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Lord Huron – The Night We Met Lyrics 25 days ago
I love that I can read through all these powerful interpretations and personal stories, and none share the narrative that I immediately got out of the lyrics.

When I hear it, I think he had a brief affair with a married stranger, slightly taking advantage of her in a misguided attempt to offer comfort when she was in the midst of a traumatic experience.

"I am not the only traveler
Who has not repaid his debt
I've been searching for a trail to follow again
Take me back to the night we met"

In the first verse, he expresses regret, likening himself to being indebted and unable to move past it.

"When the night was full of terrors
And your eyes were filled with tears
When you had not touched me yet
Oh, take me back to the night we met"

This verse provided that context for whatever event led them to believe that an affair would comfort her.

"And then I can tell myself
What the hell I'm supposed to do
And then I can tell myself
Not to ride along with you"

If he could go back to the night they met, he could prevent them from making that mistake. Which, in a perverse way, is so dark since he would effectively be leaving her to deal with those emotions all alone. I guess the most accessible context would be that her husband was severely injured in a car wreck or similar incident, where the woman thought his death was imminent, but the husband unexpected recovers from his injuries. Hence, her cutting off contact (or, the husband also might have passed that night, and she just worried that starting any relationship as a newly grieving widow had poor optics).

"I had all and then most of you
Some and now none of you
Take me back to the night we met
I don't know what I'm supposed to do
Haunted by the ghost of you
Oh, take me back to the night we met"

I had all of you (the night of the affair), then most of you (they kept in contact at first, as friends), some of you (that contact waned) and now none of you (she cut off all contact). Now he regrets the night as well because he cannot stop loving her.

The tone of the song comes off as a mutually meaningful yet regrettable night for them. Very powerful musically, regardless of the personal context you give it.

The Black Crowes – Don't Wake Me Lyrics 9 months ago
The lyrics after the slide guitar solo sound to me like:

Somebody seen runnin'
Somebody seen walkin'
Why is it every loose lip get to talkin'
(Body ever needed
...?) Seen a tire fire
But don't let them find me
Going no higher

Gun violence code,
And the teeth start scraping
The great silent drug,
Nobody laughin'.
Live that life,
Rollin' in the backroom.
A thorn stuck in my side
Some call it trouble, but
Don't wake me up
Don't wake me

Ugly Kid Joe – Everything About You Lyrics 9 months ago
@[riviera:35980] Saturday Night Live (early-90s) had a sexually ambiguous character named Pat, who provided those lines (in character).

Orenda Fink – That Certain-Something Spring Lyrics 1 year ago
In 2015, I asked Orenda Fink on Twitter to please let me know when she finds out whether restless hearts come with youth or age. The next day, she responded "I think it's both actually ;)"

Motörhead – Hellraiser Lyrics 1 year ago
@[Rusty_Shackleford:34427] This recording was for the "Hellraiser III" soundtrack back in 1992.

Spacehog – In The Meantime Lyrics 1 year ago
@[janschutz:34399] Great question. My best guess is it feels like that's a callback to the first verse, "in the end we shall achieve in time the thing they call divine." An expectation of future perfection. Hence "when I cry for me, I cry for you with tears of holy joy for all the days still to come."

But in the meantime (a.k.a. the here & now), I'm going to play and I'll reach for the sun. Something's gone, meaning either that future dream of perfection will come & go (i.e., sometimes it's gone) or we will lose friends & other loves along the way. Subject to interpretation, but that's my best placement of its meaning.

Oberhofer – Sea of Dreams Lyrics 1 year ago
If we lived in a world without words, where we were judged by the other sounds we made and especially our actions, then would our true intentions become more clear?

Would it be easier to love in this world? Or not?

The Black Crowes – Lay It All On Me Lyrics 1 year ago
Steve Gorman shared great insight on this song in his 2019 memoir, pages 338-339:

I remember reading (the) lyrics in the studio. I was moved, and I told (Chris Robinson) I was really surprised he had expressed that.

He said, "Yeah, I'm just picturing someone like, you know, my dad. Sitting there thinking, '****, I blew it!'"

I said, "Your dad? What are you talking about? You're writing this to yourself."

He looked at the lyrics again, thought about it for a few seconds, and said, "Oh yeah ... maybe."

Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know Lyrics 2 years ago
@[mekratrig:31562] One truly amazing thing about this song, in my opinion, is the paradigm shift it created. It was explicitly raunchy for a female artist in the mid-90s, yet it was a mainsteam hit. Five years (maybe even 2-3) earlier, a song like this would never have received heavy rotation on MTV and/or pop radio).

