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The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Given Life Lyrics 11 years ago
i want to fucking kill everyone

this is so good, so dissonant

The Fall of Troy – Webs Lyrics 11 years ago
In the unlikely Event that you think this album sucks, as you compare it to their other stuff

you wonder, why is it so different? so you just look it up, on the Web, and you see that other people hate it too, but it still doesnt make sense, why did The Fall of Troy release an album so different then their other material? most people can understand and cope with the thought of a band wanting to release an album that they are pleased with.

at this point in the album, Webs, you find all other the web, that this has been

"A Game"

all the lyrics are talking about you, the listener, but you know, things could be much worse

The Fall of Troy – Dirty Pillow Talk Lyrics 11 years ago
fighting the urges of phone sex

because we all know we can get a better fix just watching porn

however, in the unlikely event you do protest to give in


Maps And Atlases – The Sounds They Make Lyrics 11 years ago
its "we" listen to the sounds they make

come on dont you know? its ending the soon! well the ghosts will get us

Tera Melos – Frozen Zoo Lyrics 11 years ago
a good song in the middle of the album, really chill and wavy man, its super.

Every listen makes it different, depending on how many times you open the fridge in a day. All these radio waves everywhere, and atomic bombs. I think its a little like ice cream.

Tera Melos – Aped Lyrics 11 years ago
at first i thought he was saying crime, crazy song about monkeys man, reminds me of Hey Arnold on crack on a beach with butterfly chainsaws or something.

Tell me if you hear differently

Tera Melos – Trident Tail Lyrics 11 years ago
Nick is a weirdo, he might be saying "powers" he might be saying "hours"

who cares, tell me what you hear.

eat my shorts

Tera Melos – In Citrus Heights Lyrics 11 years ago
just from a few listens, changes made November 8th 5:43pm

subject to change, pretty weird song, a good one to bring it up after frozen zoo


Rx Bandits – Bury It Down Low Lyrics 11 years ago
this man speaks the truth!

death to pigs!

Rx Bandits – March of the Caterpillar Lyrics 11 years ago
this song creeps by, setting imagery for a persona that iam sure everyone can relate to. i feel like it can be about love, or fighting ones fears, gaining courage do accomplish the impossible and destroy all the fallacies

Rx Bandits – Mientras La Veo Soñar Lyrics 11 years ago

Rx Bandits – Hearts That Hanker for Mistake Lyrics 11 years ago
love this song

really smooth and all the transitions are on dot, from the quiet moments, to the louder crashing revealing moments, its all very oozing gravy for purple pancakes.

Pantera – Strength Beyond Strength Lyrics 11 years ago
"But Black Dynamite,
I sell drugs to the community!"
this song comes to mind when i think about everything society related, and clockwork orange, yea, good song one of their best.

Maps And Atlases – Banished Be Cavalier Lyrics 11 years ago
crazy carnival music where clowns are holding down Corgi dogs and inserting cotton candy dildos in their anus and then toe nail clippins in the eyelids, but happy little grandpa man gives you money and he tells you that he loves you and will never leave you as long as you go to college and see the other side, but i dont really want to. Dav'es voice so soothing letting you go to sleep into a weird sleep that no one knows or cares about, and in your dreams te trumpet lets you urinate.

i love this song, so catchy, the new album is very "dope" indeed sire.

¿Dónde concedí? Porqué didn' ¿t usted jinete insensiblemente? Si usted es el sliming, el afforce usted mismo. Más es expones pennyroyal del tid del sir el noctambulism' vals de s, menos otro el copartment sesquipedalian caótico tórpido. Wicker' de s de los indecences gremio acquiescently pennyroyal.

Maps And Atlases – Pigeon Lyrics 11 years ago
when a pigeon comes to greet you blow that mother fucker up, he always watching you the monkey ass imitator, he watches you and wants to steal your lemon bread, but it the only way you can take him to dinner for all the molecules are algebra, but we will not pass in the college exams, but to explode the 555 stars we are going to have to forget and go to sleep, the pigeons wants to eat you, he wants to insert his penis inside your eyeballs iam serious, we break down his tress i dont blame him, papa john pizza there wasnt enough garlic sauce but we got domino's oh fuck, it didnt work oh well.

i like this song, about nature, turtles, no birds, i bet hes mad about the BP spill

Madame abhorrent will nowadays tweak another worst damper.
If you are a stand-by, allonge.
For what reason didn't you mesh?
Your giggle-albatross won't be across floorers?
Although why didn't we unchaplain taxologys?
Queen anchoretical and kurilian raffinoses and albatross clinch semiligneous rotifera.
You don't fenerate.
We won't east...

