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Thursday – Understanding In A Car Crash Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm not sure if these are right or not, but it's a little ad lib that Geoff did at the end during the live version from an EP they released. I did this by ear, so hopefully they are accurate:
...and it's over in a flash
and i'll never ever understand
understanding in a car crash
the tide is high on fourteenth street
rain comes in kills the heat
tide is high, kills the heat...

Bright Eyes – If Winter Ends Lyrics 16 years ago
I could be wrong, but I think the lyrics are an allusion to "Ode to the West Wind" by Shelley. They both carry a similar theme, and the last line is almost identical to the title. Here is the poem in its entirety for anyone interested":

Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Lead Belly cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
This is my favorite song on the Unplugged CD, and coincidentally the first song i ever learned to play on guitar. If you are having trouble finding the original Leadbelly version, rent I Know What You Did Last Summer, you can hear it in the background when they are sneaking around Anne Heche's house.

Lefty – Girls Lyrics 17 years ago
A friend of mine included this song on a punk mix tape that she made for me a few years ago, and i've loved it ever since although i had no idea who the band was. I'm glad someone finally posted the lyrics!

Third Eye Blind – Jumper Lyrics 17 years ago
I've always loved this song, and like some of the people on here, it took on a deeper meaning after i lost a family member to suicide. I think this song is as much an anthem for suicide victims as it is to those of us who have survived a suicide. My heart goes out to u2elevation. One thing i have come to understand about suicide, is that often times a person has suffured so much that we have absolutely no power whatsoever to help them, there are some things that as much as we wish we could, we can't give back to the person that has lost them. I'm sure that you being his friend gave him a great deal of hope, and you probably gave him more life than you are aware of. I'm not sure if many people know this or not, but Third Eye Blind was on an episode of Road Rules Northern Trail (from about 1997 i beleive). They were sponsering a suicide hotline and had the Road Rulers make a PSA in accordance to the song "Jumper". It was really amazing, and goes to show how actice TEB is.
I hope that all of you that have been touched by, or have considered suicide find peace and hope in your lives.

Gin Blossoms – Hey Jealousy Lyrics 17 years ago
When i'd hear this song as a kid (maybe 9 or 10, when it was in heavy play) I always figured that that's what it felt like to be a teenager and run around with friends. And indeed, here i am at 17 feeling like i'm in a Gin Blossoms song.

Gin Blossoms – Until I Fall Away Lyrics 17 years ago
I am also a younger Gin Blossoms fan, however one of the reasons i love them so much is because they were one of the first bands i heard when i started to listen to the radio and started to buy CD's and whatnot.

Hole – Gold Dust Woman Lyrics 17 years ago
This has to be the best track on the "The Crow: City of Angels" soundtrack. I think they did a great job covering this, although i'm prolly committing a cardinal sin of Fleetwood Mac for admitting that. Oh well, i still think this is one of the best covers ever done.

Moxy Früvous – I Will Hold On Lyrics 17 years ago
What a wondefully sweet song! This song puts a smile on my face no matter what mood I'm in.

Death Cab for Cutie – We Laugh Indoors Lyrics 17 years ago
I think i'm totally missing the meaning from the lyrics, but this song brings to mind the feeling you get when you are around someone, or a place that is very warm and very much your home, and then you lose that. From then on you have to adapt to colder places, and you are stuck with nostalgia for the people or places that you have lost. The lines: "this city is my home, construction noise all day long and gutter punks are bumming change.
so i breed thicker skin and let me lustrous coat fill in and i'll never admit that
i loved you guenivere."
-- really brings that feeling out. Also the references to Guenivere. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Arthurian legend, Camelot was sort of King Arthurs paradise, and then he marries this Guenivere, and he loves her very much, but she falls in love with one of his knights, and he loses her and the beauty in his kingdom.

Another part of the song that always gets me is:
"i've always fallen fast with too much trust in the promise that "no one's ever been here, so you can quell those wet fears."
i want purity, i must have it here right now.
but don't you get me started now. "

-Which to me means something about virginity, or feeling more confident cause he's her first (i really don't know). But yeah, all in all one of my all time favorite songs.

