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John Dowland – Come Again: Sweet Love Doth Now Invite Lyrics 19 days ago
Phonophobe I hail you from the fragrant vales of Greater Virginia from whence I wince upon recalling the white rose of beauty which is the face of our Sovereign Gloriana.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 19 days ago
Victim-mentality must find its identity and link EVERYTHING to victimhood.

John Denver – Suzanne Lyrics 19 days ago
Great lyrics . . .but they are by Leonard Cohen.
And Judy Collins covered it beautifully before Denver did.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Voodoo Dolly Lyrics 20 days ago

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Cities In Dust Lyrics 20 days ago
Check out videos of the recent eruption of Volan Fuego in Guatemala.
Gives a visual idea of the massive scale of the danger.
At first onlookers are laughing and filming the volcanic cloud as it approaches from the distance. Then they freak out and start running as it engulfs them.
Makes me think of "Cities in Dust".

Robin Trower – Too rolling stoned Lyrics 20 days ago
" A stitch in time helps to unfold me"

Great line !
Like Madeleine L'Engles Tesseract, no?

Love every song on this album.

Robin Trower – Little Bit of Sympathy Lyrics 20 days ago
"So fill your cup and drink it on up
For tomorrow never comes
If you wield the rod, answer to your God"

[Psalm 23: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.]

"If the sea was glass and the land all gone
Would you still be a friend to me?"

[Revelation 15: And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire:
and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image,
and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.]

Beautiful work by Robin Trower; perhaps inspired by the celestial harps of undefiled heaven. (?)

If you like guitar riffs in 70's hard style, I recommend this heroic album.

Robin Trower – The Fool and Me Lyrics 20 days ago
Agree with Cesaro (over a decade ago ha ha ha )
great song and Dewar's voice is an integral part of this album IMO

Robin Trower – The Fool and Me Lyrics 20 days ago
Agree with Cesaro (over a decade ago ha ha ha )
great song and Dewar's voice is an integral part of this album IMO

Robin Trower – In This Place Lyrics 20 days ago
A magnificently sad and bluesy song.
Love those cymbal bells and rimshots by Reg Isidore!

Robin Trower – About to Begin Lyrics 20 days ago
I always thought the line was:
"If you stand in the light, you get the feel of the NIGHT" (?)

Lovely and haunting song. Threshold experience. Imminence.

Robin Trower – Bridge of sighs Lyrics 20 days ago
Totally agree.
It improves with age, like many of the finer things in life.

Robin Trower – Bridge of sighs Lyrics 20 days ago
Sorry but you are too literal.
Neelo's analysis below makes more sense... still, you got it it 50%

Robin Trower – A Little Bit Of Sympathy Lyrics 20 days ago
Great album by by a master guitarist.
The lyrics have grown on me over the years.
Reg Isidore was a talented drummer as well.

The Beatles – Doctor Robert Lyrics 20 days ago
Fascinating analysis of the song. Read some Huxley but never "Island".
You could be correct.

Black Tape for a Blue Girl – Given Lyrics 20 days ago
This is a very interesting poem.
Or is it song lyrics?
Post some more !

Steely Dan – With A Gun Lyrics 20 days ago
like that Beatles song "Dr. Roberts" about the clinic that injected celebs and rich socialites with pure speed in the 60's !

Black Tape for a Blue Girl – Our future imagined Lyrics 5 months ago
Check what happened in England along these lines . . . and British CPS KNEW about it for 10 years but were afraid to be seen as 'intolerant":

Rick Derringer – Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo Lyrics 7 months ago
Freakin ROX my SOX, people.

Black Tape for a Blue Girl – Of these reminders Lyrics 7 months ago
Ouch. This is a harsh, but effective poem.

"one man's fine art is another's black velvet painting.

That lawyer sounds like a real . . . lawyer.

Graham Parker – Problem Child Lyrics 7 months ago
Great Brit-Reggae !

Dem a skyank it fi tru.

Elvis Costello – (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea Lyrics 7 months ago
Yes it does. Jamaican Rock-Steady on steroids !

Elvis Costello & the Attractions – Living in Paradise Lyrics 7 months ago

You are so correct (4 years later ☺)

Steely Dan – FM (No Static at All) Lyrics 8 months ago
An excellent dissertation on the their musicology !
How do you come up with this stuff?

I forgot for a few weeks how much I love SD and agree with all you have written.
Need to listen to some today, in the car, driving around in a fallen, filthy world of sin. . .

Boston – The Journey Lyrics 8 months ago
I thought "The Journey" from Don't Look Back was an instrumental interlude.

I don't recognize these lyrics above (?)

The song itself is very ethereal - and reminds me a lot of of Arrival - -the last track from the album of the same name by ABBA.

Very transcendent, soaring and timeless. Love Boston forever.

VAST – Land of Shame Lyrics 8 months ago
Oh . . .
you mean it was just about you ?

