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Sunny Day Real Estate – Fool In The Photograph Lyrics 10 years ago
Denial then Epiphany.He then lets go and heads toward moving on.

Kenna – Hell Bent Lyrics 10 years ago
The ''Morning Star'' is Venus.Not lucifer.

Pink – Sober Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't believe it is an addiction or anything like that.It is just ''her''.Things are backwards, so most people won't get this but she is right on the money with everything she has said in this song.

Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
''encourages this sexual confusion''

seraphicreverie, kissing isn't need to rethink your statement here.keep your labels but all she said was she kissed a girl and she is obviously projecting.

''This kind of stuff is why we have so many young sluts as well as people confused about their sexuality.''

i disagree , it is actually helping people to move away from these silly labels such as straight, gay and bi
all together.

the singer isnt a representation of anything except another person who has a mixture of feelings on many different things in one is life.

in all honesty, it doesnt say anything profound to me and is just meant to be an ''out there'' in your face catchy not much for those types.

Semisonic – Closing Time Lyrics 13 years ago
At the end, who si going to be there? ask yourself that.

key part of the song

''I know who I want to take me home. ''

This song is just about direction.

October Fall – The Movie Script Lyrics 14 years ago
''She puts up her guard
And she takes off her clothes
What's behind her shirt?
Everybody knows''

she pretends to have standards but is casual with everyone.

''A black eye written in the script
Right for the boy she shouldn't kiss
In him she puts new love and trust
He'll never be as good as I was''

the new guy is a complete douch bag and the ex was prolly asked to have more standards but she chose the guy with bad intentions..

sarcasm, anger, confusion and generally hurt/used feelings left.

October Fall – Favorite Mistake Lyrics 14 years ago
ipwnmusic, symbolism..

The song is about acting like you are going to break away but not cause you are already connected.its a loop of attempts..hence the suicide refrences.

''to you my favorite mistake
it looks like a second too late
use these words to slit your throat
i meant the words i just wrote''

the person shows their connection but also shows anger in that connection but still connected.theres resentment here.

''your sick of trying, so am i
you tried another suicide
next time... cut harder''

the person found out the other wants out but notices their faile attempts to they suggest more resentful words in ''cut harder''

''promote your flaws
show your mistakes
6 feet underground
you dig your own grave (2x)''

hes calling the other person an attention seeker.while he states this he notes how weak the other person is acting etc.

''this lead to a loss of sleep
forget you can't forget me
another cut, a loss of blood
why aren't you happy when done''

cause of the attention seeking and games.he knows the person regrets it.he knows how much he means to the person to.he knows that the attempts are just going to become self-inflicted torment and torture for the other person..note how he also points out how the other person doesnt realise what their losing and what it really means to them within this game that serves no real purpose.

power struggle and self-inflicting conflict etc.

Faith No More – Zombie Eaters Lyrics 14 years ago
He is being sarcastic, with the tone of this song.

The song is about roles people play in a relationship.
Both people destruct it by being something to the other and bitterness is sure to come.Also, Sorting the emotions of events you have nothing to do with won't work.It's a mess..

zombieeater, If you play the part too (recieving end), you are just as guilty of the deception.

Jedi Mind Tricks – When All Light Dies Lyrics 14 years ago
What the hell does being white have to do with anything? You have to be kidding me...

Dredg – Catch Without Arms Lyrics 14 years ago
''It's the same difference...''


Pink – Who Knew Lyrics 14 years ago
The u+ur hand song is far from trashy.You have to be kidding me.That was a damn good and funny song.She was showing her o' so great pink sarcasm and wit.

The girl,also, can sing great live and without the microphone alterations.She just has a very powerful voice.

Btw, Trashy? Ill let that slide if youre a teen but otherwise, that's just sad.

This song is about a friend of hers who killed himself.In a way the video is great cause it touches on the subject of disbelief that anyone would allow their life to go that far down and lose all grip etc.

This song is too good for the damn radio but hey, she deserves her audiance...shes great.

