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Dashboard Confessional – The Secret's In The Telling Lyrics 10 years ago
I think it could even be about something they haven't even discussed with eachother - they barely talk - like a mutual attraction they both know is wrong but they can't help.
they deny it to their friends, family, and even gf/bfs. they don't know why, but they're on the same's undeniable, forbidden, and scary. so they don't even talk about it with eachother to maintain the secrecy and mystery.

but the question is..

will they still have the same attraction once the drama all comes to a head and everything comes out? or is it just the thrill of the mystery and the games?

T.I. – Whatever You Like Lyrics 10 years ago

patron is tequila.

Katy Perry – Hot N Cold Lyrics 10 years ago
sorry, couple.

Katy Perry – Hot N Cold Lyrics 10 years ago
I honestly don't think it's about someone who is literally bi-Polar.

I think it's more like, you can never tell from one day to the next whether they'll be in love/together (hot) or at war/apart (cold).

as in, they have no clue whatsoever whether they wanna be together or not. they can't stay in the relationship long enough to figure out if they're a good coupel or not.

The Maine – You Left Me Lyrics 10 years ago
"and now I'm better cause you left me,
I just left cause you let me,
don't keep calling, just forget me,
don't keep calling just forget."

I think she left him (or got a little distracted), but didn't think about what exactly she was leaving. he got over her, and once she saw how great he was (maybe compared to what she left him for?), she tried to come back to him. but now that he's over her there's no reason for him to let her try to get him back.

I love how it's sorta like a, "you left me, it was great, fuck you very much"

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