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Talking Heads – With Our Love Lyrics 8 months ago
David Byrne is a bodhisattva. Just listen to to Good Thing to see how his arrow was pointed, so ealiy in his life. There he says "watch me work." In this song he says "I've got to get to work now."

This song is about recognizing the difference between ordinary / everyday things and the ultimate true nature of things (who \ what we really are). The example in the lyrics is love. If pure love is untainted by ego and self-serving interests, when the boys get "the look" their ordinary / everyday interests take over and all else is forgotten.

But the songwriter "won't look." He won't be distracted from his straight line to the good thing... He has purity in his heart and work to do to get there. He remembers instead the bodhisattvas that paved the way (accomplished higher states off mind). They:

set an example for us, I see it
It can happen to me too

But continually remembering to do this work requires some effort, or "trouble." And forgetting it, becomes in a lyrical twist, the very trouble with our love. Forgetting, then, becomes love with strings attached, or tainted, self-interested love.

Then we hear ordinary words, like "You're really special" and we get confused because we can't really tell in the miasma of the mundane. After all, realizing pure love is a very subtle state that requires some profound reflection.

When he looks out the window he sees all the products of the ordinary world. All pretending to be sofisticated, but none of it seemingly on the path of authenticity (not so busy). And even as he sees this ordinary world, he also sees its impermanence (things come and go).

But despite all of it, he "won't be neglected, not this time"... He "won't look." He has other things to do.

Pixies – Tame Lyrics 9 months ago
This song is a relationship with an obstructed, passionless person, who for better or worse, becomes a sexual partner. Traumatized, she can only pretend and lie there, defeating the entire point of it. TOTALLY LAME and never flourishing, she drives the passionate partner to inner RAGE. Genius to tap into such a deep vein of feeling.

Dave Matthews Band – Digging a Ditch Lyrics 2 years ago
This song is about having a practice that stills the mind from distractions and brings peace. Turning off the TV and phone are metaphors for stopping our distractions. We use any practice (digging a ditch) to escape the madness and disappointments of the world, and the bad habits of the distracted mind. By digging (practicing), we return to the stillness found in repetition.

Dave Matthews Band – Digging a Ditch Lyrics 3 years ago
Digging a ditch is a metaphor for doing the work that leads us to achieving our highest potential.

When we're alone, turn life off, and get on with the work of learning how to develop inner stillness and peace.

Because our mind creates madness, practice stepping into silence and mindfulness, realizing that someday we will be old and lose everything that we take so seriously. And through this work, our bad mental habits will die.

The Moody Blues – Watching And Waiting Lyrics 3 years ago
An utterly amazing song from the deepest part of our longing for connection. The person watching and waiting is our self, yearning for freedom from a sense of isolation.

Mole is a powerful metaphor for our drive towards fulfillment and meaning. Our wish to accomplish our highest potential; to become enlightened.

From such attainment (enlightenment) comes freedom. Knowing that we have always been connected to a divine self that experiences unconditional love (lots of room for doing the things you've always been denied).

(Soon you will see me...) Soon we will attain this freedom and experience all of creation as one, and we will want to share it with others.

(Watching and waiting For someone to understand me) - This is our separate, isolated self again, suffering with the illusion of aloneness. The ordinary view of the world.

(I hope it won't be very long) - This is a prayer for enlightenment.

The Moody Blues – Have You Heard (Part 2) Lyrics 3 years ago
Agree with JuliaDreamer. Looking back on the experience, the tripper feels connected to all things, sharing how we "Belong to the same world," as the illusion of separateness melts away. Even though things appear as illusions, the tripper says we are nonetheless "Real" and that there is freedom in these realizations.

In Part 2 the tripper tells us that the path revealed by the experience is through virtue: "scatter Good seed in the field." and that we can chose this path if we want: "Life's ours for the making." When he says "Eternity's waiting" he reveals his insight about patience and cosmic time scales that we don't ordinarily perceive (perhaps also this is a reference to rebirth). When the tripper urges "Show your friends that you and me..." he's saying that we should convey the experience of this freedom to others, that they too may live peaceful, harmonious lives. Finally, in the gentlest act of love, the tripper asks "Have you Heard?"

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