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mewithoutYou – Dorothy Lyrics 1 year ago
Aaron Weiss' response, in an interview for RS Russia, to the question: What’s your most unusual experience of writing a song?

“For a song called Dorothy (on our newest album) where a lot of our songs I’ve really had to slave over every word, and it’s meticulous of like trying to find the exact phrasing for each line.

"That song, Dorothy, came about almost effortlessly. It was literally just based on a dream that I had. And I woke up, and the dream fit almost exactly to the instrumentation that was already present.

"That was struggling beyond words with… well before the words to that song… I mean they couldn’t come up with anything. I thought this song they just is just not gonna make it. Because I have no way to connect to it, I don’t understand it musically. I don’t connect to it. So I was ready to just give up on it.

“And then I had a dream about my Dad and woke up and the words fit perfectly on to the song.

“So that was really a relief. Because the song turned out to be, if not the most important one, maybe right up there with the most important songs on the record. Or even that we’ve ever written.

“And it came about so effortlessly that I had a very fond memory of that one.

“I didn’t even feel like I wrote it. I just felt like it was breathing, in a sense, that was effortless.”

Xiu Xiu – Apple for a Brain Lyrics 2 years ago
"This song is about Butter's of South Park, and the famous and imaginary friend and idol of your's truly, Jamie."

"It is about being as an adult man being obsessed with two cartoon characters of a child and a marsupiale with an apple for a brain."

Xiu Xiu – Chocolate Makes You Happy Lyrics 2 years ago
"this song is about body image, and food, and race, and self-loathing, and then also just about chocolate."

"the chord changes for this song were inferred by a gui boratto song

i think it's really interesting to write songs that are just the same chords the entire song. i don't do it often enough. but this is an example of an attempt to do one even though I completely failed and there end up being more changes in it.

thank you gui"

- Jamie in "Drunk Commentary: Dear God, I Hate Myself."

Xiu Xiu – Gray Death Lyrics 2 years ago
@[anthonyyyg:11437] edit: "grey" updated to "gray"

Xiu Xiu – Gray Death Lyrics 2 years ago
"grey" updated to "grey" per Jamie's comments in "Drunk Commentary: Dear God, I Hat Myself" available on his bandcamp site

Twin Peaks – Irene Lyrics 5 years ago
hey, i updated the lyrics according to the lyrics sheet provided with the vinyl. it might change your interpretation a bit.

Ten In The Swear Jar – San Jose Fight Song Lyrics 6 years ago
nice work, these lyrics are accurate

Spoonboy – Gerald Lee Palmer Lyrics 7 years ago
both this song and the song you mentioned are on his new album, 'the papas.' which you can stream and buy at

Defiance, Ohio – Oh, Susquehanna! Lyrics 7 years ago
nitpicking, but i think it's

"Now I don't live there but there's too many stores, some apartments, and a Sunoco."

Spoonboy – The Restaurant Lyrics 7 years ago
and then the billionaire took his seat at the head of the table
"wiped his ass with the dignity of the Polynesian waiter"

Xiu Xiu Larsen – (pokey in your) gnocchi Lyrics 12 years ago
i think that one line is,

"sew your loss, sew buttons"

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