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The Silver Jews – What Is Not But Could Be If Lyrics 8 years ago
Funny, that looks like German to me.

OT: anyone know what "police conversation, 1783" refers to in 'There is a Place'?

The Silver Jews – What Is Not But Could Be If Lyrics 8 years ago
If only he were a rich rocker, he might have written:
"What is not, but could have been
Was my obsession: heroin..."

Good thing he did rhyme "in the way back" with "I was on crack": tmi.

Enough silliness. The only part of this song I don't like is when he pronounces "associated risk"... DC eat the "ated" in associated too much for my comfort.
And now I'm nitpicking.
Very good tune.

Brian Eno – By This River Lyrics 9 years ago
Last stanza, translating from Arabic back into English:

"You are talking about distances as if it were to reply to the first impressions of time chosen another time again."

Talk about surreal!

Brian Eno – By This River Lyrics 9 years ago
من هنا نحن واقفين أنا وأنت هذا النهر القبة
السماوية التحت من الوقوع في هذا التراجع
خفضا تدريجيا مطلقا سقوطها

ومن خلال هذا اليوم وكأنها تنتظر في محيط هنا
نتذكر دائما بعدم وصل دخل وكيف أصبحنا ولست
أدري لماذا جئنا

أنت تتحدث إلي وكأنها من مسافات الرد على الانطباعات الأولى اختارا وقتا من الزمن زمن آخر مرة أخرى

Beastie Boys – Putting Shame In Your Game Lyrics 9 years ago
"I won't sell my songs for no TV ad" would mean more if it were written before he was a millionaire.

Excellent track, though.

Beastie Boys – Picture This Lyrics 9 years ago
Brooke Williams is the singer. She's also the writer. Some may wonder what this song is doing on a BB album. I don't care; she's a guest, and she's best. Sweetly ineffable.

Wu-Tang Clan – Shame On A Nigga Lyrics 10 years ago
Yeah, but 'The Warriors' has samurai movie written all over it, as do other movies by Walter Hill: 'Hard Times', 'The Driver', even 'Streets of Fire'.

The Band – When You Awake Lyrics 10 years ago
I love this song and so on and so on.

Bob Dylan – Crash on the Levee (Down in the Flood) Lyrics 10 years ago

Pavement – Cream of Gold Lyrics 10 years ago
This is good advice in this song.
Too bad the lyrics are listed wrong.
Maybe one day I'll put you all wise.

The Silver Jews – Sleeping Is The Only Love Lyrics 10 years ago

Not "Reed" but "Red" Boiling Springs, as in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.

Steve Earle – Conspiracy Theory Lyrics 10 years ago
Most people shut themselves off from the life and history in all its multifarious complexity, preferring to buy into simple black-and-white fairy tale versions of "reality," rather than finding any alternate paths, vantages to understanding, which may all-too-easily be written-off as a "conspiracy theories."

It's tough living in a world where most refuse to see beyond the "reality" of whats presented as "news" on their TV screens.

Must comforting lies always take precedence over hard, frighting truths? Looks like it's deeply ingrained in human nature to be wary and fight against anything that puts us out of our comfort zones, even if that which comforts us also stunts and destroys us.

Steve Earle – John Walker's Blues Lyrics 10 years ago
That's true, ILoutlaw, and the connection to thinking of J. W. Lind as if it were his own son helped give a direct pat to understanding the motivations, contradictions, and great sadness of the boy.

This is a remarkable work of empathy and just plain excellent songwriting.

But I wasn't aware at the time that this song was very "controversial" -- I thought it was truly under the radar. It's not like they were playing much Steve Earle on the radio anyway!
That's the thing you have to realize with what the Dixie Chicks went through: they were at the absolute "Top of the World" as far as fame went in the commercial County music world went, and then one made a declarative statement about Bush being a shame for Texans and Americans, at a time when Americans have never been so propagandized and fearful, and false-Patriotic.
They were advised to "take it back" and at first made an awkward attempt to mend the broken relationship they suddenly had with much of their fanbase, and then said screw it and owned their new bad commercial-radio reputation, moved on up.
I'm not a Dixie Chicks fan, but I admire what they do at their level, and they deserve much respect sacrificing all the fame and monetary gain at that time for a higher principles.

And all praise to Steve Earle who never betrays his convictions or his talent.

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika) Lyrics 10 years ago
I've read and seen 'A Clockwork Orange' and am confident this song has Zero to do with those works.

The 1996 book by Jon Krakauer, "Into the Wild," however, is a closer fit.

Of course, it also is possibly semi-autobiographical, not just a lyrical tribute to a book. There's definitely no literal connection to the book in lines about "police disco lights" and being bit by a vampire, etc.

Or at least a work of trying to understand two or more people who 'went wild', as viewed by the songwriter's perspective. One, I would bet, the songwriter knew personally. . .

