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The Stone Roses – Breaking Into Heaven Lyrics 13 years ago
not suicide.

but i like the outside the box thinking.
Ian is to positive for that, no?

Rod Stewart – You're Insane Lyrics 13 years ago
still just me 8 (

but i'm not so alone, now.

~ R

Rod Stewart – Mandolin Wind Lyrics 13 years ago
ha ha, to funny.

this is Rod's best song and not a post.

i love the site etc etc, but at times i really wonder about the posters...........of course no offense to you. You are checking out the right song ; )

Headphones . eyes shut. enjoy

The Rolling Stones – We Love You Lyrics 13 years ago
they did it well,,,,,,,but this wasn't the stones sound

The Rolling Stones – You Got The Silver Lyrics 13 years ago
Scenic world........perhaps you would reread my post.

You also might consider who's Keith greatest love in his life has been.

Either way.

Anybody think the song by the LA'S
There she goes isn't about Heroin?
Might want to give it another listen
; )
enjoy life, it's shorter than u think

Drugs are bad, Heroin is worst

The Rolling Stones – Child of the Moon Lyrics 13 years ago
"Give me a misty day, pearly gray, silver, silky faced,
Wide-awake crescent-shaped smile!"

Teenage Fanclub – Guiding Star Lyrics 13 years ago
religion has no place in rock N roll

Clearly the Star had a ton of potential....guess realized, just not by as many people as their music was worthy of.

Teenage Fanclub – December Lyrics 13 years ago
this is a great song, but a 'love song?'

how is that?

Rod Stewart – You're Insane Lyrics 14 years ago
insane i'm the only one commmenting on this song.


Ian Brown – Ice Cold Cube Lyrics 14 years ago
John Squire is the classic man who can't get past himself. You were wrong. The world knows you were wrong, you know you were wrong. Tell the boys you were, and beg them the chance to make you whole again..................

But either way Ian is unreal. Not sure why America can't grasp the genius, but it's not like he is the first one the US can't grasp.

Blur – Brothers and Sisters Lyrics 14 years ago
love it.

funny he is tough on Cocaine.....guess he'd know.

Little Feat – Cold, Cold, Cold Lyrics 14 years ago
to classic.

pretty gay ~ the ultimate idiot insult.

You have to have a fearless open heart and mind for this #.
a great one to be sure

Dexys Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen Lyrics 14 years ago
"With you in that dress my thoughts I confess verge on dirty "

Listen to the song......"My thoughts , i confess are dirty!!!!!!!"

Yea it's dirty alright.
Well just make sure you don't come on ME!!!!

8 ))

The Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers Lyrics 14 years ago
torn and Frayed......touch sick song about dope and Keith

The Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers Lyrics 14 years ago
There she goes.
Sister morphine
hey jude
dead flowers
God smack
happiness is a warm gun
another one bites the dust
major tom (space oddity)
Dream Academy had a great song about dope.
Clean ~ D Mode
Most good songs by lou Reed and Iggy pOp

all about Heroin.
and other than McCaurtney, dope messed all the authors up.

Black Grape – Reverend Black Grape Lyrics 14 years ago
i thought this was a British site?

oops guess not.
It's great when you'r straight is one of teh greatest albums of the 90's and we only have 2 songs here?

OVERSITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Led Zeppelin – Trampled Under Foot Lyrics 14 years ago
please listen to the first break with head phones.

You can hear them making wonderful car like noise.
LZ reallly did it all.

Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day Lyrics 14 years ago
There is a train that leaves the station heading for your destination,
But the price you pay to nowhere has increased a dollar more.
Yes, it has!
And if you walk you're gonna get there though it takes a little longer,
And when you see it in the distance you will wring your hands and moan.

certainly could be about a # of things.
not sure about the Slavery angle.


Led Zeppelin – Custard Pie Lyrics 14 years ago
Bonzo plays like he is a lead instrument.

the other boys were great at what they did but no one could touch Bonzo

The Cure – Kyoto Song Lyrics 14 years ago
"""It taste like nothing on this earth.

Tells me how it feels to be new. . . . .and every voice belongs to you."""""

Couldn't every cURE song be a dream?
who cares. they are all portraits.

Blur – Top Man Lyrics 14 years ago
to good.

guys trying to be so hip.......they end up looking the fool.

Dream Academy – Edge Of Forever Lyrics 14 years ago
Great song

The Stone Roses – Tightrope Lyrics 14 years ago
saw her last week.....she's had a child. Ouch!

Sorry , 'Yesterday comes suddenly' indeed , Ian.

Funny i wonder why people are so tough on the Second Coming, considering this all time great song gets 3 post i think i've figured it out.

Second Coming is wide ranging in sounds. Not easy to digest , (see Xile on Main street) but once you listen to it a few times you see it's greatness.

Clearly the Second Coming is the underrated disc of the last 25 years.

Ian Brown – Keep What Ya Got Lyrics 14 years ago
The end builds with such power.....i'm an old man, and let me tell you this song is tuned up everytime i'm down.

No idea how this song isn't played on the radio everyday

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – U.S. Government Lyrics 14 years ago
I've been waiting for the sun to come
Show you all what's being done
You're gonna know they were never
Never yours to kill.

wonderful lyric.

the music rides like a rough sea , but the boat is big enough to make the ride smooth enough to be enjoyably perfect.

