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Minus the Bear – Dayglow Vista Rd. Lyrics 10 years ago
if anyone knows of SHARKS KEEP MOVING from back in the day... this song is SO much like that stuff iit's crazy.

on it's own... a very fun and chill song.

Minus the Bear – Animal Backwards Lyrics 10 years ago
i'm pretty sure with each major release MTB has reinvented themselves over and over, with a track or 2 that sounds like it could be on highly refined pirates.

Menos El Oso had some wacky tracks, but still had Hooray... very oldschool MTB.
Planet of Ice was dark, classic rock, and wintery... but still had songs like throwin shapes.. again oldschool
and then this album. very rockish, summery, and synthesized... but hints of old MTB, maybe even some SHARKS KEEP MOVING.. like on Dayglow Vista Rd.

Minus the Bear – Throwin' Shapes Lyrics 10 years ago
there was never a doubt in my mind that this song is about a rainstorm off the pacific, and not a girl.

it reads like poetry. i love it. music video is completely random though, but funny.

SafetySuit – Apology Lyrics 12 years ago
first and only song i have ever heard by this band and yet no comments.
this song rocks.. such a great upbeat tone.

i think this song is about of course wanting to be with someone... but sounds like there was some bit of honesty that until now was lacking.. and now the other party is unhappy about it. (cheating would be the best example i can think of)
"You say I can't be honest, well what now" so after the bad news is out... they wish they can take it back... "Can it all go back the way, it used to be when you were here with me"

Minus the Bear – Throwin' Shapes Lyrics 13 years ago
I'm so excited for this album to come out.

Just pre-ordered it with all the fun stuff that is supposed to come along with it :-)

Guster – Two Points For Honesty Lyrics 14 years ago
this song really makes me think if i'm going where i want to go with my life...

it's weird though... cause is this song supposed to motivate me to do so?... cause although i do feel somewhat motivated... i can also take comfort in knowing that other people are not "where they want to be" in life...

time to motivate myself i suppose.

Brandtson – Nobody Dances Anymore Lyrics 14 years ago
not many lyrics to read/remember...
just a great song that makes you want to move!

Brandtson – Here We Go Lyrics 14 years ago
something about this song reminds me of Rocko's Modern Life on Nickelodeon

"na na na na!"

great song

Brandtson – Earthquakes and sharks Lyrics 14 years ago
this song starts out slow
but really starts to jam

good times.

Jars of Clay – God Be Merciful to Me (Psalm 51) Lyrics 14 years ago
this song is so fun sounding
and so hardcore christian
and at the same time...
very folkish... crazy

i love it

Elefant – Lolita Lyrics 15 years ago
i've had this album forever.. and it's not even released yet
fitting that this is one of my favorite songs.. and it looks like it's the new single

Minus the Bear – Michio's Death Drive Lyrics 15 years ago
i swear... the music on this ablum is so technical
it's insane

case in point!

minus the bear.. booyah achieved!

Minus the Bear – Pachuca Sunrise Lyrics 15 years ago
can you be anything but happy when listening to this song?

...over and over and over...

Minus the Bear – Hooray Lyrics 15 years ago
"hooray!" for the new MINUS THE BEAR album
or should I say Menos El Oso

Copeland – Love Is a Fast Song Lyrics 16 years ago
wow.. that whole thing about the girl in his church totally messes with my whole view of this song

that first verse seems like such a powerful statement now

originally this song seemed sad, cause it points out how love is not what it used to be about, and how it's not like it was "in those old songs"

but, now it makes me pretty happy, that he points out a mother's love for her child

my favorite part is def the part where he says
"whoa... your love is a slow song"
just love the change-up :-)

Copeland – Kite Lyrics 16 years ago
beginning of the album is awesome
and the end is awesome
this song just seems so out of place... right in the middle

reading the lyrics, def makes me like it more though

guess it's good they put it in the middle
else i wouldn't listen to it

Copeland – Sleep Lyrics 16 years ago
the new album is awesome

i love this song
great song to chill out to
or fall asleep to :-)

