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Red House Painters – Uncle Joe Lyrics 3 years ago
@VoVoVoioVoVoVon I posted this so long ago that It took me awhile to remember what I was talking about.

Try reading it out loud like this:
Read House PainTears

Modest Mouse – King Rat Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is amazing. You should all see the video directed by heath ledger, I think its the best MM video ive seen

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Breathless Lyrics 10 years ago
I think the creation thing makes a lot of sense especially with the video. The video makes me smile at the very end when the bunnies are dancing to the music.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Babe, I'm on Fire Lyrics 10 years ago
This is definitely one of the most interesting songs and videos I have seen. If it weren't for the video I think the song would feel much longer and more pointless. But I love seeing the people acting it in the video, and the party part at the end. Also does the last verse with "The hairy arachnophobic" ever actually appear? because I didn't hear it in the video.

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Know Me Lyrics 10 years ago
Where is the first part of this song? There is some speaking for awhile before the first line and I can't find the lyrics anywhere.

The Mountain Goats – Stable Boy Song Lyrics 10 years ago
I'll listen to it anytime though :)

Echo and the Bunnymen – Thorn of Crowns Lyrics 10 years ago
I love this song. Just another great song on the album Ocean Rain! I really like the lines:

You set my teeth on edge.
You think your invincible?
Never come out of the fridge!

Memory's April Showers!

The Mountain Goats – New Monster Avenue Lyrics 11 years ago
I love this song for the imagery! And the percussion in the background is just amazing!

Birds in the frosty air
What are they doing there?

Greenhouse full of butchers brooms

Red House Painters – San Geronimo Lyrics 11 years ago
Well, if they are both towns in California it adds to this very peaceful feeling of the album as Mark must like the beach life. When I listen to the album I find it very relaxing as the songs seem so flowing and simple but amazing. I think it is a little different than Old Ramon and other Kozelek albums.

Mr. Bungle – Slowly Growing Deaf Lyrics 11 years ago
They sing faster than I can think! I try to read the lyrics while listening to it and I try to think about the lines at the same time. This is a great song though.

The Police – Demolition Man Lyrics 11 years ago
I think it is a GREAT song.

Mojave 3 – Krazy Koz Lyrics 11 years ago
I think its "Kozelek's on the run", not Rick. As in Mark Kozelek.

Mark Kozelek – What's Next To The Moon Lyrics 11 years ago
This is my favorite out of the album. Great song!

Red House Painters – Uncle Joe Lyrics 11 years ago
Someone just pointed this out to me:

Read the last word of ever line of this excerpt from this song.

and i am not very well read
and they say that i will lose my house
and can you tell me of my pain
and can you tell me of my tears

Jeff Buckley – Witches' Rave Lyrics 11 years ago
I have also listened to this song for the drums! But I do that to a lot of songs because I enjoy playing percussion.

I hear it as an absolutely sick sex drive. As if Rave is referring to lust.

Maybe someone can think of an actual explanation for this but: He changes point of view in "you'd like to see him suffer for you fantasy and thrill.
he fell sick while we made love, he's out there, somewhere, still." Maybe he is referring a witch for something more?

Red House Painters – River Lyrics 11 years ago
If anybody else sang this song i would get tired of it since it is 11 minutes long but his voice I will never get tired of!

Pearl Jam – Cropduster Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah this song deserves more attention. Greatsong.

R.E.M. – Ignoreland Lyrics 12 years ago
I never knew the lyrics to this until I read it. He says everything so quickly. Now I always listen for the line with "presidential spoon." I don't know why but there is something about that line that stands out to me.

Jeff Buckley – Jewel Box Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, there are songs on the second disc that would need to be changed, but not this one.

Although, all of the songs are awesome if his sole purpose was to give his band an idea of what he wanted.

Such a beautiful song!

Jeff Buckley – The Sky Is A Landfill Lyrics 12 years ago
Oh man I love this song! It totally rocks! I love how Buckley makes me think.

I love it how these lyrics just pour out of his voice. The lines just keep coming.

Jeff Buckley – The Man That Got Away Lyrics 12 years ago
Does the title explain it all? Pretty much.

Someone is grieving the loss of a man who they loved. Just because a simple departing of him, one thing has ended, and so has every other thing. Their life is rougher therefore their past life is over.

