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Mumford & Sons – White Blank Page Lyrics 10 years ago
I adore this song!

I'm sure what it's about but I could venture a guess. I thought that perhaps it was of a person who was willing to dedicate him/her self to a person that they loved but the latter did not share the same intentions. Maybe the other person only wanted a short-term relationship and hence broke the 'singer's' (or the persona in the song) heart.

I don't know, but I that's what I thought, not much depth but hey. The song is fantastic.

Bright Eyes – No One Would Riot for Less Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm quite positive that the song is of war. Take into account the following stanza:

Do you see the sterile soil
Poisoned sky, yellow water
The final scraps of life
Bringing new tears

Makes me think of gas used during WWI; just pure ruin and lack of hope as well as life. The overall feel of the song just seems reminiscent of war.

Regina Spektor – Après Moi Lyrics 10 years ago
I thought that the Russian bit perhaps was alluding to the February Revolution. The song overall I thought was referencing to the Russian Revolution since Regina projects a sense of struggle in her voice. That's just what I think...

The song is very beautiful, my favourite, actually. The Russian part is quite powerful as well; though the translations posted sound a bit awkward, I suppose some verses are only meant for an accustomed ear.

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