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Mayday Parade – The Silence Lyrics 2 years ago
The girl loves him very much, but it keeps her up at night that he may not feel the same way.

So when Derek says: "Say you love me/And the silence will set her free"

He means: she is telling the guy she loves "tell me that you feel the same way" and when he remains silent (not saying he loves her back), it will set her free meaning she will be free from the heartbreak by walking away from the relationship. Similar to the phrase "the truth shall set you free," free is a reference of being free from the pain of a failed situation [in this case a relationship].

Adele – Hello Lyrics 3 years ago
Clearly, it's about her trying to reconnect with the man she hurt in the past. She wants to apologize for everything that she's done in the past even if he isn't hurting anymore, it would give her peace of mind just to be able to say the words "I'm sorry".

Marian Hill – Breathe Into Me Lyrics 3 years ago
I take it as a sex & drugs play. It talks about getting high together but in a very sensual, sultry way. The song is great, and so is the duo

Fractures – Mortal Lyrics 3 years ago
Plain and simple: death. The song is talking about from the day we start life, we only break and fall apart along the way. Life isn't easy and we can't control death. That day will come and we will be over. Gone. Mortality is kind of scary to think about, in my opinion.

GNash – I Hate U, I Love U (feat. Olivia O'Brien) Lyrics 3 years ago
It's about a relationship that failed. He saw so much potential in it, even thought of marrying the girl. But she did him wrong and they ended things. They both may have feelings left over, but it isn't worth the heartache to go back to the way things used to be.

Sam Baker – Go In Peace Lyrics 3 years ago
Its about someone dying and going to heaven. He wants this person to rest in peace. Simple as that. Beautiful song.

Lily Kershaw – Marlboro Man Lyrics 3 years ago
I think the song is sarcastically talking about a man that is throwing his life away by smoking. Yes, I know, sounds too simple, but it goes more in depth that that.

"Stop, take a moment of your life to find out where you are going"
--Stop and look at what you are doing to yourself
"And cross the barren land of your plan to the beauty of not knowing"
--Go down the road filled with the unknown of what is to come, should you continue to do what you're doing

Now this next verse can go two ways: she's either talking about a lover or her father. I'll explain both POV's:

"Then come on down to the place where we met"
--she could literally mean where she met her lover
--or it could be a metaphor for the day she was born in a hospital and she's saying 'you're going to end up in a hospital if you continue to smoke'
"And I sent you that shot of whiskey"
--they were at a bar and she bought him drinks
--her birth made her father start drinking, possibly because the overwhelming responsibility of raising a child
"Smoke was in your eyes"
--he was blinded by his addiction
"You were never with me"
--as long as he smoked, he would belong to the cigarette and not her

"So pull the trigger nice and fast"
--go ahead and slowly kill yourself
"You're the Marlboro Man"
--A Marlboro Man is a man, especially back in the 1950's-1990's, that were the ideal figures of smoking. Back then, cigarettes were viewed as feminine and Marlboro Men shaped the idea that cigarettes are masculine so that men could buy them.
"Predictable with your plan"
-its predictable what's going to happen in the future for a Marlboro Man: death

"Life is for the living/Not the living dead"
--Life is for those that choose to live, and this man knows what's going to happen to him if he continues to smoke but he does it anyway
"You make your bed/refuse to lie in it"
--This is the past tense of the phrase "You've made your bed, now lie in it" meaning you set yourself up, now take the consequences. However this lyric means the opposite. This man set himself up, but refuses to accept the results that come with smoking.
"You're only willing to stick to the plan/Go buy a pack, Marlboro Man"
--He is only willing to stick to his plan of smoking til the day he dies, so go on keep doing what you're doing

"Please don't get down on your knees and act like you're repenting"
--Dont be a hypocrite that does bad things and later tries to make things right
"I know you know I know you better than this/And I am done mending"
--if its a lover, she could know him so well due to the long time they have been together and she is tired of trying to get him to quit so she just gives up
--if its her father, she could be saying 'im your daughter and I know you better than you know you do' and that she is done trying to save his life
"I'm on my way to wonderful/My futures bright, don't get blinded by the light"
--You keep doing what you're doing while I go on to lead a healthy, lovely life. Hope my success doesn't blind you

"I counted the hours it took for you to call"
--if its a lover, she could be saying he left and she was waiting how long it took for him to come back or apologize or both
--if its her father' she could be saying that she was waiting to see how long until he would be in her life again
"I counted those same hours leading up to the fall"
--the hours until the smoking got to him and he died

That is my perspective but we will all see things differently. Beautiful song and lyrics nonetheless. Bravo, Lily!

