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Bush – The Sound of Winter Lyrics 9 years ago
I think the song is referring to an attempt to come back from drug addiction.
I don’t want to ride the waves of uncertainty anymore.
Let’s get clean together. Together we will walk through fire to shake this heartache. It’s all in your face, I see you break. It’s a painful, yet cool, welcome change. It has to happen. Heroin, the bleeding love, the silent escape. Hold on, keep it together, it’s gonna hurt. I'm with you until the end.

Tonic – Knock Down Walls Lyrics 16 years ago
What do I need to do to prove to you that I need you?
I will do anything to have you.
Take me for who I am and I will show you, I wont need to change.
Dont play games with others.
Take me, take me serious, I need you.

Tonic – Waltz With Me Lyrics 16 years ago
This will be played at my wedding in the near future.

Tonic – Casual Affair Lyrics 16 years ago
As a third party, I sit back and watch that person that everybody loves. I grip to violent thoughts to keep my jealousy under control. I know that its all no use. Its just a casual affair.

Tonic – Roses Lyrics 16 years ago
Dont lead me on, Dont stuff me around,
If you show me you are serious about us,
I just want you, but if you dont, there's somebody else out there for me.

Nickelback – See You At The Show Lyrics 16 years ago
Introducing a new woman into his life.
Come along, I'll show you what we are all about.
Damn your georgeous, I can still see you from upon stage.
Theres a bit more to this life than just show.

Nickelback – Rockstar Lyrics 16 years ago
Its funny...
Coz its true.
Fantastic lyrics, almost making fun of their own lifestyle.

Nickelback – Good Times Gone Lyrics 16 years ago
The best things in life are free...
You can have so much fun without having to buy it.
Remembering when you were younger and you didnt need to have money to have fun. You just made your own. Now that we have grown up and matured, its easy to see that now we cant get the fun of our youth back, no matter what we do or where we look.

Nickelback – Believe It Or Not Lyrics 16 years ago
He still isnt sure that there is a God. No confidence and no faith in the world. Why are we here? Show me a sign, prove to me that I have meaning. Break this secret to me, to everybody who wonders. Believe it or not.

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