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Steely Dan – Gaslighting Abbie Lyrics 3 years ago
@[Minz:7035] Love it. It makes the imagery very different for me, now.

Steely Dan – Home At Last Lyrics 3 years ago
Sorry to hear, robert1499. Sadly, these situations are all too common. I dated a bit before I met my current husband, and never before had I met so many broken men who still pined after those nasty women who broke their hearts. It's hard to trust again, but the thing you have to remember is that nobody deserves to be mistreated in a relationship, no matter how desirable the abuser seems. The last four letters of "abuser" are "user." YOU deserve better.

Monty Python – Brave Sir Robin Lyrics 12 years ago
"...and who had nearly fought the vicious Chicken of Bristol..."

Monty Python – Knights Of The Round Table (Camelot Song) Lyrics 12 years ago
Took me forever to find out what a "pram" was,

Gotta love the Brits. :)

Monty Python – The Meaning of Life Lyrics 12 years ago
42? Nawww, it's 1-2...5.

Amel Larrieux – Down Lyrics 12 years ago
This song always strikes me as a perfect candidate for the next James Bond flick.

With this in the background, I can see some chick driving fast in a white convertable through the Italian Alps wearing sunglasses and a kerchief on her head. Except, she's the heartbreaker. The irony...

Amel Larrieux – Even If Lyrics 12 years ago
Nice homage to a Stevie Wonder song.

Amel Larrieux – Get Up Lyrics 12 years ago
She rocks and sizzles. What a goddess. I adore her artistry and wish she was more mainstream so peeps can get an ear of what really fabulous and creative vocals she does. All those other hack stupid female singing types couldn't even hold her bags let alone stand next to her.

What an amazing soul inside this woman.

Amel Larrieux – Make Me Whole Lyrics 12 years ago
Brilliant singing by one of THE most under-appreciated talents in the biz.

The simplicity of the arrangement showcases her pipes.

Dave Matthews – Some Devil Lyrics 12 years ago
This song should come with a warning to never listen to it when you're breaking up with someone. I cried for three hours straight while playing it over and over.

Dave Matthews – Grey Blue Eyes Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's a pure and simple love song...she captured his heart, then broke it. Yet he finds solace in her eyes.

Obviously, it's one of my favorites. :-)

(And I have grey-blue eyes, but that's beside the point.)

Dave Matthews Band – When the World Ends Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm reading you, Me2.

I love the message of corporal to spiritual transformation in the lyrics.

This totally goes beyond the body having sex. It's about the mind, the soul in rapture. This is about life after death.

And the groove, not to mention his vocal stylings--sexy as hell--or heaven. You decide. It is definitely passionately destructive, like the process of shedding the cocoon to complete total metamorphosis and begin a new life--after "death."

"Love will be our wings..."

Dave Matthews Band – Little Thing Lyrics 12 years ago
And it's the same damn tune to two other songs...this being my least favorite of the three incarnations.

Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce Lyrics 12 years ago
Ugh I mean they were NOT Brenda and Eddie.

THEY got a divorce as a matter of course and they parted the closest of I heard.

Dave Matthews Band – #41 Lyrics 12 years ago
wem72--I totally agree wiht your last few statements about hope and him leaving the conversation as if he's done all he could do.

John Mayer – Message in a Bottle (Police cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
Having been around when the Police were actually recording (as was John Mayer, though he's a tad younger than I am) AND being a die-hard Police and Sting fan, I have to give creds to him for doing the song justice with this rendition.

It's a damn good song, and in the right hands, it totally will rock. But Mayer has the right hands. And the right heart.

Sting would be proud.

John Mayer – Stitched Up (With Herbie Hancock) Lyrics 12 years ago
Infectious groove and totally hip collaboration. I ran out to get this CD and was disappointed with most of the other tracks.

But John and Herbie...what a combination.

Mayer is at his finest "boy-next-door" matter-of-factness.

John Mayer – City Love Lyrics 12 years ago
It's a grand song in its musical structure...big 7th, 9th and 13th chords with a little hint of compound shuffle-beat, but real, real slow for the effect of expansiveness...kinda like the city is huge, expansive, but with so much life in little swirls on every corner, in every club, something for everyone...lovers, dreamers...(why is this sounding like "The Rainbow Connection?"). But you get the idea. Big music, big city, BIG PUMPING HEART.