Bob Dylan – Meet Me in the Morning Lyrics 14 years ago
Look at the sun sinkin' like a ship

Ole Bob was a cool one wasn't he. . . Perhaps Jimi was cooler in the late 60's.
Morrison in 68.
Lennon in 67.
Plant in 72 -75.

But no one was as cool as Bob for such a long time.

Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan's Dream Lyrics 14 years ago
Lucy college isn't the time of Worries.

Might be tougher than high school, but it's still the gravy days.......Brace yourself for the fall. It's gonna get cold.

Bob Dylan – Billy Lyrics 14 years ago
great rhymning pattern.

and one of my favorate songs.........and the greatest western ever.

Bob Dylan – If You Gotta Go, Go Now Lyrics 14 years ago
it is a riot. . . .

The Lemonheads – Into Your Arms Lyrics 14 years ago
Great song....sad dope really set this mate and his boys back.
Glad to see his ship is floating again.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Machine Gun Lyrics 14 years ago
Machine Gun
Tearing my body all actually:
"tearing my Buddies all apart."

Hendrix isn't one of anything. Jimi is ClEaRlY the greatest guitarist that has ever walked on this earth.

Not close.
This song is grace and beauty.
If you want speed, listen to Johnny B Goode from Atlanta......or the opening track from Montery.

The Rolling Stones – Dancing with Mr. D Lyrics 14 years ago
neat thought JBALAN , but wouldn't it be Mistress B not Mr. d or Mistress d?

another stab at the occult. . . . After sympathy it all comes up lame, but actually a whale of a sound.

the production of G Soup is poor. If they took the tapes and redid the album it would shine with all the great stones work of the era

The Rolling Stones – Let It Loose Lyrics 14 years ago
thank you very much , songOfish.

i'll always hear one of my favorates in a new and better and more informed way........and to you i give?
Ian brown is the best working musician in the world today. Check him out.
Black rebel motorcycle club is a Stones like band.
love is the answer...........that and great music.

Ian Brown – Keep What Ya Got Lyrics 14 years ago
Yesterday came suddenly.

beautiful way to say time flies

The La's – Liberty Ship Lyrics 14 years ago
sail away on the airwaves
Let the music i make, take you away, make you brave.

The La's – I Can't Sleep Lyrics 14 years ago

The La's – There She Goes Lyrics 14 years ago
Please listen to this Disc cover to cover and back again with headphones.
It is simply one of the greatest ever recorded.

Hey Jude is also about's a touch sad, but if you fall under it's touch H has a strength only matched by love.
Steer clear.

of dope that is, not love

The La's – Failure Lyrics 14 years ago
wOW . Friends, this is an unreal song.

Funny put this in a shite film and the darn # would top the charts.

it's about , hmmmm panic attack maybe?

Ben Harper – Get It Like You Like It Lyrics 14 years ago
hope not......and i doubt it.
Harper is aways preaching to feel good. do the right thing......just a simple message, be happy.

Ben Harper – Black Rain Lyrics 14 years ago
funk......70's throw back.

a tribute to how harper's many skillz

Harper did (openly) nic 'a hard rain is gonna fall' .....Black rain is gonna fall.

All told good solid song,,,,,but it's not going to make you come like seve your soul.

Ben Harper – Serve Your Soul Lyrics 14 years ago
one of the Greatest Headphone songs ever made.

Led Zeppelin – Baby Come on Home Lyrics 14 years ago

not close. He was the best.

Not close.

Arguably you can say Page was the best guitarist in the studio.....but in concert, If you don't think it's Hendrix you haven't heard MonterY

Led Zeppelin – Black Country Woman Lyrics 14 years ago
Accoustic tune before MTV.
nice, but next to the other's this is a weak number.

Led Zeppelin – Boogie with Stu Lyrics 14 years ago
every Double album has throw in's, this is a throw in.

It's cute, fun etc etc; but if it wasn't ZEPP that recorded it most of us wouldn't even listen to it.

8 (

It's cOOl , but let's not be so biased.....does get the toe tappin' thou.

8 }

Led Zeppelin – Ten Years Gone Lyrics 14 years ago
'casualty' of a double album.
Physical Graffiti having in the light, No Quarter and other more 'acsesible' tunes left this all time great # in the dark.

Neat how it snuck by.

Led Zeppelin – In the Light Lyrics 14 years ago
"I just wanna show what I'd give you it is from every bend in the road "

What does that part mean?

Ian Brown – Longsight M13 Lyrics 14 years ago
Not real clear on this #.

I do consider this Ian's finest Album to date, and one of the 50 greatest album's in the history of Rock music.

Ian Brown – F.E.A.R. Lyrics 14 years ago
Fantastic expectations amazing revelations

Ian was God like the 4 x's i saw the M. . . .If you are going to see/hear Madonna or Guns and roses you will be disappointed.

the Monkey King is a uniquely beautiful cat and the show matches him.

Ian Brown – Sunshine Lyrics 14 years ago
Wow . Just such a cool song.

Perhaps the xample of what Ian is.
The lyrics fringe on making sense, but IB fans LOve them.
..................while for others he is beyond their ability to grasp.

Ian Brown – Illegal Attacks Lyrics 14 years ago
Xias is right.
I love Ian. The man is literally a genius in the true sense of the word, but that is what makes these lyrics a touch disappointing.
Hey it's his music , it's his world but......These lyrics leave me hoping he just rushed the lyrics and focused on teh music......

Course i wouldn't know because they have released the damn thing in the States!!!!
Anyone know when that might happen?

Does ian and his record company WANT me to steal it off the net?

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