer you no protection
We are left to our own fate
The wrath of god is upon us
For when the last martyr is slain (is slain)
And the hall of souls is emptied (emptied)
When darkness spread through our bodies (bodies)
Like a disease
Kingdoms rise and fall but the law is eternal
Figures painted in shades of red upon the murals of lost souls
For the wicked will perish
Drowning in their own aftermath
For the blood shed cannot be washed away
Stained for all eternity
We stand before the thrones of Judgement
Where the eyes of Justice pierce our souls
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