Jeff Buckley – Kanga-Roo Lyrics 12 years ago
"What does it mean to want someone "like a Kangaroo"?"

Maybe he wants to ride in her pouch.

The Black Crowes – Virtue and Vice Lyrics 12 years ago
This one of my favorite Black Crowes songs.

Both the words virtue and Vice have a meaning of sexuality whether its keeping or losing virginity. I wonder if that plays into the song.

R.E.M. – Low Lyrics 12 years ago
This is one of my favorite R.E.M. songs. Stipe's voice in Verse 3 is so strong.

John Vanderslice – Me And My 424 Lyrics 12 years ago
I guess we'll never know.

Great song though.

The Lemonheads – Frank Mills Lyrics 12 years ago
A great short song. It sounds like from the lyrics that Frank is dead and the narrator wants him back.

Robert Plant – Ship Of Fools Lyrics 12 years ago
It sounds like this song has to do with the movie sharing the same title.

Bush – Wild Horses Lyrics 12 years ago
I actually prefer this over the original.

The Black Crowes – Girl From The Pawn Shop Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah its a great song.

Robert Plant – Let the Four Winds Blow Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah he was waiting for someone for a long time and now he is with her now that he is in heaven.

Cool Song!

The Black Crowes – How Much For You Wings? Lyrics 12 years ago
This song sounds cool but there isnt much to the little amount of lyrics there are!

Collective Soul – Tremble For My Beloved Lyrics 13 years ago
This song sounds so cool!

Sounds like a love song where an innocent person is waking up to a chaotic world but the narrator is there for them for comfort and stuff.

Soundgarden – Birth Ritual Lyrics 13 years ago
I have just read the lyrincs for the first time even though Ive heard the song many times and man are the lyrics graphic.

Yeah his voice is really high but it seems like that in most of soundgardens songs. Like he is screaming into the microphone but the actual strength of his voice is masked by the surrounding instruments.

The Smashing Pumpkins – My Blue Heaven Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is so smooth like you are soaring in this heaven, That is blue! Even better!

The Smashing Pumpkins – The Bells Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah, the musical composition is great. Nice and slow with a bit of piano.

Mother Love Bone – Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns Lyrics 13 years ago
I aggree with everyone, Great song! One of my favorites! The prostitute story sounds good enough.

Foo Fighters – World Lyrics 13 years ago
This is one of my favorite songs of foos!
I dont know what its about but it seems like there are a lot of songs that people think are about Kurt Cobain whether they actually are or not especially if the band roots back to the 90s.
Not that I am saying that Dave cant write about him as much as he has but just noting.

Foo Fighters – FFL Lyrics 13 years ago
I think he knows it does. Hes just playing with the title plus Eternal Way said it too.

Foo Fighters – I Feel Free (Cream cover) Lyrics 13 years ago
This song sounds really cool.

Pearl Jam – World Wide Suicide Lyrics 13 years ago
Well said Ron.

Yeah great song. They seem to be repeating their pattern of putting an obvious political message and stab at Bush in a song but not as obvious as bushleaguer.

Pearl Jam – Red Dot Lyrics 13 years ago
So why red dot? And not just red dot but the actual symbol of a red dot!

King Crimson – Neurotica Lyrics 13 years ago
Oh my god these lyrics are so great! I think its someone talking about the madness in a city and referring it to a jungle. I love all the adjectives in this song!

Rearview Mirror – In The Beginning Lyrics 13 years ago
This is the only song I have heard by this band. Its pretty good. Is it just a coincidence that the name of this band is also the title of a Pearl Jam song?

The Who – It's a Boy! Lyrics 13 years ago
WOW! Quite a contribution! This is a pretty sweet song. Of course not a lot of lyrics to be excited about and find the meaning of! It seems not that many people know about it.

Pearl Jam – Bushleaguer Lyrics 13 years ago
I am quoting a comment made by toolucky1234, "attacking bush shows how little class vedder has." What the heck does attacking bush have to do with the class that Vedder's has?! This doesn't make any sense!

Pearl Jam – Breath Lyrics 13 years ago
I do not understand why not that many people like this song. This song is awesome!!

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