Little Mix – Power Lyrics 3 years ago
Stormzy's verse:
When them boys talk loose and tell you power's for a king,
You just play it cool and tell 'em power's not a thing.
You look him in the eye and say, "I know I'm not a guy,
But see there's power in my losses and there's power in my wins."
Independent woman, look to shower in your Bimms,
They call me coco butter Mike, you can't be powderin' my skin.
And you don't need to spend another hour in the gym,
You know I'm blinded by his grace, but when you found me, I was dim.
And we'll be countin' down the years, yeah I'm about this,
All them dirty secrets that we share, I'll clear the browsers.
We the type to build up our careers and share the houses,
You can be a woman and a boss and wear the trousers at the same time.
(You should know,
That I ain't never lettin' go)
But as long as I'm alive, then I'll be sponsorin' your pride.
You know there's power in a couple, let me compliment your vibe, yo.

Guns N' Roses – Estranged Lyrics 4 years ago
@[supanova8716:23305] Most of VH1's rankings were based on commercial success, and I recall this amazing song being a disappointment in the charts as a single. I love the song itself for all the reasons mentioned in the other comments, but if VH1 were rating songs based on its record label's expectation versus its performance on the charts, then I suppose they may have a valid reason to have included this track.

The Silent Comedy – Bartholomew Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Wolf1178:22655] While your information is correct, I don't think that usage of Harlequin fits this context. If he fell in love with a harlequin, then it is more likely a reference to a harlequin girl (who are eager to please, but characteristically left playing the fool); thus the irony being that even a fool has gotten the better of him.

Pujol – DIY2K Lyrics 4 years ago
The dark humor in this song is more amusing when you envision people from the 80s (or earlier) being transported into 2010, and their ensuing culture shock.

Gotta love the creativity in his observations of America's pursuit to be individually identical. "Over-the-counter-culture" kinda says it all. I'm almost disappointed that he didn't include a "-gate" phrase to mock how every controversy nowadays is reported as a "[subject]gate," which annoys me for two reasons: first, half of the people alive today were not even born when Watergate happened, and second, Watergate literally had nothing to do with water!

DIY2K = portmanteau of Do-It-Yourself and Y2K.

Aristopunk = there's a hierarchy of, and qualifications to be, "punk" now -- even though the punk culture originated to reject notions of set-standards and pre-established aspirations.

Service-Sector BFA = a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for the service industry, which is just so true it's sad.

Frankenfood = seriously, should "fusion" be so common in the food industry?

"Starbucks in the library" = SMH.

"Deviance is an industry that is allowed by the Powers that be" = Corporate schilling of notions that reject mass-production and set-standards

"Over-the-counter-culture" = Frankenphrase of "over-the-counter" (mass production, generally "safe") and "counter-culture" (which used to be underground and set aside from cultural norms, often considered "offensive," but now "counter-culture" is its own accepted norm).

While most of the song sounded cynical, at least the last verse expressed confidence that America can overcome these quirks. I'm not sure how he knows we can break off from the current path exactly, or maybe he didn't want to be a total downer?

Paloma Faith – Never Tear Us Apart Lyrics 4 years ago
Cover songs get such a bad reputation, but sometimes, it takes a cover to uncover the greatness of the song itself. That is the case for me with this song! I don't know if it is the opposite sex singing or the context in which this version was introduced to me, or simply the fact that I was so young when the original hit big that I never knew the song anew.

I liked the INXS record enough that I had it in my collection, but I never deciphered the situation being described therein. The fact that it was a heavy love song (that is, a song about a heavy sort of love) was all the more thought I really gave it. Until I heard this version, and then I became obsessed with both versions.

I find it amusing that so many interpret it to be star-crossed lovers meeting for the first time. To me, that observation is missing what I believe was the intention... "I was standing, you were there, two worlds collided" sounds to me like two people being together, "them doing them" (to leverage the modern "you do you" mantra), but the worlds from which each come viewed the other as a threat. Biracial couples probably encounter that a lot. Also, mixed religious couples or bipartisan couples.

I believe the lyrics were largely written by Michael Hutchence for Michèle Bennett, which is effectively a relationship between a musician and a publicist. Art meets business is not as taboo as some relationships, but still, countless artists view the business suits as the enemy, and too many suits treat artists as lowly. My point is that the lyrics "I was standing, you were there, two worlds collided, and they will never tear us apart" meant that outsiders will attack their love, providing a litany of reasons why they are not good for each other, or simply belittle their friend's choice of partners (people on both his side and her side are equally likely to be at fault).