Paula Cole – I Don't Want To Wait Lyrics 14 years ago
i can't help it.

this will forever make me think of dawsons creek..

i heard the song before too but come on... :)

Paula Cole – I Don't Want To Wait Lyrics 14 years ago
i can't help it.

this will forever make me think of dawsons creek..

i heard the song before too but come on... :)

Paula Cole – Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? Lyrics 14 years ago
"I am wearing my new dress tonight
But you don't, but you don't even notice me
(Say our goodbyes...)''

These fantasies some were raised with are just that....

Evanescence – Before The Dawn Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's a very impersonal song..

Tori Amos – Goodbye Pisces Lyrics 14 years ago
Tori is a leo but the person she is talking about has pisces etc..

Fiona Apple – Sleep to Dream Lyrics 14 years ago
fun little fact..her ex was a pisces and she's a virgo.shes talking to a pisces

"I got my feet on the ground and I don't go to sleep to dream
You got your head in the clouds
And you're not at all what you seem
This mind, this body, and this voice
Cannot be stifled by your deviant ways
So don't forget what I told you
Don't come around
I got my own hell to raise "

The Birthday Massacre – Promise Me Lyrics 14 years ago
seems like it failed but they are staying in denial in the lie etc.

3rd Strike – All Lies Lyrics 14 years ago
Grapenuts?? hah

yeh, the expectations and routine of life is bullshit..

Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit Lyrics 14 years ago
And now it's "you know who"
I got the "you know what"
I stick it "you know where"
You know why, you don't care."

i agree, people are pretty oblivious to what they are singing to..

Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit Lyrics 14 years ago
I kind of seen it as him saying everything is unoriginal these days..

''this is the new shit'' is something puff daddy says before many songs..

i think this is just about things being done over and being complained about the same..same old same old etc..

Imogen Heap – Speeding Cars Lyrics 14 years ago
o yeh..''Suneera88'' had it the way i felt it..

Imogen Heap – Speeding Cars Lyrics 14 years ago
Don't feed me violins would be ''giving sob stories''..

The Birthday Massacre – The Dream Lyrics 14 years ago
it doesnt seem relationship orientated at all..just trying to go with your dreams regardless of what others try to tell you...

its normally to those poeple who try to tell you to be ''realistic'' and live in the ''real world''..whos world? theirs? eh nah

The Birthday Massacre – Queen of Hearts Lyrics 14 years ago
sounds like vengeance

The Birthday Massacre – Under The Stairs Lyrics 14 years ago
martyr ?

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend Lyrics 14 years ago
I keep getting the feleing she made this song cause of everyone talking crap about her being ultra pop.I mean, if youre going to get shit than you might as well cash in too..

the ''old'' avril is on tour..

The Birthday Massacre – Broken Lyrics 14 years ago
seems like the person is jaded..

The Birthday Massacre – Remember Me Lyrics 14 years ago
short but what a great deal of emotion on this makes you feel so lost.great wording..

The Birthday Massacre – Kill The Lights Lyrics 14 years ago
any meanings? i'd love to hear some..

This Day & Age – Long Walk Home Lyrics 14 years ago
hes lost but patiently waiting for her to figure things out.hes def. hopelessly in love.he does eventually feels hes not making an impact and needs to move on but hes still greatful..

Scream on rooftops , it didnt come from me, you cheesehead..will you kill the grammar a leader and attempt it..


''How to spell definitely. ... The correct spelling is definitely. Not definately. Not definatly. Not definantly. Not definetly. ''

Biohazard – Sellout Lyrics 15 years ago
If they had sold out, They would have 19 million teenieboppers saying ''omfg the singer is sooo hawt

Charles Manson – Sick City Lyrics 15 years ago
suicide.this guy shouold have taken up a hobby.

Charles Manson – Cease to exist Lyrics 15 years ago
He wasn't a genius..You sound like those kids who praise the guy from nirvana for killing himself.

I love this trend of thinking outside of the box.The guy did what most of you wouldn't but it doesn't make him einstein.

This guy was an animal using basic animal functions.He was using less brain power and more of a backwards evolution kind of thought.Just cause it is different from what you know,Doesn't make it deem worthy of a genius like status.

