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Warren Zevon – Seminole Bingo Lyrics 12 years ago
With the line about the Luxemburg bank, I would assume Zevon is refering to Lichenstein, the place, as opposed to the artist.
Much like his other song, "Mr. Bad Example", this is an amusing story of someone who did some bad stuff somewhere and is on the run and hiding out.

All in all this song is pretty funny and rather infectous.

Morrissey – Girlfriend In A Coma Lyrics 12 years ago
I recall hearing this song when it was new, and bobbing my head in time to the cute-sy melody, and then actually listening to the lyrics, and feeling the strange dichotomy.

I love Morrisseys' song writing.

Morrissey – Disappointed Lyrics 12 years ago
This was a great note on which to end the album Bona Drag (which I personally liked more than Kill Uncle or Viva Hate).

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now? Lyrics 12 years ago
This is definitely a great articulation of feelings of alienation and isolation.

Morrissey's songwriting on this topic is right up there with Joy Division and Gary Numan.

Pete Townshend – Crashing by Design Lyrics 12 years ago
The lyrics tie into the story of the White City, as I understand it. As others have stated, there is the message that we, humans, more often create our own problems. This is combined with the setting of the White City (which is detailed more in the song "White City Fighting"), which is a depressing sort of place.

All in all, this is another great song from Pete Townshend.

The Fall – There's A Ghost In My House Lyrics 13 years ago
This song appears on the original release of the Frenz Experiment, although I found it on the American Release of The Domesday Payoff which is our version of The Bend Sinister.

Primal Scream – Come Together Lyrics 13 years ago
These lyrics match the version on the Trainspotting soundtrack.
This is a really great song: simple meaning, not too deep, yet emotionally uplifting.

Dave Edmunds – Slipping Away Lyrics 14 years ago
Performed by Edmonds, but written by Jeff Lynne (formerly of ELO).

Adam Ant – P.O.E. Inventory List Lyrics 15 years ago
The Inventory list appears at the end of the song P.O.E., and is spoken while the chorus line is sung in the background.

While not a separate song, this portion is difficult to find otherwise, usually omitted completely from lyric transcripts.


Echo and the Bunnymen – The Cutter Lyrics 15 years ago
"Couldn't cut the mustard", is another way of saying you weren't successful at something.

INXS – Burn For You Lyrics 15 years ago
I could be mistaken, but I believe the correct lyric is
"That changes ON demand..."

I love INXS myself. From their earliest work to the final Michael Hutchence album.

Led Zeppelin – All My Love Lyrics 15 years ago
In an interview done just shortly before the release of In Through The Out Door, Page spoke of wanting to do an album titled "Loosely Tight", and went on about getting back to their musical roots, and so on.
Loosely Tight never came to pass, and more's the pity for it.

This is not one of my favorite Zep songs, but it is very well done all the same. The music is beautiful, and the words do have a poetic charming quality about them.
Still, from this album, I much preferred Carouselambra.

Shriekback – Nemesis Lyrics 15 years ago
According to the official sites, and the lyric sheet (cryptic as it is) the correct lyric is in fact "...He owns our business,".

The Fall – Oh! Brother Lyrics 15 years ago
D-Jacket, or donkey jacket, a heavy, waterproofed button-up jacket with collar and patch pockets often worn by workmen .

Lou Reed – Lisa Says Lyrics 15 years ago
This version appears as a Velvet Underground song, but these lyrics are correct, or at least, are for that version.

The Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon) Lyrics 15 years ago
I had the very good fortune to see the Moody Blues perform this song live. While it is certainly a beautiful and melodic piece, they infuse it with an energy that lances through you like a current.
Truthfully one of their best pieces.

T'pau – Heart And Soul Lyrics 15 years ago
Glad I could be of any help 2flowers.

Warren Zevon – I Was In The House When The House Burned Down Lyrics 15 years ago
To note:
Warren Zevon died of Mesothelioma, the cause of which was not determined to have anything to do with his (numerous) excesses.

He did die early, but he lived much longer than his prognosis initially gave him.

R.E.M. – Stand Lyrics 15 years ago
Given its' success commecially, whether or not the band liked or hated it, it WAS going to be on the Best Of, simply because it was a smash hit.

I always liked the song myself.
Even though there are "better" songs like World Leader Pretend, and Get Up, and Inside-Out, I always liked Stand.

Transvision Vamp – Every Little Thing Lyrics 15 years ago
I Love this song. Tranvision Vamp is a fantastic band.

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Kill Surf City Lyrics 15 years ago
I just there weren't so many incomprehensible lyrics in the song. Finding a comlete translation is difficult.

Bruce Cockburn – If I Had a Rocket Launcher Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is great.
In my mind, one of the finest protest songs ever written.

Haircut 100 – Love Plus One Lyrics 15 years ago
Wildethewanderer, there is an extended version on the compilation CD "Living in Oblivion; New Wave Hits of the 80s", volume 2 if I recall correctly.

The Fall – Glam Racket Lyrics 15 years ago
Some lyric transcripts show the chorus as "Glam Rick", instead of Glam Racket (which is the name if the song).

Easy to make mistakes with Mark Smith lyrics, as he can come sometimes be incomprehensible.

L7 – Shove Lyrics 15 years ago
This song rocks, hard. I love L7.
Angry chicks are so sexy.

