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Alcazar – Crying At The Discotheque Lyrics 6 years ago
oh richard gere lol, like this song so much its so much fun

The Mavis's – Cry Lyrics 6 years ago
this is an amazing song

Jennifer Page – Crush Lyrics 6 years ago
why no comments? i like this song but glee ruined it for me

Britney Spears – (You Drive Me) Crazy Lyrics 6 years ago
i like the top she wears in the film clip the green one that is all

Charlotte Church – Crazy Chick Lyrics 6 years ago
i think i only like the music at the start of this the rest im over

Leah Haywood – Crazy Lyrics 6 years ago
like it just a little bit

Linkin Park – Crawling Lyrics 6 years ago
such a depressing song from a depressing time in my life when i was young and missunderstood
my fav line is "theres somthing inside that pulls beneath the surface"
im glad that part of my life is gone

Hoobastank – Crawling In The Dark Lyrics 6 years ago
its definalty about god,or spirituality. it reminds me personally of a competition i had to enter where you had to put two song titles together and put them in a sentence,i was like 17 at the time and i choose "enrique englasias dosnt want to "turn off the lights" because hes afraid of crawling in the dark.
so im pretty sure i won that competition actually it sounds dumb now but thats all this song makes me think of

Nelly – Country Grammar (hot Shit) Lyrics 6 years ago
i like this song but its sooo long
the first verse is a take off of a game song from when i was a kid but i cannot remember what from its one of the ones u skip to or make up claps to.

Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe Lyrics 6 years ago
ha such a cool song makes me line dance instantly no matter where i am.
i think its about a tough guy who roles into town and steals everyones girls.

Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me Lyrics 6 years ago
i just like it thats all

KoЯn – Coming Undone Lyrics 6 years ago
i dont care what it means its such a good work out song,no matter what u r doing u fall into beat with it.
my step dad was building the other day and this was on and we realized he was hammering in time to the beat.
i like korn so much

Michael Bublé – Come Fly With Me Lyrics 6 years ago
such a cute song, i like the angels cheer bit
i always thought it was "lemon land" not llama and i always thought over and over again where is lemon land?

Counting Crows – Colorblind Lyrics 6 years ago
i love this best friend from highschool was obsessed with the movie "cruel intentions" and this song every time i hear this i think of him,he use to just listen to it over and over again

Mr. President – Coco Jambo Lyrics 6 years ago
i cant say i like my chicken with rice and lemonada but ok?
that line always makes me laugh such a cool old summer song that u put on and everyones like "oh my gosh i love this song"

Cleopatra – Cleopatra's Theme Lyrics 6 years ago
this film clip use to go for ever
great song when i was like 13

Britney Spears – Circus Lyrics 6 years ago
i have a pretty out there sort of personality and i think this song suits me alot.
"djhtjl" as someone else said why the life story for?
you sound conceded oh well each to their own

Shakaya – Cinderella Lyrics 6 years ago
what why no comments?
fav song "going to fade this show to black"

Bush – The Chemicals Between Us Lyrics 6 years ago
i think its about a physical relationship and thats all it would ever be because the singer cant get past the others past and hes saying sarcastically "id like to thank my ...." because he cant stand what shes been up to.
and he cant stop thinking about it even though they never ment him harm or knew him they are the reason he cant ever love her
and hes saying " he will try not to complain about it"

The Wanted – Chasing The Sun Lyrics 6 years ago
this song is hypnotic somehow and i really like the first verse

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars Lyrics 6 years ago
" i need your grace to find my own" love that line

B*witched – C'est La Vie Lyrics 6 years ago
i had to sing this for music class and make up a dance to it pretty sad at 15!!
oh my gosh the dance the hidious dance that went with it gah

Kosheen – Catch Lyrics 6 years ago
my boyfriends ex is what this song reminds me of she tried really hard to make up lies about us and all it did was bring her undone and make the authoritys look into her own jaded wicked past and so this is my song to her ... its pretty self explanitory

Aqua – Cartoon Heroes Lyrics 6 years ago
im sure it has a deeper meaning,but i just like annoying my brother by playing it really loud

Kansas – Carry on Wayward Son Lyrics 6 years ago
this song will always and forever be about my boyfriend to me
he went through a situation(not drugs) that would make a normal person insane for many years and every time he was away from it he got dragged back in
so he always seen freedom (beyond the illusion) but always got dragged back down.
he claimed he had in under control (if i claim to be a wise man surley that means that i dont know)
than he met me and i refused to let him sink any further i pulled him up and away from it all and i say to him now he has something to live (now your lifes no longer empty)
that he can live in peace (surley heaven waits for you)
plus its from supernatural whats not to love?

