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Sarah McLachlan – Witness Lyrics 9 years ago
Wow! Guess I've got it all wrong! I've always thought this song was about love and passion. "Will we burn in Heaven like we down here?" I see as wondering whether we'll still have our human feelings for one another and love as strongly as we do on earth. I've been taught that our love for others will be brotherly, and that upsets me a great deal, as I want to feel the burning passion I had for my husband while he was alive.

Sarah McLachlan – Song For A Winter's Night Lyrics 9 years ago
This song strikes such a strong chord in my heart. My then-boyfriend emailed me this song the night we decided to try again on our long-distance relationship. We married two years later, but sadly, he passed away after only 5 years. So I am still wishing I could be happy just holding the hands I love...

The Moody Blues – Isn't Life Strange Lyrics 9 years ago
A person's life experience dictates what they read into a song. I don't like it when artists explain their lyrics because they so often mean something completely different to the listener, and it kind of takes away from that.

For example, I interpret the meaning of this song very differently from the previous responders. My husband has passed away. "A turn of the page can read like before" to me means we can go back and re-live our love, though he is in Heaven and I am here. "Wished I could be in your heart to be one with your love" to me simply means I want to be able to continue to share his love. Even though he is physically gone, I want to be one with him. "Wished I could be in your eyes, looking back there you were"...Wow. Pretty clear to me. I wish he could see me. I wish I could look back and see him. Makes me want to cry, cry, cry.

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