For Love Not Lisa – Slip Slide Melting Lyrics 17 years ago
Awesome song, one of my favorites off of the Crow soundtrack.

Stone Temple Pilots – Plush Lyrics 17 years ago
I aslo saw the VH1 Storytellers that yourall mentioned. However, i don't think that he wrote it just about the rape, from what i can remember he was using it as a metaphor for a relationship or something like that although I fail to see the connection. Anyhow, it really is a wonderful song, and i think that you take what you get out of the music, so all of you are right in your own ways.

Jawbreaker – Accident Prone Lyrics 17 years ago
I don't know what the artists intention or whatever was, but to me the accidents represent bad relationships. And either he just has bad luck, or he is the source of the problem he "scratches his accidents in the wall". To me it seems that he doesn't regret these mistakes so much, until he messes up a really really good relationship. In the end it's just a big mess, and he's full of regret.

Pete Yorn – Just Another Lyrics 17 years ago
The beautiful thing about Pete Yorns songs are that he doesn't talk about perfect love, but he speaks of faulty love with endearment. I guess sometimes the faults are what attract us to people, even if they are what inevitably seperate us. I can't wait for his new CD to come out!

Pete Yorn – Simonize Lyrics 17 years ago
If you go to Pete Yorn's official website, he explains the Jack the Ripper analogy that he uses in this song. This truly is a beautiful, yet dark song. It has to be one of my favorite on MFTMA Cd.

Placebo – I Know Lyrics 17 years ago
This song gave me chills the first time i heard it. Great explaination darkeyes, it gives you that exact feeling

Bright Eyes – Exaltation on a Cool, Kitchen Floor Lyrics 17 years ago
What an amazing song. This song gives a whole story in one single frame of thought, and does it so very beautifully. What would we do without Conor?

Ben Kweller – Lizzy Lyrics 18 years ago
i love this song so much. i am a Liz, so it has special meaning to me

Thursday – Porcelain Lyrics 18 years ago
This song has a very original way of looking at suicide, it's tragic and beautiful at the same time. That's the thing i've always loved about Thursday's songs, they are raw emotion.

Bright Eyes – The Calendar Hung Itself . . . Lyrics 18 years ago
Awesome, Fucking awesome

Cowboy Bebop – Blue Lyrics 18 years ago
this is my favorite of the Seatbelt/Cowboy Bebop songs. Which says alot, because every CD is amazing. i love the choir solo in the beginning. Great Stuff

Lifehouse – Out Of Breath Lyrics 18 years ago
awesome song. Rock.

Bright Eyes – When the Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass Lyrics 18 years ago
Conor is a lyrical genius, the visuals he uses bring you there.

Bright Eyes – Messenger Bird's Song Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is heart wrenching, Conor sounds so broken in the song that you feel what he feels. Amazing, amazing song

Forward Motion – The Ghosts Of Pittsburgh Lyrics 18 years ago
my God, this song is so Pittsburgh, if you've ever been there. the city is kind of haunting and beautiful, and they've done such a great job as using the city as a backdrop for lost love. I LOVE THESE GUYS!!

Distorted Penguins – Sexi Lexi Lyrics 18 years ago
That is so great to hear that their music has made it overseas! This band really deserves some fame, they've worked so hard i really hope that they get it.

Saves the Day – An Afternoon Laughing Lyrics 18 years ago
aww, this song kills me. It is so simply beautiful.

Live – Turn My Head Lyrics 18 years ago
have you ever seen the video to this? it is amazing, based on the art of edward hopper (i think). It really gives clarity to the song.

Nada Surf – 80 Windows Lyrics 18 years ago
Beautiful and raw.

The moon is closer to the sun than I am to anyone
i love that line, and the way he sings it breaks my heart.

The Flys – Got You (where I Want You) Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is so unbelievably sweet, i wish a guy would say something like this to me!!

The Faint – Agenda Suicide Lyrics 18 years ago
Popnoir, thanks for that link! That video is AWESOME!

Buckcherry – Anything, Anything (road Trip Soundtrack) Lyrics 18 years ago
I thought this was an Urge Overkill cover.

