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Grand Archives – Sleepdriving Lyrics 10 years ago
Snow fell thick and small
It buried us all in a fog
You remembered it all
I'm sleepdriving away

Metal and mold, bourbon and clove
Mirrors and smoke, yesterday's clothes
I'm sleepdriving away

As through your window I stared out
And saw someday we'll be too old

Cold winter air put an ache in your jaw
You're only as old as you say that we are
I'm sleepdriving away

The trunk of the car filled with all that we own
This old Pontiac's starting to feel like a boat
I'm sleepdriving away

As through your window I stared out
And saw someday we'll be too old

It's nearly dawn in a motel home
The shades were drawn to hide the storm
Without a sound the TV glows
The blankets tight around our throats

Swirling around the light above
Outside the crows are waking up
It's nearly dawn in a motel home
Was nearly gone, no sleep at all

Outside those crows
In lines on those
Frozen roads and wires
Sleepdriving away

Dar Williams – Teen For God Lyrics 12 years ago
I think being atheist is as good a reason as any to like this song, because to me it sounds like it's saying that having faith in whatever god and/or religion is all well and good, but you have to choose it yourself and *only for* yourself. A "find your own truth and leave others in peace to find theirs" kind of thing.

A-Ha – Velvet Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't think it's cynical, but rather a sort of lament for this girl who is so emotionally closed off that the singer knows he'll never actually *reach* her. There is a dreamy sort of quality to the song which, to me, furthers the impression that he's almost enchanted by this woman and can't make himself just walk away even if he knows it's a lost cause.

She's so distant that their relationship will never be anything beyond merely physical. I'm sure the women more or less molesting the band's corpses in the video while the sparkly confetti flies would have a thing or two to say about that, even if the (dead) guys smirking at the camera kind of suggests that the singer walked into it with open eyes. Seems to me like it's a case of mutual addiction to whatever form of affection they can find in/for each other.

Anna Nalick – Shine Lyrics 14 years ago

"01.28.08 - A Note About "Shine" From Anna

"Shine" is a song FOR those people who have made mistakes in a public way, FOR people whose mistakes and heartbreak are considered entertainment. When sad things that would hurt ANYBODY happen, like your relationship falling apart and making entertainment news, or you are constantly being told how you aren't good, thin, pretty, or rich enough, or your job being so taxing for the roles you have to play whether it's having to immerse yourself in a crazy depressed state of mind to play a crazy depressed character, or having to stay permanently smiling every time you leave your house even though you've just had a miscarriage, or an argument with someone you love, or your dog died and you finally crack, we just say, "It was bound to happen, everyone in Hollywood is shallow and addicted."

"Shine" is also saying that little girls, like your daughters and sisters or you, don't have to throw up to be pretty, be sleazy to be loved, or be crazy to get attention. Just because the BAD things are what people pay money for doesn't mean that those things are ALL of what your favorite movie and music stars are. What about the fact that the heiress is an amazing business woman, and the popstar writes poetry, can really dance, or really sing?

EVERYONE deserves a chance. You don't have to settle for what others believe you to be. Force them to see you for what you are proud of. To be bigger than your title, stereotype, or clique, bigger than your loneliness and to know you are better than another's definition of you is to Shine. "

Takida – Curly Sue Lyrics 14 years ago
To be completely honest the lyrics to this song don't do very much for me when they're put in black on white like this, but the cliches that are littered throughout it don't take away in the slightest from the fact that the song is just plain beautiful.

Gran Bel Fisher – Moment Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree, this is such a feelgood song, and Full Moon Cigarette is an amazing record!

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