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Kevin Drew – Love 5 Lyrics 12 years ago
I hear, "When you’re all alone and your best friend is your skin, you reach for a church inside your complexion. Your one is cool, maybe even a little rotted. A reminder that two is someone else’s god forgotten."

Dan Mangan – Road Regrets Lyrics 12 years ago
"So find Dodge and then get out of it"

It's a city in Kansas and a catch phrase from western movies.

Apostle of Hustle – Dark Is What I Want/Strutters Ball Lyrics 13 years ago
The lyrics are a little off.
Here are the correct ones;

So rough. So tough. So what's up with the neighbourhood bluff?
You rode a bull. Is that a fact?
They dropped you on the corner with your darkness deep intact.
I see Rosedale euthanized. My invisible sensation don't ever leave me dry.
It gets late, comes on strong. There's so much work to do and dark is what I want.
When you walk, you walk tall. Because you know your enemies and they wanna make you crawl.
A little rush holds the key. The third time from behind and dark is what you dream.
In town, around. Let's make use of each other until somebody drowns
Rest awhile, restaurant. I know I may look hungry but dark is what I want

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