Lily Kershaw – Maybe Lyrics 3 years ago
It could also be a metaphor. She doesn't have to be dying literally. She could have broken up with/broke this guys heart in the past and now she could be saying "forget everything in the past and lets start over (hence lyrics 'rewrite history') because without you, I die inside" either interpretation works for me.

Lily Kershaw – Maybe Lyrics 3 years ago
It sounds like love and death. She let go of her love, either by just walking away or breakup, but now she is dying and she's saying "let's forget the past, forget everything I said and you can just hold me right now because I'm slowly fading and I could really use your love right now." At least that's how I look at it.

Rixton – Hotel Ceiling Lyrics 3 years ago
I think its about the loss of a good friend to him.

Troye Sivan – Happy Little Pill Lyrics 4 years ago
I think its about, not just drugs, but the way they make you feel. All these drugs make him feel so good inside and that feeling is better than any kind of high. At least, thats what i see.

Joe Nichols – The Impossible Lyrics 4 years ago
Anything is possible. Period. That's what it's about lol

Aidan Hawken – Walking Blind (feat. Carina Round) Lyrics 4 years ago
To me, this sounds like a couple that are in a bad patch of their relationship but they refuse to bring the problem to the surface. They'd rather not acknowledge the problem, and keep walking on like nothing is wrong.

Enya – May It Be Lyrics 4 years ago
In my opinion, I think this song is about losing your way. Losing all hope that you had. I think it's saying that when darkness falls upon you, your heart remains pure when you have hope. It's my opinion, so don't take it literally.

I love the Lord of the Rings saga and and I think that this song describes Frodo's dilemma. He is afraid of the ring taking over him, but as long as his heart stays pure of greed, he won't fall under the curse of the ring.

Ed Sheeran – Afire Love Lyrics 4 years ago
Obviously, the song is about the death of someone that he was close to, be it a relative or a friend.

Kodaline – All I Want Lyrics 4 years ago
This song is saying that he cannot live without his love. The lyric "But if you loved me, why'd you leave me" gets me every time because this song was in The Fault In Our Stars and it describes it perfectly. Hazel and Agustus were in love, and will always be in love. She missed him dearly. She missed seeing his face and hearing his voice but she knew she'd see him again soon.

Ed Sheeran – All Of The Stars Lyrics 4 years ago
THIS SONG MAKES ME CRY SO MUCH BC AGUSTUS WATERS OMFG. THIS SONG TELLS THEIR STORY AND I LOVE IT. ED SHEERAN HAS A WAY OF INCORPORATING STORIES INTO HIS SONGS. (Like in the ending credits song for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, "I See Fire" he tells the story about the dragon and the company) HE EVEN TALKS ABOUT AMSTERDAM OMG.

With that said, I think this song is telling a story of two people who fell in love and having one of them pass away. The other one is reminiscing and looking up at the sky, missing them. It is a beautiful song and The Fault In Our Stars is perfect a beautiful story.

Birdy – Not About Angels Lyrics 4 years ago
This song was used in The Fault In Our Stars when Hazel was driving away from a funeral, crying. I think it is talking about when you love someone, and you let that someone go, it's not always "setting them free". How could let me go, if you loved me? Is the main question. At least, that's how I take it.

Lea Michele – If You Say So Lyrics 4 years ago
This song is about Lea's fiance, Cory Monteith, who passed away last summer in 2013. She's explaining that it's been a week since he passed, and all she can remember is his last words before he died: "If you say so".

It's heartbreaking. I loved Cory so much, but Lea loved him a lot more and you can really hear it in the song that she misses him dearly. We all do. RIP Cory Monteith.

Paramore – Brick by Boring Brick Lyrics 4 years ago
I see it as, this person builds up a happily ever after persona because their real life is too tragic and too miserable so they have to pretend to be the happy person that they're really not.

Cher Lloyd – Say Goodnight Lyrics 4 years ago
This song is such a beautiful work of art. Cher has a way of connecting with people through lyrics, and this song truly made me emotional when I first heard it.

Cher has always been a daddy's girl and she originally intended it to be for her father (however it can easily be directed to a mother). It's saying how whenever she is scared of the world, will her father comfort her. How, every time she goes to bed, will he be there to say goodnight. And when the day comes, where he then becomes an angel, she will save his seat at the table.