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika) Lyrics 10 years ago
That's a beautiful way to look at it, Kittenclaw.

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika) Lyrics 10 years ago
neoritter, don't be so literal . . . .

Nine Inch Nails – Closer Lyrics 10 years ago
Man, my last comment sounded angry, possibly misogynistic. Not at all how I intended it!

Just thought of another irrelevant thing:

A few years after this came out, and gansta rap was being criticized heavily in the media for all its violent/misogynist/racist lyrics, there was some rapper (forget, think it was Busta Rhymes) who was defending hip hop as 'positive compared to that hateful rock and death metal' and specifically cited NIN's and the song "Closer" and 'sick and evil.'


Nine Inch Nails – Closer Lyrics 10 years ago

You still not get that?

Nine Inch Nails – Closer Lyrics 10 years ago
All I know is I hate it when teenage girls cover it on youtube and play it all sexy-naughty. Urrggh. This is not a sexy song.

I hear it's also a "stripper song" . . .what the fuck is wrong with bitches today.

Ol Dirty Bastard – Got Your Money Lyrics 10 years ago
Heh, makes me cringe when I started reading them!

Ol Dirty Bastard – Got Your Money Lyrics 10 years ago
Heh, makes me cringe when I started reading them!

Ol Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo Lyrics 10 years ago
As Rip Torn said:

Hey - there's Dirty Old Bitch!

Pee indoors, doggy; use a sink like regular folks.

Ol Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya Lyrics 10 years ago
52 States? Does he think Puerto Rico & Guam are States or is he confusing the States with how many cards there are in a deck?

It's clear he was a few cards short of a full deck. Awesome song, though.

Arab Strap – (Afternoon) Soaps Lyrics 10 years ago

Holly Golightly – On The Fire Lyrics 10 years ago
She's wonderful live. So great artist's aren't great live. I prefer her live.

Why Should I? Because – Beardo Lyrics 10 years ago
Actually, this is a direct transcript from Ulysses S. Grant's diaries from the Civil War, dated September 15th 1, 1863. He was suffering from very low self esteem that night, had drunk a case of bourbon and was reportedly cursing about his "so called friend Abe" all day.

Sad tale.

Jon Lajoie – I Don't Understand Lyrics 10 years ago

Tom Lehrer – Send The Marines Lyrics 10 years ago
It's terrible that after 40 years this song is more relevant than ever.

Tom Lehrer – We Will All Go Together When We Go Lyrics 10 years ago
It's just brilliant. Love the preamble to. One of his best.

Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade Lyrics 10 years ago
I always used to hear "Line up to the mind cemetery now" as "lines over the Mayan cemetery now."

And I thought "While arms warehouses fill as quick as the cells" was "Wylie-armed whorehouses filled as quick as the cells."

The Silver Jews – Slow Education Lyrics 10 years ago
Lurve it.

Peaches – Slippery Dick Lyrics 10 years ago
Cynics may tell you that to 'cut the mustard to clear the custard' is to pass wind so as to clear the anal canal of surplus semen.
But this of course misses all the nuance poetry of Peaches's turn of phrase. As Oscar Wilde pointed out, cynics are those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
And he knew a thing or two about clearing the custard.

The Silver Jews – How to Rent a Room Lyrics 10 years ago
A metro section of a newspaper most commonly refers to the local city's news and events. It may include "human interest" or "lifestyle" articles. I believe it could also mean obituaries.

The line in 3rd stanza definitely is "an anchor," Berman just says is oddly.

Peaches – Take You On Lyrics 10 years ago
Defiance, incest, arson, throat-fisting: are these the headlines? An how do we proceed to read between the lines?

Hefner – May God Protect Your Home Lyrics 10 years ago
Fidelity Wars is a minor masterpiece.

The Silver Jews – Tennessee Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't agree with loudobbs - and of course don't agree with the first post - having seen the Jews a few times live performing the excellent "Strange Victory, Strange Defeat", "We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing", and "Suffering Jukebox" from their last album ('Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea'), I love Cassie Berman's voice as usual. No excuses need to be made for her "untrained" faltering simplicity. It adds immeasurably to their song's authenticity and sweetness of spirit. Frankly, I don't know what David would have done without her, musically and well as personally. She's a G^dsend.
I think some of the superfans typically underrated 'Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea' because it's more "accessible" or "polished" than previous Jews releases.
Same stuff they said when 'Terror Twilight' came out.

Maybe the two bands sacrificed a little free-wheeling creative spirit for a more accomplished overall discipline; is that so bad? ("no" is the right answer)...
There's a somber quality to both those records, and maybe that's what turns some off: it's a melancholy end.

