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100m Backstoke Lyrics

If I need to be curious
I'll hold it back
If I seem to be serious
I'll spout it out

Last year was the best I ever had
Last year was the best I sold you that

Now I hear your voice again

It's like someone's listening
I know you're there
If you're not in this world once again

Watch the way you backstroke across the room
Arms out, floating
It consumes me
You haunt in your trail
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May 17, 2002
3 Meanings
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This song makes me cry...The piano at the begining lets me know that there's not gonna be any sort of a bridge or a change of tune that would make the song merrier. Gloomy, but still I love to hear it.

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Yeah this song is sad, but so beautiful!!! I just love the little tune that repeats throughout the song between some of the verses...

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love this song. always a great song to listen too when im down about something.

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