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Carrie Underwood – Spinning Bottles Lyrics 2 months ago
Hearing the song “Spinning Bottles” for the first time, images and emotions will flow like liquor. Anyone living alongside someone with a drinking problem can related to “pacing the floor,” “checking the time,” and “Another night of no sleepin’,” and will no doubt hope their loved one doesn’t “drive.” The most powerful images “She’s all cried out on the kitchen floor” and “He’s passed out on the bathroom floor” are juxtaposed against each other in alternate choruses, emphasizing the pain fraught on each person.

This song is lyrically driven and instrumentally subdued with repetitive piano chords that mimic the repetitive nature of drinking—bottle after bottle after bottle. A sparse sprinkling of piano notes creeps in before the plaintive, low strings build subtly toward the chorus. Never do you hear a bass or drums as they aren’t needed. The vocals do most of the work because it’s a human song about human anguish that asks the question, “Will it end?” and all too often the answer is, “Nobody knows. . . “

Lady GaGa – Shallow Lyrics 2 months ago
This song is emotive both melodically and lyrically. The sparse acoustic guitar underscores the desire to escape a modern world that is increasingly shallow and, at times, isolating—with its reality TV shows, selfies, and instant social-media “friendships.” The song makes you think, and the instrumental pauses allow you to catch your breath, take in the words, and contemplate a deeper meaning.

The words “I’m falling” are the emotional peak of the song and have a dual meaning for me, reminding me of going off the deep end but also of falling in love. In this duet with Bradley Cooper, the singers yearn for something more and are falling—almost freefalling—in order to break through the surface veneer of happiness, due in part to the trappings of fame—because they are longing to reach a deeper place of meaning, both in their relationship and within themselves.

Maroon 5 – Girls Like You Lyrics 5 months ago
Girls Like You is so catchy! I’m going to be humming it for the rest of the day. I just watched the video and that made it even better. Where else can I find a video featuring Eleven, Mary J. Blidge and Cardi B. (And so many other awesome women) ?! I love way the ups and downs of love are all presented in this song and the way that different women are celebrated in the video.

Childish Gambino – This Is America Lyrics 7 months ago
This is America is a song of contrast.

The church choir sings an uplifting catchy melody under Gambino’s innocent “we
just wanna party” lyrics and Young Thug’s crooning ad-libs. Then the song is ripped
from its bright, joyous choir and guitar foundation to reveal a muddy trap beat, layered with primal percussion and gritty, droning 808’s. Here Gambino changes his tone, sounding direct, percussive and confident in his delivery.

The stark contrast in the music is mirrored in the visuals. Cars on fire, hijackings,
riots, and police brutality fill the backdrop of the video while Gambino and his posse
dance in ignorant bliss. Each of the verses begin with Gambino shooting: one
reminiscent of a political execution, and the other painfully alluding to the Texas Church shooting last November. Each are then followed by remorseless singing and dancing.

To Gambino, these contradictions and multiple realities are America. The
violence is repetitive and inescapable, and the injustices toward underprivileged people are a constant part of life. But there’s also music and brotherhood and faith and celebration alongside these tragedies. Gambino is showing us that America is violence and happiness, cruelty and community at the same time.

Amy Shark – Adore Lyrics 10 months ago
"But I had a great night 'cause you kept rubbing against my arm"

Man, if you've never felt this in your life, you're either full of shit or depraved. This seemingly simple line is so unbelievably true.

I am not sure that feeling would ever get old.

Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do Lyrics 1 year ago
To me, it's a bit ironic. It seems to be Taylor saying that she's changed as a result of these things that have happened (Kanye, whatever) and isn't naive anymore. But isn't it a bit naive itself to let something so trivial effect her so much?

I really like Taylor and respect that she writes her own words, from her heart; but I find it difficult to appreciate the message as I interpret it here.

Linkin Park – One More Light Lyrics 1 year ago
Did Chester know what he was eventually going to do when he wrote this, or other songs on the new album?

This seems to show signs of hope, but ultimately it wasn't enough to keep Chester from taking his own life. Truly sad.

Harry Styles – Sign of the Times Lyrics 1 year ago
I was wondering what he meant with the line:

Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?

I hadn't even thought of the Orlando Night Club shooting. Wow, that totally took the wind out of my sails.

The piano and the beat really give it that somber feel I would think he's going for.

I do like when he says:

We don't talk enough
We should open up

It's easy to blame the guns or certain groups of people, and we're quick to just sweep stuff under the rug and not talk about things. It won't solve all the problems, but we really should address some of the underlying issues that cause someone to take such terrible actions.

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