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John Denver – Annie's Song Lyrics 14 years ago
My lover loves this song and it expresses the way we feel.

However the ads on this site can irritate. I don't think Ebay will ever fill up my senses in quite the same way as my lover does! I am always reminded of Bill Hicks when I see adverts.

Goldfrapp – Ooh La La Lyrics 17 years ago
Like a lot of Goldfrapp this needs to be heard because what she manages to do with the sounds of the words is extraordinary and extraordinarily sexy.

Aimee Mann – I Was Thinking I Could Clean Up for Christmas Lyrics 17 years ago
This put me in mind of all the times I was going to quit smoking and the lies we tell ourselves. Lies like "I will give up smoking, booze, pizza.....but not just yet" and the idea of waiting for Christmas is just typical.

Then the song has the overtone of committing suicide as well, "I can't it a day..."

John Lennon – Imagine Lyrics 17 years ago
If anyone wants the world to be a better place or wants peace there is always some small-minded individual who jumps up and down and yells "communism" until they are blue in the face. I always think "Back in the USSR" was written in response to that kind of blinkered non-thinking.
Have a nice day.

Aimee Mann – Jacob Marley's Chain Lyrics 17 years ago
Well this is just very clever and great to listen to in the car. Like a lot of Aimee Mann's lyrics it suggests the most pessimistic conclusions and then invites you to come to terms with them and see them as less tragic.
Life is a tragedy, we forge chains for ourselves all the time and end up being punished by carrying these chains around....and then it ends with jokes about snowballs in hell and the idea that even in Hell we would help each other....maybe.

Aimee Mann – Dear John Lyrics 17 years ago
A song recalling the beginning of a relationship uses a title which predicts its ending. - "Dear John" letters were the most frequent fore-runners of suicide for men in combat in fiction. They must be devastating IRL too.

"Numbers come up" suggests he is dead and the Kuala Lumpur reference refers to the uncertainty.

Goldfrapp – Strict Machine Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this song uses the analogy of lab rats to talk about the power of BDSM relationships. And it is also stressing the animal side of human beings. It is another example of Goldfrapp exploring strange worlds where most people are not likely to go.

Aimee Mann – Frankenstein Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this is a very clever song and I also think it is about a false relationship.
"I don't know you from Adam" - the proverbial expression is given a new twist when we are talking about a "real imitation" of creation.
"The gun in the first act" quote was Chekov talking about the predictability of drama.. The final failure is implicit in the false start to the relationship.
I think also that Aimee Mann must find that her fame gets in the way of forming relationships because the "most perfect strangers that you can talk to are the ones who pretend that you're not really you.." but anyone who bases their relationship on not recognising "Aimee Mann the superstar" in "Aimee Mann the woman" is basing it on a falsehood.
Finally, much as I like Aimee Mann the role of Aimee Mann's ex-lover is a very fraught one. If I let someone down they can badmouth me to their friends not to the whole world.

Jim Reeves – He'll Have To Go Lyrics 17 years ago
The first song about phone sex I have ever come across! I like the song although I could not call myself a fan. I had a friend who used to sing this and it does speak to lovers separated by circumstances.

The Shangri-las – The Leader Of The Pack Lyrics 17 years ago
It was incredibly contoversial when it was first released. The BBC refused to play it on Top of the Pops even when it was number one. They did not want anyone imitating the leader of the pack and killing themselves. Another Song "Terry" also dwelt on the same theme.
The opening of the song is very clever and the presentation is very effective and as PoeticStarr says it is a straightforward narrative.

Billy Bragg – Blake's Jerusalem Lyrics 17 years ago
Traditionally Jerusalem was a socialist anthem in the UK. People want to build a better society and use Jerusalem as a shorthand word for that. It also says that if you want a better world you will have to fight for it, although it embraces non-violent methods and uses battle as a metaphor for the class struggle. ("I will not cease from mental fight") I am sure as new people join we will get more comments on the songs.

Billy Bragg – The Internationale Lyrics 17 years ago
The original version of this song calls to mind the late 1960s and the resounding defeat of American Empire building in Vietnam. Of course the song goes back much further than that and originated with the Paris Commune.
Billy Bragg is bringing it up to date. "Pissing off" the overprivileged is one thing: the task however is to take their power and privilege away from them and achieve social justice. (I was about to put the socialist party website but I am not sure URLs are permitted on here, so I won't.)

Madison Avenue – Don't Call Me Baby Lyrics 17 years ago
This is a lovely song with bright sassy lyrics. Nobody wants to be taken for granted and the lines "It's time you knew I'm not your baby. I belong to me," reflects that. He has underestimated her and he is about to get a surprise. The song promises it could be a nice surprise ("I know how to rock your world") if he is man enough to admit he was wrong.

Les Miserables – Do You Hear The People Sing? Lyrics 17 years ago
Victor Hugo was one of the few writers to treat revolutionaries sympathetically even when he disagreed with them. The musical reflects that. It doesn't mince words does it,
"Some will fall and some will live
Will you stand up and take your chance?
The blood of the martyrs
Will water the meadows of France!"
Well they weren't summoning people to the barricades under false pretences at least. How awful would your life have to be before you would want to sacrifice it for the hope of a better tomorrow for other people like yourself?
It is a rallying cry like that of Henry V, but for a rather better cause.

