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James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier Lyrics 5 years ago
Don't have a single idea what it means, not a single fuck given. Sounds sooo good

Harry Connick, Jr. – Jill Lyrics 6 years ago
Jill (Goodacre) is GORGEOUS. What a fitting song.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs Lyrics 6 years ago
This is that one song...

I know exactly what it means, how I feel when it plays. I just cannot put it into words. My words can't do it justice. It's just too relevant.

Nat King Cole – Stardust Lyrics 6 years ago
Paints such a vivid picture.

Especially... "The nightingale tells his fairytale, a paradise where roses grew. Though I dream in my heart it will remain, my stardust melody. The memory of love's refrain."

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know Lyrics 7 years ago
I actually interpreted Kimbra's verse, in fact, being about herself. Not even with the addition of a third party (Gotye's other ex?/current lover).

Gotye is explaining that Kimba is someone he used to know - Kimba's rebuttal is basically saying it's a two way road. He is blasting her about changing, being someone totally different, and leaving him out to dry. That aftermath will break the strongest of men. By singing this song and speaking towards all his discontent, he is actually proving he is still hung up on her, or some part of their relationship.

I imagine Kimba, facetiously - air quotes and all - singing "you said that you could let it go (MOVE ON..."said that we could still be friends") and I wouldn't catch you hung up on 'somebody that you used to know'" In this case, I feel she is actually talking about herself. She wanted to be friends and move on, but Gotye can't seem to let it go and be civil.

Marvin Gaye – What's Going On Lyrics 7 years ago
I believe it's "Everything is Everything" meaning... it is what it is, it's all good. Nothing more, nothing less.

John Mayer – War of My Life Lyrics 7 years ago
fight on.

Bon Iver – Holocene Lyrics 7 years ago
is it incredibly pathetic that i was reduced to tears by "...and at once i knew i was not magnificent"? too real. too relevant.

Jason Mraz – You and I Both Lyrics 7 years ago
Actually, "the bells inside" most likely refer to the bells inside the telephone. in the lines prior he talks about the telephone working both ways and the possibility about never hearing it ring (and be her) again... hence the bells inside are no longer ringing for him, they have found someone else. metaphorically, of course!

Janelle Monáe – Say You'll Go Lyrics 8 years ago
She is the truth. This album is EPIC and the slower tunes are just as amazing as the upbeat and oft insane. This is a wonderful love song, one with religious undertones - Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity. It's undeniable. This song, I feel, shows that Love can conquer all... and that it's attainable for all. And once you experience that love, it's not just something small. Of course, it can be experienced on many different levels.

She's got it.

Jack Johnson – Go On Lyrics 9 years ago
Taken straight from the Rolling Stone article:

"One of the album's strongest songs, "Go On," juxtaposes coming to grips with Riley's [19 year-old family friend] death and watching his own son grow up and learn to tread water for the first time. In fact, as Johnson was writing lyrics for the album, he noticed that many of the lines could apply to his children and to Riley. "It's about learning how to let go of someone you love," he says, "watching them swim away."

Rachael Yamagata – I Wish You Love Lyrics 9 years ago
I really like both versions of this song. The jazzier one definitely works a little better for a live show, but the one off the prime soundtrack is intense. You can really get in deep. The toughest thing at the end of a relationship is simply accepting it and moving on. It's so tough to keep a high level of tact when dealing with a broken heart, feelings usually tend to be bitter, and wishing someone only good things when it's over is all the more heartbreaking. Man that shit hurts...

Jack's Mannequin – Caves Lyrics 10 years ago
It's absolutely amazing how he was able to get a tune to PERFECTLY correlate to the lyrics. its such a moving song. he really nailed it. it gives such an atmospheric background tune, and the piano going up and down the scale really symbolizes the up and down battle it must have been... it goes into the rockin mode once he is cured, but the fight was never over... dealing with the complicatons. he swore the doors were locked, but finally found the key and beat it. truly an inspiration... and this song captures everything perfectly.

Thrice – Broken Lungs Lyrics 10 years ago
read that article if you're into finding the truth

Thrice – Broken Lungs Lyrics 10 years ago
What story did we swallow hook and sinker?