ABBA – Eagle Lyrics 8 months ago

Amen. You nailed it. You are so right ON with your commentary.

God bless you and may you fly with the eagles !

ABBA – Move On Lyrics 8 months ago

As I listen to it now, I realize that the rhythm in this song undulates like the waves of the ocean with an insistent forward-rolling. It is truly an inspiring song that moves the soul. And I love the back-up yodeling vocals, like Nordic angels calling from the very portals of Heaven.

ABBA – Move On Lyrics 8 months ago
I agree with you AutumnLeaves --

ABBA have been growing on me steadily since I first heard S.O.S in 7th grade way back when. They were not only superstars, but at the same time a very underrated band who mastered an amazing variety of musical styles.

This song is an eternal anthem to the transcendent onward flux of the mystery which is our life.

"Like a roller in the ocean, life is motion / move on . . . "

ABBA – Rock Me Lyrics 8 months ago
This song proves that in spite of their pop ways, ABBA could truly rock too.

One of their best!

Steely Dan – Aja Lyrics 9 months ago
Well yours is an interesting and sincere analysis . . .

But if anything I would think that the drug innuendo in this song might be opium or heroin ("dime dancing") rather than L.S.D..

In any case, the song is more about Orientalism than drugs in my opinion.
Let's ask Donald F. what it means.

The Beatles – It's All Too Much Lyrics 10 months ago
OK you may be right . . . so what was John saying at the start of the song?
I got the info from YouTube that it was George saying "To your mother" but it is hard to tell what is being said.

Gang of Four – Damaged Goods Lyrics 11 months ago
Dialectical Materialism is the Ticket to Hell.

Get SAVED . . .
or die in the gulag.

John Dowland – Flow My Tears Lyrics 11 months ago
Freaking John D. ROCKS the house, bro.
Elizabethan lutanists RULE.
Up with the Queen's armada.

Nuff said.

Roxy Music – In Every Dream Home a Heartache Lyrics 1 year ago

Yes. Reference "Happy House" by Siouxsie & the Banshees . . .

The Clash – I'm So Bored with the U.S.A. Lyrics 1 year ago
The Clash are OK . . .
I saw them live once. But Joe S's voice is very annoying and unmusical.
It sounds like bits of guck are flying out of his throat half the time.

Daddy Yankee – Gasolina Lyrics 1 year ago
Reggaeton is like hearing the nerve-impulses traveling to/from the pea-brain of a massive dinosaur. I become bored by the rhythm very quickly.

The Doors – Light My Fire Lyrics 1 year ago
Tony, I agree with you.
Thank you for providing what rarely occurs at this site:
a well-stated response to thoughts posted about the meaning of a song.

BTW I do like the Doors and Psychedelic 60's music in general . . .

VAST – What Else Do I Need? Lyrics 1 year ago
Thank you for reading and analyzing, R.F.

VAST – Land of Shame Lyrics 1 year ago
Please, oh PLEASE love yourself.

The fate of our world hangs on your noble resolve to do this successfully.

The Stooges – The End Of Christianity Lyrics 1 year ago
Since Christianity became obsolete and ended circa 1997, this song is irrelevant.

The Stooges – 1970 Lyrics 1 year ago
A proto-seminal-pre-punk-post-rock-avant-retroguard-epiphany-cacophony of dionysian drug-addled nihilistic primitive rebellion and depraved implosion into chaos, addiction and demonic fury expressed in 3 to 4 power chords with overpowering rhythm implying a howling denouncement of....

(sorry - what was I talking about?)

The Stooges – 1970 Lyrics 1 year ago
Well... perhaps not "gods"...

but great rockers from USA anyhow. ☺

The Stooges – Loose Lyrics 1 year ago
I thought the lyrics were:

I took RIDE on the pretty music
I went down and baby, you can tell
I took a ride on the pretty music
Now I'm BURNING to you straight from hell (???)

VAST – What Else Do I Need? Lyrics 1 year ago
Sir, I cede to your superior insights.

As you eloquently pointed out:

A) I am a total moron
B) I wrote a political poem at SONG MEANINGS
C) being a "Repuke" that's all I can think about.

Cheers and God Bless you

VAST – I Don't Have Anything Lyrics 1 year ago
suck me you subhuman bot.

The Aggrolites – Faster Bullet Lyrics 1 year ago
These guys are incredibly tight.
Old school retro-masters. Amazing.

Steely Dan – Godwhacker Lyrics 1 year ago
So are the lyrics all Fagen's or are they a collaboration?
Because by now, Walter B. is in a place to confirm or refute the thesis in person☺

Boston – Hitch A Ride Lyrics 1 year ago
I'm listening to this song right now.
Love how it leads right into "Something About You".
These songs are embedded in my memory banks for better and for worse...

Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks Lyrics 1 year ago
God done MESSED with Texas...
and this is the soundtrack. But it could have been for Katrina as well - or any massive flood in the Blues country.

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