Btw,This isn't coming from someone who hates him.I really don't care about any of this.I just wanted to see the lyrics soi can peek into the mind of this person..

I agree about this being some poor line executed for ones own sick pleasure..

''Submission is a gift''

This is a weak line.It is almost like saying ''come on,my penis goes up and you feel tingly'' It was meant to be !! :) ok,guy!!

"Go on, give it to your brother"

Sounds like a christian trying to preach some silly line.Wow..

This is basic and stupid.This guy wasn't a genius.

"doesn't mean we can critisize him"

Many judges would dissagree :)

This is funny.Now off to the 2-pac and Nirvana forum ;p

come guys know better.These lines are weak.The man even weaker.

Atmosphere – The Woman with the Tattooed Hands Lyrics 15 years ago
what i got from this song is that it was about passion.The woman was a very passionate being and he was just amazed by it.The woman had purpose, mystery and that is rare to find.

Devotchka – How It Ends Lyrics 15 years ago
I get a the same feeling as ''the variable''.

"There's such a sense of hopefullness yet inevitable failure written into this song."

Love Spit Love – Am I Wrong Lyrics 15 years ago
''sucked off an alligator at fischel pond''

I almost fell off of my chair after that..

I think this has to do with depression in routine and confusion wether to keep going or just stop.

Brand New – Am I Wrong? (Love Spit Love cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
I think the knife , fork and spoon reference has to do with routine..
a lot of sleep has become routine due to the depression.

avoidance/confusion etc.

Btw,Imo the difference with them and other ''emo'' type bands is how their sound is a bit more mature.

Dredg – Stone by Stone Lyrics 15 years ago
maybe being built up to only be knocked down ..

Björk – Bachelorette Lyrics 15 years ago
So far , She is not getting what she needs out of this .."Love is a two way dream"

I love this part

"I'm a whisper in water
A secret for you to hear
You are the one who grows distant
When I beckon you near"

Amber Pacific – The Last Time Lyrics 15 years ago
The songs are so lonely . He knows he has to move on but he hopes for something to change that path he is about to take .

Amber Pacific – The Right To Write Me Off Lyrics 15 years ago
I think this is just a falling out . He feels like he scewed up cause he knew better about the person . Imo ,He is taking up too much responsiblity..

He is saying how they pretty much were following through a lie and he wants to start over with what they know now . Cause that would be the reality of it all and he is willing to move with what is ..

He is also having problems with deciding to either move or not . A phone call would signify the person still caring . So he is hoping but knows as time goes on he just will have to let go .

These two people have heald back about who they truely were and what they truely felt that an ending doesn't feel much like one at all . Just a missed oppertunity that couldve been good .

It sounds like he is willing to work with it all and start again but that is only if she is willing . otherwise he just moves on etc .

Dredg – Sorry But It's Over Lyrics 15 years ago
''Before you go
There is something more to say''

unfinished business ...

are things really over cause one says it is over ...o well

Dredg – Sang Real Lyrics 15 years ago
everyone is the same .. status will never matter .

Dredg – Same Ol' Road Lyrics 15 years ago
I almost get a sarcastic feeling from this song .. I don't think he cares for these things ..

Dredg – Same Ol' Road Lyrics 15 years ago
I almost get a sarcastic feeling from this song .. I don't think he cares for these things ..

Dredg – Bug Eyes Lyrics 15 years ago
many paths to life .. all seeming to be it but then it fading away .faded failure .. blah

Only those who accept
Will find that acceptance in return

true .

Lifehouse – Somewhere In Between Lyrics 15 years ago
vulnerability and uncertainty ... yet still hopeful ..

Cradle of Filth – Nymphetamine Fix Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree with Otherguy223..he said everything i was thinking .

also ..

The title combines "nymphet" and "amphetamine", and is said to refer to an addiction to classical beauty.

Flyleaf – Breathe Today Lyrics 15 years ago
It is a person who is full of sh** .. They say whatever to stay nuetral and get by . They pretty much lie to themselves and others .

They pretty much bury themselves with each new explanation they conjured up in their head..

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