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I don't act like none of this matters. who is this guy preaching to? Everytime there is chaos and paranoia there's a damn conspiracy theory. I'm not naive, but I choose to think rationally. Get a fucking clue.

Melody Gardot – Some Lessons Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is so good. If I had to guess id say its about her bike accident. Looking back at everything, being inside the ambulance ("miracle that i'm alive"), how lucky she was to be alive ("to think that i could have falled a centimeter to the left.) But the accident is what ultimately lead her to music and where she is today. Life is a gift, but can be taken away in a flash. That's what i think she's getting at. Great introspective look on her situation, and a broad life lesson: "some lessons we learn the hard way."

Ryan Adams – Sweet Lil Gal (23rd/1st) Lyrics 11 years ago
Ryan spent a lot of time at Hotel Chelsea, even wrote a song about it (hotel chelsea nights). To the point; Hotel Chelsea is on 23rd street, NYC like noyes said. Just a cool little parallel.

Daphne Loves Derby – pollen and salt Lyrics 11 years ago
wow... the lyrics, the melody, they just mesh perfectly. my favorite part has to be the very end. the actual lyrics, and the way its sung you can just feel the tiny bit of relief in his voice... even if it was just in a dream. "last night I dreamt you were with me, finally I could breathe." that is something I can relate to all too well

Bayside – Choice Hops And Bottled Self-Esteem Lyrics 11 years ago
sick.. absolutely sick solo

Colin Hay – I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You Lyrics 11 years ago
i downloaded this song forever ago off the transcendental highway album... and it is much longer than the other versions i now have. the ending had a really cool outro about 6 minutes into the song (well, after it was over). but ill never forget it
"and no matter where we run, and no matter what we do... you hold onto me, and ill hold onto you."

couldnt think of any better way to end this song. hope you all have heard that part or get a chance to hear it. this song is special. haunting. simple. beautiful.

Underoath – Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape Lyrics 11 years ago
i pray that everyone feels the love of God

thats to us all... we all doubt and have a hard time putting our full faith in something we can't fully grasp. however, if you just give it a chance to feel at least a little of God's grace, your life will change forever. we are all sinners, but God's love is always there. always.. for EVERYONE, no matter who you are.

Third Eye Blind – How's It Going to Be Lyrics 11 years ago
ive always wondered what he really meant when he says "cause i dont care, hows it gonna be."

part of me thinks he is actually talking to the girl saying.. hows all this going to turn out once weve said our goodbyes? i dont care, just be honest nd tell me what you really think. or is he trying to put up a shield to her by saying he doesnt care.. or does he truly not care. always wondered that

Death Cab for Cutie – Brothers on a Hotel Bed Lyrics 11 years ago

Jack Johnson – Constellations Lyrics 11 years ago
'listen close enough all else fades... fades away'

damn this sound just oozes calm.. chilling... cherishing those little moments you spend just watching the sunset and looking at the stars.. taking it all in. thats what this song means to me.. the gift of life, and being able to let everything go for just that time and enjoy the real beauty in life.
but maybe im just in a weird mood

John Mayer – In Your Atmosphere Lyrics 11 years ago
some other people had touched on this point before... but i also love the "id die if i saw you, die if i didnt see you there."

i just broke up with my gf... but most of her friends are all my friends. so everywhere we go (to all the clubs, houses, parties, hang outs.. etc..) we end up seeing each other.
and for me.. i care for her a lot, but sometimes things just dont work out. johns line really portrays that simply. you want to see them so bad because you still think about them and it feels weird not having them in your life.. but you know to fully move on you just need to stay away and try to forget it all.. but sadly that doesnt work. its all a sad reminder of what could have been

Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come Lyrics 11 years ago
this is what its all about... amazing

Something Corporate – Konstantine Lyrics 11 years ago
i just thought it was referring to the jimmy eat world song 'for me this is heaven'

"the first star i see, may not be a star...we cant do a thing but wait, so lets wait for one more."