A truly amazing song for all of the daddy's girls out there.

Cher Lloyd – I Wish Lyrics 4 years ago
I see it as she see's this guy and he has so many girls falling for him. She really wants him, but she feels like she needs to have all of these things to get him so she's saying how she wishes she had all of these luxuries in order for him to notice her.

Cher Lloyd – Dancing on My Own (cover) Lyrics 4 years ago
She loved this guy, but he turned away and fell for someone else. She trying her hardest to get him to see her love, but, in the end, she's not the girl he picked. He is so close, but yet so far from her. All she wants is for him to love her the way she loves him, but it won't happen.

Cher Lloyd – Behind The Music Lyrics 4 years ago
Music. Point blank.

People talk smack, they can have all of the money in the world, but it means nothing without music. She tried to make it and everyone told her that she couldn't. But she stayed behind it and she eventually got there, so what do you have to say about that?

^^basically what the song means.

Christina Perri – Human Lyrics 4 years ago
There is only so much one person can take. Yeah, I can do this and i can do that, but I'm only human and there's only so much I can handle before I break.

Christina Perri – Human Lyrics 4 years ago
We are human. Meaning we can break. Words and actions hurt us and we do have feelings.

Passenger – Walk in the Rain Lyrics 4 years ago
I have a gut feeling that it is about the loss of his parents, and how the man in him is lost. How his parents are his guide and that the pain of their loss is making him stronger. But, I don't know. I would like to know the actual meaning, myself.

Cher Lloyd – Stay (Cover) Lyrics 4 years ago
i think it's about her telling someone to not give up and to stay with her. "Don't give up on the world and stay with me" is the message

Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment Lyrics 4 years ago
Sex. That is all.

Little Mix – Boy Lyrics 4 years ago
The song is talking about girl A telling her best friend (girl B) that her boyfriend is not worth her time and that she needs to move on from a bad boy that hurt her. Girl A is just telling girl B that she has her back and to forget about him.

Rae Morris – Grow Lyrics 4 years ago
I think it has to do with leaving your innocence behind as you grow up. You can't stop growing up, so why fight it? At least, that's how I see it.

Mayday Parade – Terrible Things Lyrics 4 years ago
The song is about a father telling his son about how he fell in love with his mother when they were younger. When he proposed to her, she said that she was dying. When she passed, he was so hurt that he didn't want his son to feel the same pain of losing someone.

In a way, he wants to protect his son, but in a way he's being selfish as well. By telling his son to not fall in love because it'll hurt him, he's keeping him from learning to love. He's going to feel pain, but it's a part of life.

Little Mix – Towers Lyrics 5 years ago
Their relationship had potential. It did. They could've been something more, but he ruined it. Now her heart is numb. She can't feel the pain anymore. She doesn't cry anymore, she's moved on.

Little Mix – Good Enough Lyrics 5 years ago
It's about a failed relationship. The guy left her behind for someone else. She loved him with everything, and he turned his back and loved somebody else right in front of her eyes. (Hence the lyrics "You stole the love that I saved for myself, and I watched you give it to somebody else"). Now she's questioning if she's good enough anymore. He basically shot down her confidence.

Little Mix – Cannonball Lyrics 5 years ago
To me, I think its about how the girl is starting to fall for the guy easily. The song is a slow ballad so you know that there is deep emotion and feeling, obviously. The lyrics in the two verses about "There's still a little bit of..." mean that the guy is constantly on her mind. She can't stop thinking about him.

The lyrics "So it's not hard to fall when you've flown like a cannonball" hint to me that, when she's been hurt so many times, it's become numb to fall in love for someone? I don't really know how to explain it, but that's just what I get from the lyrics.

Little Mix – Going Nowhere Lyrics 5 years ago
Basically, the girl says that the guy is nothing but a low life and their relationship is going nowhere. All he does is play video games and staying home from work (Or maybe he's unemployed) but he definitely isn't the successful man that she deserves.

Little Mix – They Just Don't Know You Lyrics 5 years ago
I think it's kind of obvious.

A girl + A bad boy = Problems with the family

They are dating, and the family doesn't think that they are good together. But the girl doesn't care because she claims that they don't know him like she does, hence the lyrics: "they don't know you like I do"

One Direction – Story Of My Life Lyrics 5 years ago
I don't think it's about a girl not loving him back. Watch the video, you'll understand. Even in the song title "Story of my life". It kinda gives you a show that they're talking about them.