Goldfrapp – Pilots (On a Star) Lyrics 17 years ago
Well it means Goldfrapp going off into a strange world where we can't follow. A lot of images combine to make up this impression of immortality, power and strangeness.
It is strange and haunting.

Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next Lyrics 17 years ago
"If you tolerate this your children will be next" is a phrase applicable to many events in history. The British government effectively supported Franco by pretending there was a "blockade" of Spain and no arms could be provided "to either side". The Fascists got arms, the opponents did not. Who cares it was only Spanish peasants who were being killed and only Spanish communists who were being tortured...and then within three years it was our turn.
You can interpret this any way you life of course, but we used to criticise other countries for imprisoning people without trial. We never thought our own allies would torture people and our government would applaud them.
When you look at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo the phrase "if you tolerate this your children could be next" should inform our response.
When I mentioned this song to an American friend she responded "we have plenty of manic street preachers over here!"

Aimee Mann – Momentum Lyrics 17 years ago
I think EnidCaulfield is dead right. My immediate response to these lyrics was "Aimee Mann has been reading my diary!" I think that it is a small message of hope. If you recognise how hopeless your position is, you might get up the momentum to change things.

The other thing I like about it is that she deals with a bad situation without treating it as a tragedy but by sending herself up. And there is an unspoken, "you know what I'm talking about." because she knows many of the people she is talking to have the same "momentum" in their own lives.

John Lennon – Imagine Lyrics 17 years ago
One day the world will be like that whether I live to see it or not.

Human beings grow up.
The human race can also grow up.
Grow out of warfare and hatred.
We can't afford not to.

The Divinyls – If Love Was A Gun Lyrics 17 years ago
Well there is a fine line between pleasure and pain :)
This is as powerful as anything which I have heard.

The Divinyls – I Touch Myself Lyrics 17 years ago
Incidentally I thought the lines went
"You're the one who makes me go "Mummy!"
Youre the son who makes me shine!"
but this is just my mind at work.
I hope you read this A

The Divinyls – I Touch Myself Lyrics 17 years ago
I first heard it in Austin Powers and then there was a coy reference in Buffy TVS. I think this song advocates a very safe kind of safe sex and should be encouraged. It has a special meaning for people who are forced to be apart for whatever reason. The beat and the lyrics make it compelling.
One comment on Starfish_182 Pimps are scum (unless the language has changed out of all recognition!) so I am not quite sure why "pimpest" is a term of approbation :) Otherwise I agree with you.

The Beatles – Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) Lyrics 17 years ago
There are a lot of slang words for drugs and I suspect "Norwegian Wood" came about after this song rather than informing the lyrics. I have always thought the lyrics strange. We have all been turned down by girls without setting the house on fire. The tone of the whole narrative is realistic up until that (implied) ending.
It is very like imagist poetry - a series of images convey a state of mind.
I also think the music (and the sound of the words rather than their meaning) are better than the lyrics.

Aimee Mann – The Fall Of The World's Own Optimist Lyrics 17 years ago
I really like the lyrics and the picture which they build up of someone who is idolised but turns out to be worthless because they lack "charity" in the old fashioned sense of "love"

Jesse McCartney – Beautiful Soul Lyrics 17 years ago
To quote Buffy TVS "Is this a 'get in my pants' thing?" How many times have we said, "no darling I love you for yourself not your beautiful body which I can't wait to get my hands on!"
Or more seriously, actually people who *know* they are beautiful are a pain. It is not the beauty it is the kind of arrogance which goes with it.
As for "gun left behind" surely we were all young once. It is not a crime. Plenty of people think being old is a crime. I guess they are wrong too!

Aimee Mann – Nothing Is Good Enough Lyrics 17 years ago
I am a teacher. This is the song of the OFSTED inspector! Nothing is good enough for those m***********s. In particular "It doesn't really help that you can never say what you're looking for." They can't teach themselves but they can always find fault. This song should be branded on their foreheads.

Aimee Mann – Driving Sideways Lyrics 17 years ago
I think Aimee Mann was one of those students who love to play with words and that comes out in her lyrics (Spoken like an ex-English teacher!) They are very clever and the "conceit" of the title is carried through to the whole song.

Aimee Mann – Build That Wall Lyrics 17 years ago
Someone you love just builds a wall around themselves so you can't talk any more. In this case she is reacting to a warning: "Don't ring that guy, it's only going to hurt you" but once she's made the call there is nothing you can do...or so it seems. (I am new to this: give me a chance!)

Snow Patrol – Run Lyrics 17 years ago
As a new user I was interested in the comments here. I agree with beni ffaf (way back in October!) that "the true meaning does not matter, it's what you get from it that's the important thing."
What it means to me is lovers separated by circumstances holding on to the hope they will be reunited. I understand that the "circumstance" could be death but then they need to cling on to the days, hours and minutes of their love which remain and the memory which will still be there later on. Yes it does make grown men cry!

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