Black bitter milk we drink in toast to the dawn In huddled silence as a long night falls We write of love upon the bodies of our dead Swallow pride and venom for our daily bread Duende Wash your conscience in the tears of men who rape Trace your pleasures in the outlines of pain You speak of laws and rights in this day and age? I don't believe in anything I can't taste Duende And tonight the losers sleep, or lie awake and gnaw their wrists Crippled dancers, beaten heroes, squandered artists Refugees from those wretched lands Where our dreams died like lovers in our hands While outside in that new age Lost children and devils play On the very doorsteps of our homes New deities sworn in Consuming from without and from within Clean the land down to bare and blackened bones Make ready ten billion beds in hell For we're all coming soon And in this noise, the dreadful silence of tongues Tied by words never spoken, songs left unsung Vows that were bent rather than broken Locked chambers that will never open And none on this earth will ever get what they want And that is beautiful, or close enough And we'll clutch our regrets Shut out the rest Cut out the hearts from our chests And we move Eyes shut, silent, hand in hand Towards a broken promised land When those before you lost their heads upon the block Or sold themselves into the services of the Snakes as new gods Reshape the world in their own image And all the others turn their eyes away We will set out with a fire in our hearts With a desire that cannot be bought To snatch the morning from the jaws of the night To take the dead and bring them back to life Duende nowordsnotouchnosleepnotrustnohopenofaithnorestingplace From childhood schemes on stranger's floors To sickbeds, cells And foreign shores Homeless Heartless Restless Selfless Lifeless Loveless Less and Less and Less And if the morning comes late this time That fickle sun will rise to find My fingers clutched tight around the husks Of dreams I built from dust Finally dead Dead in the land of the dead And they will call it suicide As I scream for just one finger of dawn And it's coming On all horizons, like gathering clouds Bar the doors to shut it out But put your ear to your chest You will hear In your own breast Hoof beats Closing in and there's nothing pure in this place and there's nothing clean in this place and there's nothing sure in this place and there's nothing free in this place and in this world there's nothing safe and in this world there's nothing fair and nothing in this world is true this world that i can't bear and the morning came late I'll spit it back in your face Last-born of an evil race We're all evil in this place Just fucking give me a taste

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    1. DUENDE (tlo je bli`e nego nebo)

    Crno, gorko mlijeko pijemo u zdravicu svanu}u U zbrkanoj ti{ini dok pada duga no} Pi{emo o ljubavi na tijelima mrtvih Gutamo ponos i pakost za svakodnevni kruh Duende Operi svoju savjest u suzama onih koji siluju Slijedi svoje uitke u obrisima bola Ti govori{ o pravima i zakonima u ovim danima i dobima? Ne vjerujem u ne{to {to ne mogu okusiti Duende I ve~eras gubitnici spavaju ili lee i glo|u svoje kosti Osaka}eni plesa~i, prebijeni heroji, protra}eni umjetnici Izbjeglice iz tih bijednih zemalja Gdje su na{i snovi umrli poput ljubavnika na na{im rukama Dok vani u tom novom dobu Izgubljena djeca i vragovi ple{u Na pragovima na{ih ku}a Novi Jetiji pristiu Konzumiraju}i izvana i iznutra ^iste}i zemlju do golih kostiju Pripremi deset milijardi kreveta u paklu Jer uskoro dolazimo I u toj buci, stravi~na ti{ina jezika Svezana nikad izgovorenim rije~ima, neotpjevanim pjesmama Zavjeti koji su prije pot~injeni nego slomljeni Zaklju~ane komore koji se nikad ne}e otvoriti I nitko na ovoj zemlji ne}e dobiti {to oniele I to je prekrasno ili barem blizu lijepom I mi }emo zgrabiti na{a kajanja Isklju~iti sve ostalo Izrezati na{a srca iz prsa I mi kre}emo O~iju zatvorenih, tihi s rukom u ruci Prema slomljenoj, obe}anoj zemlji Kada oni prije nego {to izgube ivote na strati{tu Ili se prodaju u slubu zmija Kao novi bogovi Preoblikuju svijjet na vlastitu sliku Ikada svi ostali odmaknu poglede Krenu}emo, sa vatrom u srcima Sa udnjom koja se ne moe kupiti, Istrgnuti jutro iz ralja no}i Uzeti mrtve i vratiti ih natrag ivotu Duende Bezrije~ibezdodirabezsnabezvjerebeznadebezpo~ivali{ta Od {ema iz djetinjstva na tlu stranaca Do bolesni~kih kreveta, }elija I nepoznatih obala Bez doma Bez srca Bez sebe Bezivota Bez ljubavi Bez I Bez i Bez Bez I ako ovogaputa jutro zakasni To prevrtljivo sunce svanut }e da na|e Moje prste omotane oko olupina Snova izgra|enih od pra{ine Kona~no mrtav Mrtav u zemlji mrtvih I oni }e to nazvati samoubojstvom Dok ja vri{tim za samo jednim dijeli}em zore I dolazi Na svim horizontima, kao oblaci {to se okupljaju Zaklju~aj vrata da ga izbaci{ Ali stavi uho na svoja prsa ^ut }e{ U sopstvnim grudima Udarce kopita Kako se pribli`avaju Ovaj svijet je zlo mjesto nekada osje}am… (i nema ni~eg ~istog na ovom svijetu I nema ni~eg nevinog ovom svijetu I nema ni~eg sigurnog na ovom svijetu I nema ni~eg slobodnog na ovom svijetu I na ovom svijetu ni{ta nije bezopasno I na ovom svijetu ni{ta nije po{teno I ni{ta na ovom svijetu nije istinito Ovaj svijet koji ne mogu podnijeti I jutro je do{lo prekasno) Pljunut }u natrag u tvoje lice Tebi poslednjem ro|enom od zle rase Svi smo mi zli na ovom mjestu SAMO MI DAJ TAJ OKUS!

    (Duende, divlji, magi~ni duh [panskog Flamenka, je prisutan samo rasejano u na{im stra{no ozbiljim pjesmama. Ovo je na{ poku{aj da na|emo sopstvenu du{u: da {~epamo na{e o~ajanje i razo~aranje i zavitlamo ih bijesno ka okrutnom i nepaljivom kosmosu da i mi tako|e moemo prekora~iti i crtati ljepotom protiv najstrastnije ru`no}e, ako je to zaista sve {to nam je ostalo da ponudimo u ovom zaklanom svijetu).

    monstrumon April 06, 2006   Link

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