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Hoodoo Gurus – I Was A Kamikaze Pilot Lyrics 12 years ago
tune!!! :)

Any Trouble – Playing Bogart Lyrics 12 years ago
oh cool thank you :)
I can't find their lyrics anywhere, so i only typed what i heard :)

Any Trouble – Trouble With Love Lyrics 12 years ago
hehe!! no probs! i do the same thing - there are no Any Trouble lyrics anywhere! it's not right,
they are amazing! :)

The Alice Rose – Stop Lyrics 12 years ago
i love this song!!

Any Trouble – Trouble With Love Lyrics 12 years ago
oooh, and i think this line is:

It's a message waiting from a distant FRIEND


Any Trouble – Trouble With Love Lyrics 12 years ago

This is one of my favourite Any Trouble songs!!

I think the first verse is:

You've got a fever in the soul, nowhere to go
Nothing to show,
Dressed to kill.
That's the trouble with love


Everybody tells you it's a crazy thing to do,
But you WENT AHEAD and HOPED that your good luck WOULD see you through

I think! x

Elvis Costello – You Tripped at Every Step Lyrics 13 years ago
that last verse makes me really sad. You can just imagine the person being so desperate, and clinging on to the other persons arm saying 'don't ever leave me'. Elvis is a genius

Elvis Costello – Man Out of Time Lyrics 13 years ago
I heard that the chorus:-

"To murder my love is crime
But will you still love
A man out of time"

was in a love letter he wrote to Bebe Buell...

Rilo Kiley – The Moneymaker Lyrics 14 years ago
I really like this song, but i had to listen to it a couple of times first. Obviously their sound has evolved and that's whats good about them. Fair play to them for wanting to try something different!

Rilo Kiley – Close Call Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree, i think it is/should be Brighton Pier.

I really don't think this album is that bad..

Elvis Costello – Battered Old Bird Lyrics 14 years ago
I think the reference to pills are directed at a neighbour, not him himself. i don't think he was a pill user

Squeeze – Up The Junction Lyrics 14 years ago
I've just head Lily Allen singing this on some webcast - she made this fantastic angst ridden song lifeless!! grrr..

Squeeze – Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) Lyrics 14 years ago
No I'm not sure about that, according to Chris Difford, it's about a holiday he took with his mate when he was twelve!

Squeeze – King George Street Lyrics 14 years ago
the way Glenn sings this song is beautiful..he has such a nice voice...

Squeeze – 853-5937 Lyrics 14 years ago
the video for this song is hilarious. Jools Holland couldn't make it to the shooting, so they used a lifesize cardboard cuttout instead! The band look like they're larking about, making faces and stuff, probably because they dislike the song so much. I really like it though!

Maxïmo Park – Books from Boxes Lyrics 14 years ago
i believe this is the new single. It's being released in June. Cracking song!

Maxïmo Park – Sandblasted And Set Free Lyrics 14 years ago
This sounds very dystopic, and end-of-the-worldy to me!
("The earth is solid, you can dig it up
Or you can pave it over")

Maxïmo Park – Nosebleed Lyrics 14 years ago
i agree with the nosebleed metaphor - they're under so much pressure, with the secrecy of pining after someone you're not supposed to??

Maxïmo Park – The Unshockable Lyrics 14 years ago
Keep turning!!

Maxïmo Park – Russian Literature Lyrics 14 years ago
transpenines - is that a train service in the North-East?

Maxïmo Park – Your Urge Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this song is about someone going from one drunken one night stand to another drunken one night stand.
"I empty out my pockets at the end of the Night,
Another scrawled first name,
Another sense of shame."
I also believe that the character is having an affair -
"I think about the three of us,
I wonder how we tesselate,
It would have been much wiser,
To allow these feelings to rebate."
Perhaps with a work collegue ("The night time is a lifeline,
The weekend is a God send")??

Amazing song though. So articulate!

Maxïmo Park – A Fortnight's Time Lyrics 14 years ago
"And so
Would you like to go on a date with me?"

Yes please paul!!! ;o)

Maxïmo Park – Parisian Skies Lyrics 14 years ago
i thought that too! It's my name, and i nearly fainted when i heard him sing it!! *swoons*

Daughtry – It's Not Over Lyrics 14 years ago
the fat kid with the afro is awesome!!!!

Maxïmo Park – Limassol Lyrics 14 years ago
i'm a sucker for the accent, and love the venom in his voice when he sings "run along back to your new man". ooh shivery!! I think it's one of the best songs on the album

Elvis Costello – The Long Honeymoon Lyrics 14 years ago
legend has it that he was completly pissed when he recorded this song. i really love it though

Elvis Costello – Welcome To The Working Week Lyrics 14 years ago
the best opener for an album ever!! It's absolutely about hating your job but having to do it anyway. it seems (at least to me) that he may be talking to himself, but that's just me

Elvis Costello – Suit of Lights Lyrics 14 years ago
i thought his father was a band leader for the Joe Loss orchestra!? I didn't know he was a miner!

Elvis Costello – Rocking Horse Road Lyrics 14 years ago
i think i heard that elvis wrote this song while suffering from sunstroke in New Zealand. Poor mite.

Elvis Costello – No Action Lyrics 14 years ago
2nd Best album opener ever!! (the best being from 'welcome to the working week' from EC's My aim is true!!)

Elvis Costello – Little Palaces Lyrics 14 years ago
i agree. when i first heard it i automatically thought child abuse, you know with the 'so you knock the kids about a bit..' lines, but that totally makes sense now

Elvis Costello – Kinder Murder Lyrics 14 years ago
i think the last verse was jimmy's thoughts while driving his friends car, remembering the time he had sex with the 'teenage bride' in the same car. i'm not sure if he kills himself either. i never thought about that kind of story, but it's definately in my top five

Elvis Costello – I'm Not Angry Lyrics 14 years ago
i think it's the latter TheSilverNoble, i think he's trying to prove to the girl that he's not angry so she won't get the satisfaction, although he's clearly seething! I love the line
"I hear you calling his name
I hear the stutter of ignition"
so scathing!

Elvis Costello – I Hope You're Happy Now Lyrics 14 years ago
man those lyrics are so spiteful and incredible! i love the way the melody is quite jolly but the words are spat out! classic elvis

Elvis Costello – After the Fall Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this song is about a couple that were once full of passion, and through many years of being together, the passion has receeded.

Elvis Costello – I Want You Lyrics 14 years ago
i'm not sure if his first wife cheated on him..i know he cheated on her, so maybe it came back to haunt of my favourite ec songs by a long shot.

Elvis Costello – Forgive Her Anything Lyrics 14 years ago
this is such a beautiful song..i think it's about a bewitching woman who has her man under her thumb. she cheats and hurts him, but he loves her so much that he forgives her every time. At least that's what i think

Elliott Smith – Stupidity Tries Lyrics 14 years ago
it is savannah shoulder, it's in the lyric booklet in the cd case..

Elvis Costello – White Knuckles Lyrics 14 years ago
i think this song is about domestic violence and how the wife can't leave the husband because she still loves him

Squeeze – Vicky Verky Lyrics 14 years ago
i love this song. it's really quite sad especially the happy ending when they're reunited. difford and tilbrook are amazing songwriters

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