Diesel – Sausalito Summernight Lyrics 15 years ago
The missing lyrics are:

"Another mile or two to Frisco,
800 gallons from L.A.
The engine's thumping like a disco,
We ought to dump her in the Bay..."

Love this song.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Tuff Enuff Lyrics 15 years ago
Now, that's love, baby.

Bobby Fuller Four – I Fought the Law (The Crickets cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
Pretty clear story here.
Great song. A true classic, that you never get tired of, as evidenced by the number of bands that have covered this song over the years.

Hair – Aquarius Lyrics 15 years ago
Being an Aquarius myself, I like this song.
I was a young boy when this song was new, and heard it on the radio quite a bit.
Always brings back good memories.

The J. Geils Band – Concealed Weapons Lyrics 15 years ago
I always liked this song.
Other good songs off this album were Califonicatin', and Tell 'Em Jonsey.

Talking Heads – City of Dreams Lyrics 15 years ago
The instrumental version is known as "City of Steel", BTW.

Hole – Boys On The Radio Lyrics 15 years ago
The missing lyrics are:

"Do what you want, "Cause I'll do anything and,
I'll take the blame.
What's mine is yours, you can't have all of it, and
I'll learn to beg..."

"I want what's yours, Oh, I'd give anything and,
I'll take the pain
I wait alone, for what will never come, and,
I'll throw it all away..."

Shriekback – My Spine (Is The Bassline) Lyrics 15 years ago
One of the best Shriekback songs ever, and for some reason, one of the hardest to find printed lyrics for.
However, I was successful, and here they are for everyone else.

Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face Lyrics 15 years ago
There are missing lyrics in the bride.

"Hangin' out by the State Line, turning Holy Water into Wine,
Drinking it down..."

Insert in-between "...The Gigolo Pool..." and "..I'm on a Bus...

Sammy Hagar – Dick In The Dirt Lyrics 15 years ago
This is an expression I first heard in the South. It was always used to referrence getting knocked on your ass and getting a dose of humility to boot.
When something or someone "knocks your dick in the dirt", it usually means you got your pride handed back to you with force.

Great song. Love the guitar.

David J – I'll Be Your Chauffeur Lyrics 16 years ago
You absolutely must hear this song.
It is soooo-hooo cool.
If you like Love & Rockets, you will like this.

Personally, I like the David J-influenced songs of L&R more than the Daniel Ash songs.

Katie Melua – Just Like Heaven Lyrics 16 years ago
I like the song a lot, although I'd have to say that while I don't hate this version, I prefer the Cure.

George Thorogood – Who Do You Love? Lyrics 16 years ago
Jesus And Mary Chain also do aversion of this song, although Gearges' version never goes out of style.

Big Audio Dynamite – The Bottom Line Lyrics 16 years ago
I wish the lyrics to "Part TWo" were more available. The latter portion of the song is pretty cool.

Laurie Anderson – It Tango Lyrics 16 years ago
I love this song. I thought it was far better than "O, Superman".
The music itself is engaging, and the "He Said, She Said" just sticks in your brain.

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Kill Surf City Lyrics 16 years ago
I too hate the Beach Culture.

Pink Floyd – Paranoid Eyes Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is one more example of the brilliance of an terribly undervalued album. The Final Cut never seemed to get the respect it was due, but it was a fantastic piece, and one that continues to resonate with me to this day (I was a Senior in high school when I first heard the album, beginning with "Not Now John").

Pink Floyd – Two Suns in the Sunset Lyrics 16 years ago
I've always felt this entire album was underrated.
The Final Cut was one of Pink Floyds' best works, but unfortunately overshadowed by other albums (I admit, they are also good) "The Wall", "Dark Side Of The Moon", and ""Wish You Were Here".

"Two Suns" was my second favorite song off this album, right after "Not Now John". The song, painting a picture of nuclear holocaust, makes a nice addition to the rest of the Soldiers' Post-War dream. Roger Waters had an amazing ability to make a cohesive thematic concept album, something Pink Floyd lacks without him.

Lene Lovich – Telepathy Lyrics 16 years ago
I love Lene Lovich.
Her voice does the trick for me, and this song is no exception.

Fortunately, most of us do NOT possess telepathy.

The Fall – Telephone Thing Lyrics 16 years ago
I don't know know anyone who likes this song.

Except me.

The Fall – I'm Frank Lyrics 16 years ago
Mark E. Smiths' dedication to Frank Zappa, and a self-admitted attempt to be Frank.

The Fall – I Am Damo Suzuki Lyrics 16 years ago
I had a character in a role-playing game named Damo Suzuki. He was a Samurai.
I just thought the name sounded cool.

This song was on the first Fall album I ever bought, "Our Nations Saving Grace", along with "Paintwork", "Cruisers' Creek", "L.A.", "Vixen", and "My New House". I quickly came to love it.
Thank you, Record Store Lady who recommended it to me back in 1989.

Cher – The Girl from Ipanema Lyrics 16 years ago
It was well into my adulthood before I ever knew this song had lyrics: I had only ever heard instrumental versions.

Boston – Don't Look Back Lyrics 16 years ago
Best. Boston song. Ever.

Led Zeppelin – Four Sticks Lyrics 16 years ago
Zep Rules.
This song kicks ass with two feet and four sticks.
It is not the best song on the album, but neither is it the worst.
I would say "When The Levee Breaks" is the best (and "Stairway" is my least favorite.)

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