Guns N' Roses – Sweet Child O' Mine Lyrics 18 years ago
This is one of my favorite love songs. To me it is about pure, true love. and the way he compares her to childhood makes my heart drop

Hole – Violet Lyrics 18 years ago
i don't care who wrote it, it's still an awesome song.

Hole – He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is a cover of a carole king song (as she said in one of her live shows). and she's sings as a mockery.

Hole – It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Lyrics 18 years ago
I beleive this is a Bob Dylan cover, and a very good one. It is on the "Crow: Salvation" soundtrack.

Hole – Malibu Lyrics 18 years ago
actually, Love is credited with writing all lyrics in the CD booklet. Corgan did write alot of the music though. another reason why Celebrity skin is such an amazing CD.

Hole – Northern Star Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is absoulutely beautiful, as Lahdee said, i never have forgotten the first time i heard it. Driving to my grandpa's on Christmas Eve during a snowstorm. The way she chants this song is amazing, and i have yet to hear a song quite like it.

Fleetwood Mac – Gold Dust Woman Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is appearently about Stevie's coke addiction. Gold Dust, refers to the cocaine.

David Bowie – Thursday's Child Lyrics 18 years ago
Well, the old Scottish superstition was that "Thursday's child has far to go" and maybe he's saying that because he was that way that the girl fell in love with him, therefore for her he doesn't regret "having far to go". i dunno, i suck at this interpreation shit. :)

Local H – O.K. Lyrics 18 years ago
I would have to agree that it is about the death of a musician, and the person is just now noticing the signs of sorrow he/she left in their music. Kind of reminds me of Kurt Cobain, you wouldn't have noticed it at the time, but now when you listen to his songs you can hear the sorrow, and all of the gun references are eerie.

Green Day – Waiting Lyrics 18 years ago
I absoulutely love this song. it just personifies the feeling of growing up, and realizing that you are growing up and the fact taht you still have promise and possibility.

Tori Amos – Winter Lyrics 18 years ago
One of the few songs to actually give me chills. I think everyone has this kind of relationship with their fathers, which is why it's so sad, and truthful. Tori is a genius, and songs like this make me wish i could play the piano

Tori Amos – 1,000 Oceans Lyrics 18 years ago
This is a heartbreakingly beautiful song, it actually made me cry the first time i heard it. To me, it is about unrequited love, and the music as well as the lyrics capture the pain and sacrifice that go into loving someone you know you'll never have.

The Cure – Friday I'm in Love Lyrics 18 years ago
i really don't think this is true, but i always heard that this song was about drug addiction. If anyone knows please tell me.

The Cure – Burn Lyrics 18 years ago
i am also obsessed with "The Crow", some interesting facts about this song: If you ever read the original James O'Barr graphic novel, you see some things taken directly from the comic and quoted in this song. For example, there is one part in the comic, where Eric tells the crow "i used to wake up at night just to watch her sleep", hence--

"Don't wake at night to watch her sleep
You know that you will always lose

Another example would be a part where Eric is flashing back to the murder, and the crow says "don't look boy"

"Don't look don't look" the shadows breathe
Whispering me away from you"

yeah, but anyhow, i think this is the best song on the CD. if you want to check out some music that actually inspired the James O'Barr comic, he realesed a collection of it on a CD entitled "Trust Obey: Fear and Bullets". I was lucky enough to find this, and it is truly amazing, any die hard Crow fan would truly enjoy it.

Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is fucking amazing. The drum and bass parts are awesome and the conviction in Trents voice is great

Nine Inch Nails – Head Like a Hole Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is killer. I used to listen to it in the mornings when i was in Jr. High hhah

The Smashing Pumpkins – Landslide (Fleetwood Mac cover) Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is so amazingly beautiful. Billy's voice is so crystaline and goes perfectly with the lyrics. The first time i heard this i was driving through Pittsburgh and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. i have to agree with ydoggy, i am a die hard stevie fan, but i must admit, Billy throws himself into this one.

The Juliana Theory – For Evangeline Lyrics 18 years ago
I agree with everyone that says that the artists interpretation was about abortion. Does anyone know what the significance is of the name "Evangeline"? If anyone one knows, i'd like to hear the story.

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