Mandy Moore – Candy Lyrics 6 years ago
i always thought it said "step to me" like sugar to my heart
this song reminds me of trying to teach my little cousins the dance moves and my cousin came over with his friends and was like "um your so embarrising"
guess i was but i was like 13 so meh

Christina Aguilera – Candyman Lyrics 6 years ago
like the era,the song,the words ,big band all of it.
dont care who sings it,korn could do big band/jazz or swing and i would like it

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me, Maybe Lyrics 6 years ago
i think the only thing i like about this song is all the parodys

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me, Maybe Lyrics 6 years ago
she is saying she threw a wish (penny ) in the well,she wont say what her wish is or it wont come true, shes saying she looked at him as she made the wish and now hes in her way (as in after the wish it came true and now hes in her path were he wasnt before till she wished for it )
she is saying she only wanted to to chase him a bit but now hes permenatly there on her mind (in her way)

Katy Perry – California Gurls Lyrics 6 years ago
i like the film clip.i want to live in candy land and eat the trees and stuff nough said that is all
except for the rude little gummy bear !!

Unwritten Law – Cailin Lyrics 6 years ago
this reminds me of highschool
there were these two twins and ones name was penny,we had a school concert and her boyfriend got up on stage and played this with his band and dedicated this to her and changed the words to it,the whole assembley was cheering and crying was so nice and thats all i think of now when i hear this

The Pussycat Dolls – Buttons Lyrics 6 years ago
i only like one line "what you do baby boo?" in the snoop version but its not on here?
why may i ask?
other than that the songs pretty standard pussycat doll stuff

Crazy Town – Butterfly Lyrics 6 years ago
so many lines stand out to me,
its about the girl whos got it all,seen it all and goes through it all.
the girl who delivers you to the "good life" so to speak,shes not squeaky clean as he says "almost evil" and such shes probably a little dark but a not as dark as him and able to show him a decent life
the best line for me " is a vision of you standing out in the crowd"
i think that reinforces shes not a normal plain sort of a girl

Glee Cast – Bust a Move (Young MC cover) Lyrics 6 years ago
like this version better than the original

La Roux – Bulletproof Lyrics 6 years ago
just like it alot,

Colbie Caillat – Bubbly Lyrics 6 years ago
its almost like some people either take every song about sex or drugs sad really as this is clearly about neither

its a cute little love song about getting butterflys and loving someone who makes you feel safe its a cute love lets just leave it at that

The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar Lyrics 6 years ago
wow,its a bit heavier topic than i realized now i look at it not sure i can look at it the same anymore

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl Lyrics 6 years ago
i actually think its about falling in love with the girl next door first its all innocent they are kids
the second verse they are hanging out starting to like each other a bit more
last verse they are teenagers having a full on relationship
this song gets very annoying after a while but its ok every now and than

Mr. Mister – Broken Wings Lyrics 6 years ago
i always confuse this song for sting,to me it kinda sounds like him cool song though

Evanescence – Bring Me To Life Lyrics 6 years ago
to me its very much about finding god or being rescued by someone from some dark place (drug habit,bad relationship ect) its amazing that its a bit heavier than most songs and it becasme so popular with so many people.
there are a few versions the one with the guy singing as well is the best one.
great song

Everclear – Santa Monica Lyrics 6 years ago
best line "with my big black boots and an old suitcase"
even if you dont know the whole song most people know those lyrics.
this is a great song,but to me its about trying to shake off a negative relationship.

Unique II – Break My Stride Lyrics 6 years ago
so cheesy so so cheesy but fun

Savage Garden – Break Me Shake Me Lyrics 6 years ago
such a strong song it was my fav song when i was about 10 i think that says it all i was such a deep child,maybe a little to disturbed lol,i know all the words i dont understand why it didnt become a huge hit?

DJ Sammy – Boys of Summer Lyrics 6 years ago
i always thought it was dead hare ? sticker .
and i use to wonder why people would have a sticker with a dead rabbit on it on their car?
this song reminds me of when my ex bestfriend got her first car we thought we were cool driving around to this song

Cold Chisel – Bow River Lyrics 6 years ago
i grew up near a place called clyde river and i have moved states now but when i go back to the state we always go to clyde river so we change the lyrics to clyde river such a refreshing,gentle happy place we love to camp at

Sarah Connor – Bounce Lyrics 6 years ago
love this song.. my brother,my best friend and i always go into some sort of glee parody together when this comes on singing it all together

Calvin Harris – Bounce Lyrics 6 years ago
well i went through a legal battle for six years and the idot wouldnt let go than she just all of a sudden gave up and let go and the court case was over and this song just resinates to me that now i can live now i dont care now im happy and im free and its so much better now its all over and done a happy stress release song for me

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run Lyrics 6 years ago
just a great classic one i listen to with the boys and they are suprised a girl my age knows it.
the older i get the more i like bruce and can relate to his stuff

Lady GaGa – Born This Way Lyrics 6 years ago
isnt there a lyric 'subway kid rejoice the truth?"
thats what i thought it was and i want to believe its that sounds better.
look my brothers gay and he certianly didnt choose that he was indeed born that way ,so people who wanna play the religious/lets use it to hurt others here and carry on well kiddies get off your soap box for the god you think you know would be ashamed after all "THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE" its a song just a song about being yourself and still having faith god and others will love you no matter who you love

Destiny's Child – Bootylicious Lyrics 6 years ago
its pretty good but even though they asked stevie nicks if they could use part of "edge of 17"
they killed that song for me
but a good dance confidence booster

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