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+/- – Thrown Into the Fire Lyrics 7 years ago
The two blanks are both vinyl references. The first: "The gatefold and the 12x12." The second: "The pacing and the side breaks."

Andrew Morgan – Aligned on the Steps Lyrics 8 years ago
One of my favorites on the album. Couple corrections: "An immaterial architect made it so our *souls* connect" in the first verse. Also in the third round in the last part he adds "Just to wake up in London."

Sentridoh And Lou Barlow – Choke The Rythm Lyrics 9 years ago
One of my two favorite Sentridoh songs. I'm pretty sure "piece" and "peace" can be used interchangeably aside from the puzzle metaphor. The only line I'm not sure I got right is "Until I blend it black." Anyone hear something different?

In Praise of Folly – Both Sides Lyrics 10 years ago
The lines "You've heard both sides...all what you create" are in the booklet, but not the song.

In Praise of Folly – The Sky Directly Lyrics 10 years ago
The last verse is in the booklet, but not in the song.

The Boy Bathing – Beaches Lyrics 10 years ago
First Boy Bathing song I heard. I laughed because David Hurwitz sounds like Tiny Tim in The Muppet Christmas Carol.

The title of the song is actually The Beaches Meet The Sea.

Purrbot – Thumbtack Lyrics 12 years ago
Man, I'm not gay but this guy can really show you what it's like in this society. We straight couples take for granted the fact that we can hold hands and kiss without everybody staring and laughing or even turning violent on us. I'm guessing the "strange fruit" bit is a Billie Holliday reference. The term was used by her as metaphor for the black lynchings of her time.

Purrbot – Come Out! Come Out! Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is obviously about Nathan Carter's experiences as a gay man. I love the Labyrinth reference.

The Chameleons – Soul In Isolation Lyrics 14 years ago
Mark said the lyrics were inspired by a book called Star Rover by Jack London.

The Chameleons – In Answer Lyrics 14 years ago
It's about the loss of Mark Burgess' virginity.

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