Jack Johnson – If I Had Eyes Lyrics 11 years ago
if only the new album would come out sooner.. love the use of the electric guitars in this song though. i kinda get the idea this is about some kind of relationship that is past the point of healing or reconciliation... they always say time heals everything, but sometimes that's just not the case. but theres more to this song... just cant grasp it all yet

Matt Wertz – 5:19 Lyrics 11 years ago
gotta love the dave barnes back-up vocals

Chris Garneau – Relief Lyrics 11 years ago
i dont know exactly what this means, all i know is it has a calm, melancholy feeling... and that is why i love it. the epitome of pensive

" i didnt go to see the city i, i went to see it around you"

Sick Puppies – All The Same Lyrics 11 years ago
that free hugs thing is pretty much awesome

Bayside – Duality Lyrics 11 years ago
if going to mtv is what it takes, im all for it. i hope they get as many people to hear them as humanly possible. they will never be sell-outs

bayside is the real deal, their music does all the talking

The Postal Service – Brand New Colony Lyrics 11 years ago
im glad im not the only one who instantly thought.. mario brothers

and also i love this song... and band

ABBA – Take A Chance On Me Lyrics 11 years ago
this song really is almost hilarious. its become part of comedic pop-culture. anyone watch the office and hear andy bernards rendition of this song to angela? priceless

Luciano Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma Lyrics 11 years ago
in all honesty, i always despised this genre of music. but this is just glorious.. so much emotion, so pure. its hard to describe. the first time i hear it i had chills and my face was all prickly. it was that intense. one of a kind

John Mayer – Split Screen Sadness Lyrics 11 years ago
this song kinda hurts

Jack's Mannequin – Kill The Messenger Lyrics 11 years ago
i love this song, but the ending with the middle eastern sounding strings just makes it all the more amazing.

Death Cab for Cutie – What Sarah Said Lyrics 11 years ago
-stay gold speaks the truth. i always looked at "love is watching someone die... so who's gonna watch you die?" as the people who really care for you and love you will be there through the good times..and in this case, the bad. the toughest thing to do is watch someone you care about leave you (or pass away). but those people who care the most will be there no matter what. this song paints a real picture in your mind. haunting

btw i love how it outros into "brothers on a hotel bed"
the piano both is exquisite.

Paramore – My Heart Lyrics 11 years ago
i dont want to step on anyones toes because i know every song is open to that persons interpretation, but this song is definitely a song of worship to God.

"sing us a song and well sing it back to you"

the whole band it seems is talking to one main person. God, family, peers.. it is a love song, just.. not that way. you know

Paramore – Crushcrushcrush Lyrics 11 years ago
i want to marry hayley

John Mayer – Old Love Lyrics 11 years ago
its a great cover no doubt.. love it.

you can find it here:

John Mayer – 3x5 Lyrics 11 years ago
This song is amazing

Bayside – The Walking Wounded Lyrics 11 years ago
i love the transition at the beginning around the :31 second mark, it is fucking electric.

this album is amazing

Fall Out Boy – XO Lyrics 11 years ago
if only they could make every song like XO..such a shame

Mat Kearney – What's a Boy To Do Lyrics 11 years ago
i always thought the ending referred to how he wishes the boy at the bottom of the bridge had a way out..and with a kiss from the son of man, he would have had a way out. i thought the final lesson of the song was in the final line. whats the son of man and a boy to you? meaning.. whats the son of man (jesus) mean to you in your life?
He can make all the difference.

i only say this because i know mat is a christian who found God after hitting rock bottom, and he started out writing "christian" music. so this is just a thought, i could be way off base. what matters in the end is what the song means to You.

John Mayer – Wheel Lyrics 11 years ago
this is by far one of johns most underrated songs. it had so much truth and emotion to it... really hits your core.

i love the booklet for the album heavier things. the keywords for this song are: bittersweet, love lost, guitar solo(which is amazing), ballad, flight, advice.


Maroon 5 – Makes Me Wonder Lyrics 12 years ago
im really not a big maroon 5 fan but i wont lie this song caught my ear and it is pretty damn catchy. this is a pretty great song!

Brand New – Luca Lyrics 12 years ago
the only thing i got from that line is he is taking away his disease (in the old times they used to let blood thinking the disease would go away with it)..the disease of a bedwetting (nervous? youthful?) cosmonaut (another astronaut reference)

i have no idea in the world really

311 – Transistor Lyrics 12 years ago
this song and album is what started it all for me

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek Lyrics 12 years ago
i agree. this song is usually not something i listen to but it really is haunting and just tremendous.. amazing is all i can say

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