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The Darkness – Holding My Own Lyrics 6 years ago
LOL @ people arguing about whether this song is about masturbation or about a breakup when it is clearly about BOTH. The Darkness frequently use double entendres and humorous wordplay in their lyrics to give a funny edge to their songs. Anyone who's listened to more than one of the band's tracks knows this. Justin Hawkins (singer/lyricist) is saying that now that he's left this girl he is "holding his own" - he means this both literally (he has to play with his own d**k since the girl isn't there to have sex with him) and figuratively (keeping it together emotionally despite the sadness of the breakup).

Underworld – Sola Sistim Lyrics 7 years ago
Dude, same here. The first time I did shrooms I was in college shortly after this album came out. My roomates and I had spent the afternoon tripping in the park and we had just returned to the house around sunset to come down when my buddy put this album on. I remember the four of us sitting around the house on couches smoking a hookah and quietly processing the experience, and then "Sola Sistim" started playing, which was the first time I'd heard it. The song just completely blew my mind - the slow groove, insanely-deep bass, spacey snyths, and abstract lyrics just fit the mood of the moment so perfectly.

Even now 10 years later this song will pop up on my iTunes playlist and it just takes me right back to that moment. I can practically feel my blood pressure drop and muscles relax instantly as soon as it starts playing. Such a great track.

Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia Lyrics 7 years ago
You guys are interpreting this song incorrectly (at least partially).

The first half of the song is critical of "trust-fund radicals" who posture at being supportive or sympathetic to radical revolutionaries in places like Cambodia, because it's safe for them to do so from the warm cocoon of their upper-class, American liberal arts academic life. JB is saying that these college hipster types only know about revolutions through books and that they would piss themselves if they actually took a "Holiday in Cambodia" and had to give up their comfortable western lifestyle to see what revolution looks like in real life.

The SECOND half of the song is critical of rich yuppies who JB feels could use some humility training in a third world communist dictatorship like that in the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia.

Dawes – It's A Little Bit Of Everything Lyrics 7 years ago
This song sounds like a really terrible ripoff of "Long December" by the Counting Crows. Everything from the piano progression and drum beat to the lyrical themes and singer's vocal style is a near-facsimile of that song. If Dawes added in the accordion fills I honestly would think I was listening to a cover of Long December. Ridiculous.

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