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Nickel Creek – Beauty and the Mess Lyrics 16 years ago
Someone romantically attached to a musician is a bit jealous perhaps, but also glad that they get more than just the musical talents, but the other strengths the person has as well (something the audience doesn't get).

Melanie Safka – Brand New Key Lyrics 19 years ago
Is the "key" a metaphor for car?

New Found Glory – Sincerely Me Lyrics 20 years ago
LOL! It seems as though this was the highest ID the rating script would count, so all the ones you folks rated > 32767 was automatically rounded down to this one. Obviously I'm deleting all those votes. Er, sorry!

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun Lyrics 20 years ago
How do they want to have fun? By masturbating, of course.

Ben Folds Five – Barrytown Lyrics 20 years ago
From the "Me, Myself, and Irene" soundtrack.

Ben Folds Five – Emilia Bright Lyrics 20 years ago
Not released, and probably won't be due to BFF's breakup. A live version is floating around P2P programs, though.

Eminem – Stan Lyrics 20 years ago
Crazed, obsessed fan communicates to Eminem through letters and, when a response takes too long, ends up killing himself and his pregnant girlfriend by driving his car off a bridge.

Ben Folds Five – Philosophy Lyrics 20 years ago
I've heard it was about his penis... I doubt it though.

Mudvayne – Death Blooms Lyrics 20 years ago
Spending your final years in a nursing home?

Goldfinger – 99 Red Balloons Lyrics 21 years ago
So, a couple goes and buys some balloons. They let them go. Then, they show up on some radar and they think the balloons are missles (bug in the software.) Aaaah, it's war! They send ourr the troops and then bomb a city.

At the end he's in the city, which is now dust. All because of the ballons. Sad, powerful, good ass song.

Weird Al Yankovic – Fat Lyrics 21 years ago
Parody of Michael Jackson's 'Bad'.

Weird Al Yankovic – It's All About The Pentiums Lyrics 21 years ago
Parody of "It's All About the Benjamins" by Puff Daddy.

Weird Al Yankovic – Gump Lyrics 21 years ago
This is a parody of 'Lump' by the Presidents of the United States of America.

Don McLean – American Pie Lyrics 21 years ago
This is the 3000th lyric posted to SongMeanings.

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