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Demon Hunter – I Have Seen Where It Grows Lyrics 9 years ago
Lettuce see's a Christian band, and they're using metaphors for life, death & judgement day.

Get a clue dude, think or research things a tiny bit before you try and act smart.

Oh, Sleeper – Hush Yael Lyrics 9 years ago
1979 Nahariya attack. Samir Kuntar and three other PLF terrorists landed on the beach by rubber boat, killed an Israeli cop, then made their way to an apartment building. The mother(Smadar Haran) grabbed the neighbors and her two year old daughter Yael and hid.

Sadly, the terrorists captured the other daughter(Einat Haram, 4 years old) and the father(Danny Haram).
They went outside, got in a firefight with Israeli soldiers. After finding his rubber boat had bullet holes in it, he decided to shot Danny Haram in the back and drown him, then rifle-butt the Einat Haram against a rock. The mother, in an effort to save the neighbors' and all their lives in the hiding spot, suffocated the 2 year old girl, Yael.(Hence, Hush Yael)

He was captured, spent time in jail, but was allowed a stipend with an activist(Free Gaza), an Israeli-arab woman whom he had married while incarcerated. He was released by the Israeli Government on July, 16th, 2008 for a prisoner swap. He's received all sorts of accolades in the Middle East, including Syria's highest medal, welcome parties by the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party leader in Lebanon. Al Jazeera wanted to lick his ass with a birthday party, but Israel threatened to boycott them.

This worthless bastard has no right to breath, the day he dies will be a cause for celebration.
Here he is, doing his heil shitler thing.

Not to mention he's never regretted killing these poor people. There's crap floating around about him denying ever done it, but forensics and his original plea say otherwise. He did it, and he has pretty much said he'd do it again(He said he makes no distinction between Israeli civilians and soldiers).

Demon Hunter – Blood In The Tears Lyrics 9 years ago
Yep, not much more to add. Sad though, I don't think a physical sign would be enough for some of the people I've encountered. The people he has in mind are too far gone(Not talking about normal atheists, talking about uber militant atheist warriors)

Demon Hunter – The Wind Lyrics 9 years ago
Seems like a Christmas song in general.
I feel like The Wind represents the throes that the world offers you, and when he says "I won't let go", he's talking about family & what's important.

I guess the intro is about an acquaintance venting his problems, so he says he has enough problems of his own..word.

Oh, Sleeper – Endseeker Lyrics 9 years ago
Well, the album is suppose to be framed as a book/story about a woman making her through trials of faith in life, no?

This is actually a perfect introduction song to that, because it seems to be about the original followers of Christ. I honestly thought of when the romans were feeding Christians to lions when he it starts the "you lead us straight to hell" breakdown in the song. The persecution early Christians faced were abhorrent, so it fits the "mark my grave or animate my veins", since MANY, when seeing what they faced, turned away from their faith.

""So long you children"
Were the last words that you said
And now my bones just keep bending to reach for an end
You said brace yourself when the air grows thick
And brace yourself when the world constricts
And brace yourself for what will come next"

This is relevant to the woman's struggles and trials we hear later on in the album, most likely.

Demon Hunter – Desire the Pain Lyrics 10 years ago
surprised no one has commented, personally one of my favorite songs in the album.

My two cents, in a nutshell...
It starts off speaking about how we all get caught up in worldly trappings..
After that, it's about him aspiring to cut off his worldly trappings and to live a more Godly life in Christ, bearing the cross(I desire the weight)to reach his full potential.
"I will face my grave" Generally, when you're sinning, or caught up in a trapping..not thinking about death, or the consequences; basically running from the grave.. Thus he's saying the opposite here.
"I desire remorse, I desire release" Seems to be about regretting that sin/trapping, and seeking release via overcoming it or death...or perhaps "release" is death with the positive outlook of being united with Christ. I'd prefer the latter IMO.

Herp derp seems I temporarily forgot what nutshell means.

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