The Silver Jews – New Orleans Lyrics 11 years ago
My favorite off Starlite....I dunno, for me 'My Pillow Is the Threshold' is sort of a spiritual sequel to this.
It's fairly explain it to your self!

One thing..the penultimate verse sez: "We're trapped inside the song / Where the nights are so long" and in the last it's transformed into: "There's traps inside us all / And the knife is so tall".
To me, simply put: we are victims of circumstance, the odds are forever against us, we are trapped in this reoccurring shadowplay until the final curtain, yet we can sing ourselves to sleep in our personal prisons and whistle past the graveyards before we lay to our final rest.

In other words, it's a song positively brimming full of cheer and joie de vivre.
We're all smoked!
Maybe it was about some one's last dream before the apocalypse, or maybe it was about David Berman's personal lament for cruel, inescapable fate? Or it doesn't need to be doom, we may also take the good from man's past and cultivate from that?
No to No Exit!

Pavement – Zurich Is Stained Lyrics 11 years ago

Somehow this makes me want to watch 'The Big Clock' again and eat some chocolate.

Pavement – Zurich Is Stained Lyrics 11 years ago

*supposed to read:
"founded in 1916"

1916, 1916, 1916...

Pavement – Zurich Is Stained Lyrics 11 years ago
Sip this from her furry tea cup (hope it's contents don't stain your teeth)....

Cabaret Voltaire was a Zürich nightclub founded in 196 by Hugo Ball, in the midst of the Great War. Some founding members were Marcel Janco, Richard Huelsenbeck, Tristan Tzara and Jean Arp. Events at the cabaret proved pivotal in the founding of the anarchic art movement known as Dada.
Dada sprung out of WWI and the surrealist movement sprung from Dada.
Malkmus sprung from the surrealist movement.
Follow the gold nuggets people! It's not about Nazi's or the Holocaust - Jeaze! ... or is it?!?!

Tristan Tzara :
"Any work of art that can be understood is the product of journalism."

"We [Dadaists] are often told that we are incoherent, but into this word people try to put an insult that it is rather hard for me to fathom. Everything is incoherent... There is no logic... The acts of life have no beginning and no end. Everything happens in a completely idiotic way. That is why everything is alike. Simplicity is called Dada. Any attempt to conciliate an inexplicable momentary state with logic strikes me as a boring kind of game... Like everything in life, Dada is useless... Perhaps you will understand me better when I tell you that Dada is a virgin microbe that penetrates with the insistence of air into all of the spaces that reason has not been able to fill with words or conventions."

H. R. Giger (painter/sculptor/designer) is from Zürich. He's popularly known for his designs in such works as 'Alien' and 'Killer Condom'. He worked with Lynch on 'Dune' but thought 'Eraserhead' was a much purer Giger-ian vision than 'Dune'. 'Eraserhead' certainly had a "stained" cityscape!

I feel I've gone too far.....

Peaches – Slippery Dick Lyrics 11 years ago

Amongst the many rich teaches in her syntax...

"....moss shrieker ...jelly dipper..."

Enough to make a fella clear his custard.

Peaches – Suck And Let Go Lyrics 11 years ago
Saugen sie
Saugen sie alle
Saugen und lassen Sie

sucer jusqu
Sucer tous
Sucer et laisser aller

מצוץ מצוץ את זה למעלה מצוץ את זה כל
מצוץ ותן ללכת

....I like the way our girl and Gonzales hold their mic's at that German gig ten years ago. Those two sapphic kittens cleaning each other, and Gonzo holding his mic crotch-level for that gorgeous dame to "sing" into. Brilliant video on youtube. That performance says it all. The universal language, to re-coin a cliche.

Peaches – My Dumps Lyrics 11 years ago
Err - it 's supposed to read:
*by-product [our] culture produces", not "or".

Peaches – My Dumps Lyrics 11 years ago
Princess Alanis Morissette thought she was being so precious and clevvah reformatting the Black-Eyed Peas' 'My Humps'... this takes it to the next level and beyond: this is the real scat, don't ya know?

*"All that tripe comin' out of your pipe?"
Tripe: edible offal from the stomachs of various farm animals. Popular around the world. What are we to do with all that waste and by-product or culture produces? - why, consume it, of course!.

**"My lovely lady dumps / In the back and in the back / Andy Gump!
Andy Gump is a Portable Toilet Rental Service Serving California: "Over 40 years experience in providing the Highest Quality Portable Sanitation in Southern California."
-- Also the head of the Gumps clan from "a popular comic strip about a middle-class family, created by Sidney Smith in 1917, launching a 42-year run in newspapers from February 12, 1917 until October 17, 1959."
America is a long-standing leader in comic-strip and waste management concerns.

***"They buy me things like Depends"
Depend is a brand of unisex adult underwear for those experiencing urinary or fecal incontinence by Kimberly-Clark. Two ply TP is not enough. Concerned citizens want something more stable to contain their embarrassing secrets.

