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Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling into Place Lyrics 8 years ago
I think it's almost as sexy as Black Swan. Thom's got a knack for sexy.

The Fall of Troy – Battleship Graveyard Lyrics 9 years ago
Haha, yeah I know, I just remember reading the booklet and listening for some stuff that he just never says, like the "but anyways..." before "i'm barely here..."
Sounds more like he's saying "Actions speak louder than words can speak... I'm barely here..."

But it's not really a big deal, I don't even know why I brought it up =/
Definitely my favorite track on the record.

The Fall of Troy – Battleship Graveyard Lyrics 9 years ago
The lyrics are slightly wrong, but pretty close.
I think the song meaning is fairly obvious, anyway.

Glassjaw – Stuck Pig Lyrics 9 years ago
Daryl said it was about fucking the wrong way, alot at the Mayan show last month.

Brand New – Vices Lyrics 9 years ago
I said the same thing about ATDI.
It sounds so much like Omar playing the lead guitar.

Radiohead – Bangers + Mash Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm gonna have to say thats one of the most absurd interpretations I've ever heard.
Just because the song is sexy, doesn't mean its about sex.
I feel like Radiohead is definitely above the level of writing about such paltry and simple subjects.
but, to each their own.

at least, its not about thom having sex.

It can be taken to mean that power these days is derived from who you're sleeping with, or by being 'in' with whoever is 'sexy' at the right time. Sex is money. Money is power. Power is sexy.

The Rx Bandits – In Her Drawer Lyrics 12 years ago
this is my favorite song off the new album so far, its amazing!!

Thrice – Red Sky Lyrics 13 years ago
my new lullaby, exept i'd feel really bad if i fell asleep during this masterpiece.

Thrice – Image of the Invisible Lyrics 13 years ago
i've read that the whole album is about the sense of identity, which is pretty much what i think this song is about. good stuff 10/18 is gonna be awesome!!

Thrice – To Awake and Avenge the Dead Lyrics 14 years ago
When I first heard this song, i thought it was a tribute to Princess Diana, because of the 'the news broadcast the funeral
500 channels focus in' part. And about how she was full of love, then suddenly she was gone, but probably not.

At the Drive-In – For Now...We Toast Lyrics 14 years ago
"this song is about why ATDI sucks. They were all sitting at home and and one of said" Damn! we suck". And the rest were like yeah. so they wrote a song. and it sucked."-TheMadLiteralist

quoted for being blatantly wrong.
Awesome song, but i don't see how it could be about anarchy.

Thrice – The Abolition Of Man Lyrics 14 years ago
it may not be a solo, but it sounds really cool, awesome lyrics too, theres not much i can say that hasn't been said already, but the song sort of gives me the feeling that dustin is saying if we aren't careful, technology will take over. Is there a way to change the lyrics so that they are right like the ones that randomconvogirl posted?

Thrice – Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Lyrics 14 years ago
hey, i have to agree with you on that about dustin =)

Thrice – The Melting Point of Wax Lyrics 14 years ago
liebherk, dustin feels strongly about taking risks, he says that on the DVD, so i don't see how that line is out of character.

Thrice – All That's Left Lyrics 14 years ago
ThricePWNSrapsux, on the new Thrice DVD, Eddie talks about, during the recording of TAITA, that they learned how to make a whole song sound good, and not emphasize just a certain part anymore, but i still see your point a little, but i think Thrice has only gotten better over the years, and i can't wait to see whats next.

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