Copeland – Pin Your Wings Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah....... i think you got the basic idea

this girl has low self esteem, and stays with this guy that hurts her, because she doesn't have the strength to be alone. that is why she is 'pinning her wings down' and not taking flight

meanwhile, it sounds like this guy is trying to get her to see that

Nada Surf – Bacardi Lyrics 16 years ago
like gumbie

Nada Surf – Happy Kid Lyrics 16 years ago
happy kid
happy song

i can't get over how "care-free" yet "thought out" Nada Surf's lyrics are...

and "drowing in my id" is just an awesome line

Nada Surf – Hi-Speed Soul Lyrics 16 years ago
they're playing soul.. at the wrong speed..
Nada Surf is so fun

Feeder – Pushing the Senses Lyrics 16 years ago
for once... a great title track
go feeder!

very fun band

Counterfit – Arriving Where You Will Lyrics 16 years ago
i think jim carrey got the 'most annoying sound ever' from the end of this song

Brandtson – Just Breathe Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is about just wanting to sleep the day away... and avoid the bs you have to put up with in every day life

good song vent.. when you feel overwhelmed by these things

Brandtson – Mercy Medical Lyrics 16 years ago
i agree.. something about the 'hello' is great.. but i love the clapping or snapping.. at the end
so fun!

Brandtson – C'mon Fascista Lyrics 16 years ago
arg.. what does the titlle mean!?
a name?

Brandtson – Drawing A Line In The Sand Lyrics 16 years ago
great song.. and a great title!
just love the overall mood of this song
good song for the dumped

Frou Frou – Hear Me Out Lyrics 16 years ago
great song
my favorite line.. part is "I'm a slow motion accident
Lost in coffee rings and fingerprints "

everyone above's got the general meaning
definitely in love, and not giving up on someone

Frou Frou – Only Got One Lyrics 16 years ago
yup. those sound right to me

think this song is pretty straight forward

enjoy the way you live your life
'cause you've only got on'
sounds like she see's the way someone is living their life, and can't understand why they do the things they do.. cause they don't see them being happy.

could be talking to herself as well

Frou Frou – Shh Lyrics 16 years ago
without the \"mother\" line.. i would swear this song had something to do with .. $e+

Frou Frou – It's Good to Be in Love Lyrics 16 years ago
i\'m pretty sure that she says \"i\'m happy you\'re in love\" is her being sarcastic, cause the guy is not in love with her. but she is in love with him. she even says \"how\'s it happening without me?\" meaning how can you be in love without me.

a $#!+y situation...

Frou Frou – Maddening Shroud Lyrics 16 years ago
a lighthearted approach to be anything less than content with life, and how it\'s going

love the bells.. and that weird sound they\'ve got going on... kinda some funky percussion type deal

Frou Frou – Must Be Dreaming Lyrics 16 years ago
great anime video got me into this song
and of course i was obsessed with \'let go\'

the \"fly high\" part is the shizzle!

Frou Frou – Flicks Lyrics 16 years ago
such a fun song
it\'s almost YODEL-ey in some fun techno way

can\'t really see what the lyrics could mean though

Nada Surf – Inside Of Love Lyrics 16 years ago
I know the last page so well
I can’t read the first
So I just don’t start
It’s getting worse

sounds to me like he keeps getting into these relationships that go nowhere, and can't even be bothered with them

i know that feeling all to well

Counterfit – Sleepwalk Lyrics 16 years ago
i love how i can just get lost in the instrumental parts of COUNTERFIT's songs.. and just totally mellow out.. and then the lyrics come back in.. and somehow the song manages to get even better.

Jack's Broken Heart – Loved And Lost Everything Lyrics 18 years ago
beautiful lyrics

i've been broken up with my girlfiend for over 3 months now... 2.5 years ended in less than a minute... with an email

i still feel the pain
JBH is a great band.. i only wish i had their CDs and saw them perform

know how i can get their stuff IM me on AOL under this name.. thanks

Get Well Soon – My Falling Star Wish Lyrics 18 years ago

i listened to it 52 times in a row once

email me at if you know where i could get it

Senses Fail – Bloody Romance Lyrics 18 years ago
great song
great band
NJ represent!

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