****"My junk is on the run / They buy Imodium"
Product name for Loperamide, used to control diarrhea. She doesn't need it, her flow is her "best friend". Another device for containment of our embarrassment. Few have the nerve to just let it out and change what causes this dysfunction, or to embrace the dysfunction. For some it's "It's running off the deep end", what "grown-up's" are told never to let happen. cf. Jean Cocteau: "Children and lunatics cut the Gordian knot, which the poet spends his life patiently trying to untie.")

*****"I'm gonna make make make you scrub / Make you scrub scrub scrub the bird."
Probable reference to the BP Global & Exxon Valdez oil spills, a metaphor for corporate multinationals "sitting" over our natural resources and, tacitly, or docile acceptance of this sick SM situation. Of acceptance of the arrangement whereby we clean up after they scat all over us.

Also relevant for pointing to the fascist SM connection between captor and slave in our culture, that is essentially the same as it was in any concentration camp, only in a more insidiously subtle form:
e.g., Exxon-Mobil was originally called Standard Oil. John D. Rockefeller’s driving force was to finance the fascist parties of Italy and the Nazi in Germany to declare the war against the USSR, overthrow the Bolsheviks and reopen the oil access (same story throughout the generations to this day, only today it's the Anglo powers leading the charge in the name of fascist big business expansion and interests). The Third Reich's war machine was deeply aided by Rockefeller's Standard Oil process of hydrogenation that produced chemical weapons used in combat and would later manufacture lethal gases for the death camps.

Flash forward 50 years: the same lust for power at all costs led to the oil spill in Alaska, where Exxon and it's associates got away basically Scott (2-ply) Free, smirkingly telling bleeding heart masochists to "scrub the bird", suck our dumps, chumps... and a decade latter the same thing in the Gulf Coast from bedfellow BP (perhaps in the next decade Shell will dump all over another of our treasures, asking us the eat it, grin and bear it.)

Would-be Environmentalist softies are the chumps staring up from the glass tables, watching and warning with horror and fascination at the spectacle of human degradation, and ultimately liking it after a while. It becomes a game rather quickly, so they role-play as "Conservative" & "Liberal" / Top & Bottom. Al Gore (one of the would-be's under the glass table) was even slandered by an Exxon-paid shill and likened to Joseph Goebbels - leading Gore to push the poop back and call Exxon 'Global-warming Deniers / Holocaust Deniers': his poop, their poop, back and forth...)

Last year, (is it any accident?), Exxon had a campaign for 700 of their German gas stations where they promoted their coffee as the best with the infamous slogan seen at the gates of Buchenwald: "“Jedem das Seine / To Each His Own”. This, after several companies had been charged after using this phrase, Exxon went ahead and used it anyway. The darkest kind of sick joke? Or mere brazen dirty talk to the recipients of the dark spill (coffee does for our gastrointestinal organs comparable to the damage oil does for our coastline).
Everybody knows coffee is a known bowel irritant, but we keep sucking it down and paying for it.

"All that turd in the back of your herd?"
Are we to keep wiping and flushing and scrubbing that bird? How much further can our civilization sink into scatological fascism before we say Stop: no more putting that gas nozzle into tank, and the untold violence it represents around the world? How much more shit can we take?

Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away Lyrics 11 years ago
That is pretentious, and more than a little silly, but ultimately true. Postmodernism is a real and valid form of art, even though I find most Postmodernist Theory a lot of hogwash.

Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away Lyrics 11 years ago
That was a good thing of you to do - admitting it was an unprovoked attack, one that every user is entitled to make once. And here's mine: go back to your comfortable church of AFI/Jimmy Eat World/generic emo shit, and leave the dangerous deviant music to us dirty heathens, alone, unbothered but your arrogant preaching.

I'm going to listen to some Nina Simone now to calm down...

Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away Lyrics 11 years ago
Right. Uh - correctimundo.

Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away Lyrics 11 years ago
I cringed, I laughed...mostly I cringed.

Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away Lyrics 11 years ago
You're so right. I've been mildly addicted to Peaches for years but dimwits like this could shock me out of the spell that Ms. Nisker has cast over me.
"Stripper Song"?! She oughta look up "godawful" in the dictionary sometime. The definition may real like a sketch of a biography for her and set her straight.
This song is my pure sugar cane soda. Not g6dawful, not so healthy either.

Pere Ubu – Nonalignment Pact Lyrics 11 years ago
This is clearly about the desperate attempts to thwart the Cold War. The "girl" is Western Hegemony's object of desire.. he wants her so badly (cf. "The US must carry out some act somewhere in the world which shows its’ determination to continue to be a world power." - Henry Kissinger, 1975), but she won't just lay down and play nice.

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