I have a city love myself now...not sure he and I are ready for each other, but I totally am enamoured with the thought of going to the city to play all night with him. So I can see how intoxicating finding love in the city can be and how incredibly wonderful it is to explore the big apple with someone who knows his or her way around.

However, the "scented glossy magazines" to me seems like the protagonist feels he's living in a fantasy regarding her, as if he truly is in love with the "idea" of being with her as he stated at the concert. She may be the wrong person, but how can be so wrong if it feels so good?

This was my first favorite John Mayer song.

John Mayer – St. Patrick's Day Lyrics 12 years ago
How ironic is it that I met a man right around the fall who would open my eyes to the demise of my marriage...and then my ex-husband left on the following St. Patrick's Day after a winter of turmoil?

The dude was nothing more than just a symptom of a greater problem and hence wasn't a person for me to ultimately get involved with, but the timing of it certainly rings true with me.

People always said me and the ex were the perfect couple.

"Everybody, it seems to me, just wants to be like you and me."

This is so real to me.

Matchbox Twenty – So Sad, So Lonely Lyrics 12 years ago
Why are they quoting "Just a Gigolo?"

Steely Dan – Kings Lyrics 12 years ago
And whenever you can...STICK IT TO THE MAN!

Steely Dan – Pretzel Logic Lyrics 12 years ago
Nothing in life makes sense.

Let's have pretzels.

Steely Dan – Show Biz Kids Lyrics 12 years ago
Random Boy--have you heard "Uptown, Baby" which sampled the bass line to "Black Cow?"

Steely Dan invented hip-hop.


Steely Dan – Time Out of Mind Lyrics 12 years ago
Just because they wrote the lyrics doesn't mean they were doing it at the time.

Steely Dan – Pixeleen Lyrics 12 years ago
I saw her as a girl in a video actually.

One of my new favorites due to Carolyn Leonhart's gorgeous vocals.

Steely Dan – Josie Lyrics 12 years ago
I just did.

And we're all so proud of Josie coming home...

Steely Dan – Gaslighting Abbie Lyrics 12 years ago
Clearly a reference to trying to drive someone crazy a la Hitchcock's "Gaslight."

Steely Dan – Home At Last Lyrics 12 years ago
Or he's married to a wench that he's in love with and no matter how much effort he puts into making her life better, she still abuses him.

Yet...he's in love with her as evidenced by the "sun" and the "safe and warm" imagery.

This is a relationship, folks. Plain and simple--it's the good and the bad.

And that's alright with him.

I see the "superhighway" as the boring old routine of familiarity you get with a long relationship.

Steely Dan – Jack of Speed Lyrics 12 years ago
Republicans? Drugs?

I loved when Walter sang this on the 90's tours.

Steely Dan – Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me) Lyrics 12 years ago
Some people think that the "Charmer" is the devil and somebody knows it's payback time.

Again, "you pay today or pay tomorrow..."

Reminds me of Billy Joel's "Somewhere Along the Line":

"Somewhere along the line,
Well I know it's just a matter of time,
When the fun falls through and the rent comes due,
Somewhere along the line."

Steely Dan – Lunch With Gina Lyrics 12 years ago
She's a charmer like you never seen...

Yeah this is one of those kinds of women who is a horrible person but she's so fine that you can't stop letting her use you.

Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce Lyrics 12 years ago
Well they certainly were Brenda and Eddie...

Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce Lyrics 12 years ago
hubofhip--DEAD on.

Love this story.

Steely Dan – Dr Wu Lyrics 12 years ago
Katy lied? Katy did.

Thanks for being with us, Dr. :-P

Steely Dan – I Got The News Lyrics 12 years ago
Oh, oh, there any doubt about what her warm, soulful secret it now?

I think not. :-P

Steely Dan – Dont Take Me Alive Lyrics 12 years ago
But what mad criminal has such a colorful vocabulary?

"I say there, 'Luckless Pedestrian,' you're really having a bad day."

Steely Dan – FM (No Static at All) Lyrics 12 years ago
Ahhh, music...soothes the savage...uh, girl.