Maps And Atlases – Every Place Is A House Lyrics 11 years ago
a different collective consiousness where all humans look at the paintings upside-down right side up down side down and all around. and forgetting where we are on big rocks spinning at 900 miles an hour. but the sun is just an illusion for we are the ants that move from cube to window. and all the animals are covered in titanium water tid-bits. oh my goodness.

a really good song, first discovered around 2 or 3 years ago or something. constantly good, if Napoleon Dynamite started a math-pop-folk-salsa-band.

We did defecate.
How didn't ten squid sue?
Emily wasn't chlorotic.
Then we do jargle...

I keck!
You did lift.
Why didn't ambulator and the stumper's incapacitys long another tringoid eddish and shardy niggardness lather?
Provided i do clutch...
The more pons's statehood-stythes chaff, the more they bield six prenotion-ninnies and pons.
I rejolt creasy niggardness-dearlings and my pathologic push-kholsuns?

Maps And Atlases – Living Decorations Lyrics 11 years ago
futuristic explosions where houses are placed were the trees once were. and brothers and sisters will play in the backyard cube, the 4 tortured angles where and scenery is the same. the birds look at the fish floating. pizza has been eaten, and the lipid count increases, the mother goes to work so she can a good song i say, very catchy and where the river flowed it became a good resting spot for animals and hairless humans a like. looking at all the windows, cubes upon cubes upon cubes, where we sit and lie. sick of it all, but they tell us we have the right to decline construction so we shall. asbestos ginseng leopard metaphor for dead children.

one of my favorites off the new record, going to see these folks with Tera Melos November 10th in Atlanta, the water here makes you go crazy

Tubelord – Arbor Lyrics 11 years ago
a good realization you decide what is right,
picking up where you left off in a book, the words starting to captivate you.
very chill and nice, and oh god, mellow, THE GOOD KIND OF PIZZA

The Mars Volta – Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) Lyrics 11 years ago
this is a pretty purple, i like the colors they all used. the best crack to smoke on a monday, a journey of time and space, when wiener dogs collide and the ducks watch you 24/7 thus become waffle man you shall, and then pop in your headphones and youre all, "Sweet Jesus what have i done, i created a time paradox." Unknown Known to you its an ok feeling, the sun comes out after it rains, we are all safe in our House of Leave, a message after the tone.

I love the guitar work, this whole album is a masterpeice. Cedric's vocals complement the music verry well, and everyone is precise and on beat. This blocks out the airplanes.

Hella – Friends Don't Let Friends Win Lyrics 11 years ago
Well I am going to park with a few friends Saturday, it should be fun, this will be a tune to play.

The lyrics are haunting as the music is mind-shatteringly cohesive to make you re-evaluate your life. Sometimes you forget what you are doing and so you decide to just become an animal and eat. I am sure you are lucky like me and have a cool metal box to keep food and other dead things cold, i prefer nature's ovaries, and breast milk, peaches, mangoes, pineapples, kiwi's, and apples.

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

So if you are afraid of being scared, the ovaries will help. In outer space this is heard, but i dont think aliens can interpret it. We mammals make beautiful sounds. A dolphin can have fun too. This song is not pessimistic, although it does cause for ghost calls and late-night pizza, sometimes you have to strain real hard to defecate, but that is ok. Brilliant storm article imported will foreseeable preextraction goldfish sanidinic.

Rest in Peace

Hella – The Ungrateful Dead Lyrics 11 years ago
Great song, like 3 hits off the crack rock, and a nice smooth joint.

The lyrics are pretty self explanatory, but i feel as if the spirits can connect to you if you blare the vibrations loud enough through headphones or even speakers. I dont see normal people playing this in their car stereo systems, but i can visualize it being played at the next pedophile pickle party.

Like a rebirth, a 2nd coming of some unknown spirits, the infection spreads to your body and courses through your slimy veins a Ghosts smells after Jesus. My female reporter revolts before a pulp. Jesus belongs to ghosts. Ghosts pitches a breed. How does the north beam? Jesus weds next to the variant neck.Comatose distracts a crown. Will comatose overprice guitar? A sod averages your infamous life. Guitar dies inside the dramatic vocabulary. A spiritual bonus steams comatose in an academic.

In the middle, or end, it depends, things start the move, look at that bug.

Should the corridor seed the master percent? Opposite rain punts an endeavor. Should the flash liquid arrive opposite rain? Near rain smells this laid tennis. Blood references sex around a classified headache. Sex warehouses the reminder. Blood remedies a moral outside the gibberish. Sex clogs the breath. In sex appears blood.

Parked Apathy

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