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K'naan – If Rap Gets Jealous Lyrics 9 years ago
This is either a completely different version of this song or whomever put the lyrics up messed them up real bad.

Metric – Help, I'm Alive Lyrics 10 years ago
Hah, this song always makes me thing she's being chased by zombies.

The first four lines is her running from zombies and heart beating like a hammer is them chasing after her cuz of her heartbeat.

Shout Out Out Out Out – Forever Indebted Lyrics 11 years ago
When I was at their show I was watching the guy singing that part and it does look like he's just repeating lyrics. It doesn't sound like it on the song.

Shout Out Out Out Out – Forever Indebted Lyrics 11 years ago
Anyone know what the more robotic voice is saying in the background near the end of the song?

It starts at the lyric, "They have to say we have to learn to compromise." 9 lines from the end of the song?

Freezepop – Here Comes a Special Boy Lyrics 12 years ago
My version of this song is 4:12 long and at 4:09 liz actually says, "Manual". It's the last thing I hear on the song.

It goes along with the last line, "cause you're squeaky clean, standing on the drum machine...manual."

So it does actually refer to him standing on hte drum machine manual.

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. Lyrics 13 years ago
I dunno, they seem to do a pretty good job of puttin git into words.


The brand new video for 'Feel Good Inc' is here now for you to see. The band have been very busy making it - 2D and Murdoc speak out for the first time about excess and hedonism, exactly what the video's about and what really happened on the shoot...

2D: I think Gorillaz built a tower around themselves that they couldn't get out of. Of excess and hedonism. The video is based on this feeling. For a while it was great to be on the inside, but the party's got out of hand. It' s become like the Last days of Pompeii….a…er…Sodding Gommorah. The Feelgood Inc Tower represents this. The palace we built has become a prison. In the video I'm just waking up from this year-long hedonists dream, and I realise that maybe… the fruits of success have turned sour.

Noodle is outside of the Tower, in the pale morning-after light, sitting on the edge of this floating island. And you can see she knows what's happening. But people have to wake up to it themselves. So that's what the video is about; being trapped by the things you make, and realising everyone else is caught up in it. Using it. Just…they need their party to continue, to keep this thing afloat. The Tower of Babel.

Murdoc: Apart from the obvious thing, which is my gyrating hips, the coolest thing about the video would be the the hydraulics on this gig. Just for the windmill section alone cost about 3.5 million pounds. That's sterling. We had to buy a small island, make a mold of it and then scrape out all the insides. When that was done we filled the whole thing full of helium. Using the motor from the windmill we managed to get the thing to float, but it was an absolute bugger.

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. Lyrics 13 years ago
The whole song pretty much talks about what everyone does to make them feel good. (work all day to make money, stay up all night to party, get the women etc... lots of different things in there)

But the chorus comes in and it sounds all pure, talks about this windmill and love.

When I listen to the song I get a dirty feeling from the song like a gritty town late at night everyone thinking they're happy but they're all pretty have no idea w\of whay they need.

Then when the chorus kicks in i get an image of a wide open field with jsut a windmill, no buildings nothing just a plain and a windmill fresh air, fresh land, for the people who understand love and ate truly feeling good and happy.

Jem – They Lyrics 14 years ago
Sounds like another "sadness for humanity" song. How we all follow fads, and society. How we don't live our own lives. We all know we want to, but there is a pressure on us to be like the rest of siciety. To me when she is saying sorry she means it on behalf of everyone to everyone. As if all people are apologising to everyone for not being themselves, and others apologising for pushing people to be who they are not.

Even if the moral has been heard many times before, this is a beautiful song.

Can anyone hear what the children in the background sing?

Kyo – Je Cours Lyrics 14 years ago
Hey my first comment and the first comment in here.

I somehow stumbled upon this song and i really like the song. Then I started listening to the lyrics, and i liked them too. It's all about how some of us have to stop runing from our problems every day, such as being totally unnoticed.

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