"It seems to me that when I die
These words will be written on my stone"
I think it's about all the good memories that made them who they were today.

The video shows them recreating the old photos of them growing up. They're moving around in the pictures as if saying they'll forever remember those good times and moments. Like they'll cherish tose happy moments.

This song made me cry and the video along with it. I recommend atching it ♥

Enya – May It Be Lyrics 5 years ago
Lord of the Rings is my absolute favorite movie/creation of ALLLL time, and I believe that this song is the BEST song for the movie. It means so much, it adds emotion, and it's just ....ENYA! She's perfect! Her AND her voice!

Hoobastank – The Reason Lyrics 5 years ago
I think it's about a guy who hurt his girlfriend and realized he didn't know how good he had it. He never noticed, until she was gone, that she was his reason to recover and to be a better person.

"And so I have to say before I go", to me, sounds like "Let me say this, before we go our seperate ways." This is a beautiful song. Whatever the meaning, it's wonderful.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball Lyrics 5 years ago
Miley said it herself that the song and video have many symbols. The wrecking ball represents how hard the relationship hit her and when they fell apart. The "licking of the hammer" part is showing that, although he was hurting her, she still loves the pain. And the nudity in it represents how she was stripped from who she was because he permanently damaged her. She's not who she once was.

I'm in love with this song and video, I think it's one of the prettiest songs that she's written.

The Fray – Ungodly Hour Lyrics 5 years ago
Let me start off by saying that this song is just so beautiful ♥ The Fray is my favorite band and, everytime i hear this song, I just want to light up a candle and rock side to side.

I first heard it on an episode of "The Vampire Diaries" (4x02) the ending scene where they are lighting lanterns, sending them up into the sky, to commemorate all the lives they have lost close to them.

And, in my own opinion, that's exactly what I think this song means.

A guy has passed away, and he looks over this girl. "Her bag is now much heavier/ I wish that I could carry her." She is struggling with this baggage, and he's nowhere around to help her with it. He has to look over her, and he can't do anything about the pain that she is going through. Ungodly hour is anytime past midnight where, they say, the spirits come out. And I'm guessing that's the time he can walk beside her until he leaves when the sun rises.

--I would definatley recommend looking up "Ungodly Hour The Vampire Diaries" on youtube. Even if you don't watch the show, it's a touching scene where Damon is in the cememtery talking to his best friend, Alalaric's, grave. I cried while watching it, (mostly because Alaric was my favorite character) but also because Alaric is sitting on a bench right behind him. Damon can't see him because he is a ghost, but he is watching Damon recite a quite lengthy, but tearjerking, speech. If you truly want to know what this song means, I'd watch that scene (:

Hope this helped.

Avril Lavigne – Everybody Hurts Lyrics 5 years ago
I think the song is self explanatory.

Everybody hurts. It's okay to just cry and scream on days when you're feeling alone. You're not alone int his world. Somewhere, someone is going through the same thing. It's not just you, so don't feel alone. It's okay to be afraid and just know that everybody hurts.

Ryan Star – Last Train Home Lyrics 5 years ago
Hallie is his love. This song if practically based about their love. They met when she was 15 and he was (I forgot) but i think he was 18 or 19 and it was love at first sight. But her dad didn't want them to be together, due to his age and rockstar image. But he loved her and I think (If i recall correctly) they're still together to this day. :)

Demi Lovato – Warrior Lyrics 5 years ago
Kind of like what "iholdher" said, this song seems to be about her dad who left and tormented her family and herself. It truly is a beautiful song, and it means moving on from the past that once held you down. It's saying that you've become a part of your future and that person (in her case her father) will no longer have that hold on you and they cant get to you anymore. You've pushed them out of your life and you're moving on. And now you've become stronger in many ways.

Daughter – Medicine Lyrics 5 years ago
I remember this song was in the Vampire Diaries episode 3x21 [Do Not Go Gentle] I think. It was one of the ending sceens with Elena and Stefan in the gym after Alaric dies. She was freaking out becasue he was gone, and she had no one to look after her and her brother. The mood was very sad and Stefan was comforting her. He kept telling her that she can do this. He said I'll always be there and they began reminsiscing when they were in the gym before and he bit her. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, this song is very sad, and it fit the scene perfectly.
I'm not COMPLETELY sure what this song means, but this scene helped a little. Hopefully, you can take this bit of info and try to come up with the ral meaning of this beautiful song. :)

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