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A Day to Remember – The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle Lyrics 8 years ago
Here's a middle finger comin' straight from oca-la
I appreciate your judgment it's proved that I can't trust a word you say
Those must be some pair of binoculars that you see every move I make, so I'll never be a liar, but you'll always be two-faced

You'll get what's comin' to you
You're blinded by your instincts
I'm not your fucking game
I'm not so easily beat

Damn, okay this song describes a toxic friendship I was in. She was a compulsive liar, and just turned on me and threw away our friendship for a boy who didn't even like her. She thinks I'm weak, but I'm not going to come crawling back to her, you know? It's not like that.. I'm stronger than she thinks and if she keeps being an asshole, karma's gonna give her a taste of her own medicine..

I Call Fives – Take the Fall Lyrics 8 years ago
this band is completely underrated. they need so much more attention... they're great.

Man Overboard – Arlington Drive Lyrics 8 years ago
why doesn't this have any comments?
this song is beautiful.

Cute Is What We Aim For – Navigate Me Lyrics 8 years ago
it says "leave a message after the sound of the beep."

Atmosphere – Scapegoat Lyrics 9 years ago
this is a great song.. truly one of the few rappers i like

Jonas Brothers – Hey Baby Lyrics 9 years ago
I don't like ham.
So I don't eat it.
I don't like The Hills.
So I don't watch it.
I don't like Twilight.
So I don't read it.

If you don't like the Jonas Brothers, don't listen to them.
It's as simple as that. No one is forcing you to listen to them, no one said you had to like them, so please just leave it alone.
We all have different tastes, yours might not match someone elses, but you don't have to go on for hours about how their likes are wrong.
I.E.- I don't like Metallica. SO I don't listen to them. And I don't say they suck and that whoever listens to them is "a stubborn bitch", because, well they don't suck. They can play instruments and write songs and if they've been around for this long SOMEONE must like them.

So show some respect and class and don't hate everything that's not what you like or doesn't go your way.

Miley Cyrus – Obsessed Lyrics 9 years ago
Thanks. I'm lazy.

Miley Cyrus – When I Look at You Lyrics 9 years ago
First off, your grammar sucks. So you should probably go back to first grade. Second, I'll post it when I get to it and if you don't like that then POST IT YOURSELF. You can do that, you know.

The Friday Night Boys – Chasing A Rockstar Lyrics 9 years ago
don't crush my dreams! hahaha

All Time Low – Sick Little Games Lyrics 9 years ago
i'm from maryland. i love where they're from, towson has the best mall EVER. they had a signing there the other day, i went to the mall that day but didn't go to the signing.
i remember when they only had 1 all time low shirt in select hot topics ONLY in maryland. i was so eager to get it... that was so long ago.
now i walk by the HUGE group of people there to see them, laughing at all their fan girls (some who wrote lyrics ALL over their bodies...). it's pretty great when you know a band from the start and you watch them grow to something bigger than you ever expected.
same thing happened to me with the jonas brothers; (i laughed at the ATL fangirls when i'm a JB fangirl myself haha i'm lame) watching them get dropped from their label, seeing them in small clubs with 50 people or less and then it seemed like overnight everything changed. now they are selling out arenas across the world, and everyone knows them.
i'm smiling while writing this. i love reminiscing.

anyways, i love your explanation it's pretty dead on.

Honor Society – Sing for You Lyrics 9 years ago
sweet jesus that took a long time to decipher.
stupid live versions

Honor Society – Where Are You Now? Lyrics 9 years ago
thanks, i'll correct it

Hey Monday – Homecoming Lyrics 9 years ago
... what is so wrong with being a disney star?

Jonas Brothers – Give Love a Try Lyrics 9 years ago
i didn't know what it was called.
so i took a wild guess.
it's the song from the JONAS promo #2

Taylor Swift – Crazier Lyrics 9 years ago
sorry i posted this before all the lyrics were up...

Miley Cyrus – Bottom of the Ocean Lyrics 9 years ago
sashalovesyou... if you're going to make a joke do it correctly.

The Lonely Island – Jizz in My Pants Lyrics 9 years ago
When Bruce Willis was dead at the end of sixth sense I JIZZED IN MY PANTS

hahahah i love this song

Miley Cyrus – Clear Lyrics 9 years ago
i don't know if this is about a guy.
it sounds more like a friend tried to backstab her or something, and she realized she didn't deserve the way she was being treated by someone who was once her friend.
at first she cared about the whole fighting situation and thought she couldn't live without the friend, but she realized she didn't need the person in her life, and she was better off without them, hence her life being "clear".
she decided to put the past behind her, what happened happened and she is okay.
i can totally relate, the same kind of thing happened to me.

The Secret Handshake – I Wish (Skee-Lo cover) Lyrics 10 years ago
You should've edited this. In his cover he doesn't say half these lyrics.
after "nobody knows your name..." he does the chorus 2 times then that
"now some things are gonna change because nobody knows my name everything will stay the same if i keep doing it" or something

John Mayer – 3x5 Lyrics 10 years ago
i'm guessing this song is about just wanting to share the experience with someone else, and how it's always better in person than through pictures.
i could elaborate but i don't think i will haha

4ft. Fingers – Hopeless Romantic Lyrics 10 years ago
hate the beat/music.
love the lyrics.

Kevin Rudolf – Let It Rock (feat, Lil Wayne) Lyrics 10 years ago
this song wouldn't be 1/2 as bad as they changed the chorus, the beat, and got rid of lil wayne.
otherwise the lyrics are pretty good

Goot – Way Out Lyrics 10 years ago
this guy is awesome.
i love his songs.
and i talked to him on myspace about chuck norris once. haha

Death Cab for Cutie – Cath... Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm a little biased because my name, Catherine, is [partially] in this song, it's an amazing song though.

But I figure it's about a girl who is scared of growing alone and being alone in general. She doesn't want to wait the while and see who else comes along, so she just settles with someone average. She doesn't want to let this one go just because there might be a chance that there isn't another person out there for her.

An example is like this game they play on the radio here. They spin the wheel and when it stops you get a prize, but you can choose to spin again to get a better one or keep the one you have. Some people take the risk and spin again, sometimes getting a better prize, other times losing their first one. Or some stick with what they have rather than see what could've been/happened.

Jonas Brothers – A Little Bit Longer Lyrics 10 years ago
um it is actually about his diabetes, not his grandmother.
eternity is about their grandmother.

The Meg And Dia Band – Monster Lyrics 10 years ago
there is only a child who was beaten and did not understand why. he was left alone and did not understand how to love, because he was never loved and did not know what it felt like.
he kept to himself mostly and did not trust others around him. he forced what he thought was love to himself by raping others. he finally attempted suicide by laying in a bath of kerosene- probably to burn to death.

Jeffree Star – Ice Cream Lyrics 10 years ago
"Enter my construction zone" haha, my favorite line.

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