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A-Ha – Angel In The Snow Lyrics 7 years ago
I think this was written by Paul for Lauren when they were married. Kind of simple, but still nice.

A-Ha – October Lyrics 7 years ago
I remember reading something in The Swing of Things (book). I think Paul was still in London, Morten and Mags had gone back to Norway, and Lauren was back in the U.S. This is just a simple song about being by himself without his friends.

A-Ha – Scoundrel Days Lyrics 7 years ago
Suicide doesn't really seem like a-ha. And although the "trapped by their fame" idea is interesting, the demos for Scoundrel Days, as well as Cry Wolf, The Swing of Things, October, The Weight of The Wind, and Maybe Maybe, were all written in 1984, before the release of Take On Me. I would think it is generally about escaping a violent, hateful situation.

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