Steely Dan – Bad Sneakers Lyrics 12 years ago
They should have done this on this year's tour with Mike McD.

THAT is probably as close to sonic heaven as it gets.

I think it's a sign o' the times ditty. Kind of reminds me of Stevie Wonder's "Mistra KnowItAll" in that this dude thinks he's soooo bad when he's probably not so much.

Steely Dan – Everything Must Go Lyrics 12 years ago
However, many fans thought this was Fagen and Becker quaintly announcing the end of their careers.

Thankfully, that just wasn't so.

Steely Dan – Everything Must Go Lyrics 12 years ago
Love the opening...with the sax solo playing the bridge.

These dudes still know how to write.

Steely Dan – Chain Lightning Lyrics 12 years ago
But the lingo is so not Nazi Germany.

Surreal treatment of the topic.

Steely Dan – Everyone's Gone to the Movies Lyrics 12 years ago
It's about pedophilia and Mr. LaPage is the purveyor of illicit young sex acts through pornographic movies and other wonderful recreational activities.

Sickos, indeed. But it's all tongue-in-cheek.

Can't believe they actually recorded a clean-sounding demo of this that was less smarmy than what they eventually released. I mean, what for?

Steely Dan – Charlie Freak Lyrics 12 years ago
It's so spiritual..."Now come my friend, I'll take your hand and lead you home."

How final.

And the sleighbells and ostinato piano (snow falling?) make it seem kind of eerie, as if it was wintertime and Charlie froze to death in the snow obviously in combination with an OD on some drug of choice.

If the sadness of Charlie's predicament and ultimate demise doesn't move you, then perhaps the fact that the protagonist had a heart after all and realized that there was no one else in Charlie's life to take him to his final resting place. I'm thinking he sold said ring for cash ("Yes Jack, I gave it back") to at least give him a decent burial.


Steely Dan – Hey Nineteen Lyrics 12 years ago
I realized at 32 that dating dudes who were 24 was a mistake.

There is certainly an emotional difference even in six years difference, let alone eight or ten and I don't care how many Tom Cruises and Katie Holmes there are in the world. However, I don't blame Demi Moore one bit. Rock on, woman!

This has to be my second most favorite SD song. That opening guitar riff alone gets my heart pounding. I can do without Fagen's rap in the live shows, though. OK WE GET IT, DONALD, YOU'RE LEADING INTO THE OUT CHORUS.

No offense, of course. :-P

Steely Dan – Dirty Work Lyrics 12 years ago
And what about that soulful, simmering organ...

I think the back-door man is in love with her and can't break away, yet knows he's being used.

Ah, love...

Steely Dan – Black Cow Lyrics 12 years ago
Ehhh, he's in love with her and he'll never say these things to her. He WANTS to, but when he's with her...he can't get it out.

"So I have to say I hate you, in a song..."

Steely Dan – Razor Boy Lyrics 12 years ago
CuteSparkina, that is pretty astute.

I love the imagery of "women in cages" as if he's referring to her as a "kept woman."

Note the use of acoustic upright bass on this track. Solid.

Steely Dan – Deacon Blues Lyrics 12 years ago
Who knew this would be an homage to middle-aged weight gain?
"This is the day
Of the expanding pants..."


Ok hubofhip, that is awesome. NOW I get the references to Alabama and Deacon--pure genius.

satellite, your interpretation is a pre-cursor to their latest CD and the title track on it, "Everything Must Go":

"I move to resolve the corporation
In a pool of margaritas."

Steely Dan – BarryTown Lyrics 12 years ago
This has to be one of my least favorite songs by the two...probably because the melody is horrendous and Fagen was in his "Ultra-Bullwinkle" mode when he recorded it.

"Hey, Rocky! I can see by what you carry that you come from Barrytown!"

Steely Dan – The Boston Rag Lyrics 12 years ago
Audiogasm...nice touch.

I always thought it was about a the narrator's family...Lady Bayside being the mother of Lonnie and Lonnie being their little kid born in '65 who in a literal playroom put things in his mouth and had to get his stomach pumped.

That, and the bluebirds help me get dressed in the morning.

Eh, the Boston Rag could be a symbol of an easy morning's work of reading the paper, a sign of the sanity that he called life before the kid came. Ahhh, those happier days...

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