i spent ages scouring the internet for Truth Hurts, Truth Heals lyrics so i thought i'd share my findings. then i thought i might as well add a few other things.
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Jesse James Rutherford – 30/30 (feat. Beef) Lyrics 7 years ago
i did my best on the last verse but a few words i'm definitely not sure about. feel free to correct!

Facing New York – Paper Shepherd (2005) Lyrics 7 years ago
it may be a little picky, but i added this '2005' version (from the full turn single, as opposed to the 2004 split with amity) because a couple of lines are different:

"the sheep will never fly / no they won't even try" is sung twice in the original recording, but here the second time it's changed to:

"the sheep will never run
no they're having so much fun"

Facing New York – A Tempest, a Dance Lyrics 7 years ago
fun fact: this song is based on marc chagall's painting 'birthday'

go here for a great image of it --

Locale A.M. – Chapter 3 Lyrics 7 years ago
lyrics for the first verse of this one i got from eric directly, and the rest i transcribed. i admit i'm not too sure about this line though:

why good times visit; quickly steamin the bathroom mirror

Locale A.M. – Two Cents of Longing Lyrics 7 years ago
this song is instrumental but i added it so i could share a fun fact -- when the band had a site, the 'lyrics' for this song were listed as:

waking to the sounds of spring.

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