The "I was standing, you were there" is the peaceful couple together, while "two worlds collided" are all their cynical outsiders providing reasons why they can't last.

"I told you that we could fly 'cause we all have wings, but some of us don't know why" means that we can all find partners who make us feel like anything is possible, but some people will never even attempt to go about it.

"We could live for a thousand years, but if I hurt you, I'd make wine from your tears" is intriguing. It feels less straight-forward than the rest of the lyrics. On the surface, "I'd make wine from your tears" sounds like a toast to someone else's defeat, but there's a 0% chance the intention herein was "I'll hurt you just to celebrate making you cry."

Instead, I have the two following considerations for this line:

1) If he drinks wine to feel introspective, then the line could be a lovey promise to understand the other person's feelings any time they fall out of line. That notion is supported by my pre-established idea that the "two worlds collide" are a mismatched background, so each person will have ideas that are not innate to the other. Knowing conflict will occur, the most responsible approach for the couple would be to vow to understand each other *when* they hurt the other (the naive approach would be to promise never to hurt each other).

2) If the couple often drinks wine together, then the line could be a lovely promise to share each other's pain, as well as glory. Honestly, this interpretation may be more direct, and I feel like it matches the rest of the lyrics more closely.

Aerosmith – Eat The Rich Lyrics 4 years ago
@[acetica:21235] FULLY AGREE!! I learned this song on guitar just because it was so much fun to play, but I have always begrudged how uninspired the lyrics were. The chorus is perfectly fine, but the words in each verse just feel like they were forced filler to get to the chorus again -- with a few money clichés and mixed metaphors.

Electric Guest – Waves Lyrics 4 years ago
@[caliluvsart:19084] I dig that comparison between how catchy and upbeat this song sounds to how catchy and upbeat new love feels -- even when rough waters lay ahead.

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses Lyrics 5 years ago
@[jjones28:16788] I agree that the song is about drug addiction (potentially alcoholism), but I assume that the drug addict is the graceless lady and the torment exquisitely conveyed is that of a lover watching her spiral out of control. I feel as though the song is assuring her that he will be there for her regardless, hoping in a fleeting chance that she can break the cycle but preparing for the worst.

The notion of weathering a charge of wild horses feels like a fair comparison to dealing with a loved one who's lost in a drug-fueled rage.

The Black Crowes – How Much for Your Wings? Lyrics 5 years ago
This song is especially heavy and very much aligned with a recurring theme for the band, being themselves in a business (and it applies to our society, as well) that reduces humans to numbers and implores people to follow the masses.

I assume the chorus is an allusion to the beliefs that, when we die and enter heaven, we become angels, so the "wings" herein are the same as the soul. If "how much for your soul" were in fact the question, then the response was basically "how much is yours?" If I were you and you were me, we might have a better idea how mismatched or aligned our beliefs and our values are, but without it, we can never truly know (despite how often our perceptions lead us to feel as though we do).

The next question is "could it be what you believe is wrong," and the answer was "sure, but my beliefs are ever-evolving and they have gotten me this far so I'll stick with them."

The last question is "How does it feel when you're the only one?" That question is ours to answer independently because you are the only one of you there is or ever will be.

The Black Crowes – Nonfiction Lyrics 5 years ago
If the song were anything less than autobiographical, I cannot imagine they would have titled it "Nonfiction." For a band that is as openly honest as the Black Crowes, this song must be about as real as it gets.

The Black Crowes – Cursed Diamond Lyrics 5 years ago
@[remedyjayne:15265] Smart coping decision, because then you will tell yourself that it is all in your mind, and let go of the poison (toxic self-doubts).

The Black Crowes – A Conspiracy Lyrics 5 years ago
I liked this song enough to buy "Amorica," and that album turned me into the Crowes fan that I am today!

Way back when ('91, '92?), I remember MTV News reported a story of Chris Robinson "stealing" a case of beer on tour after the clerk or another shopper stopped him because (s)he recognized him, but couldn't remember his name or the name of the band, so he stormed out. I put stealing in quotes because their report said he left $20 on his way out, which did not cover the price of the beer.

A direct interpretation of these lyrics may be a challenge because I think they are more evocative than an exact story (the Adam's apple can be Biblical or anatomical, drawing images of going for his throat and simultaneously alluding to the original sin of mankind). The first verse may have been written in reference to that aforementioned news story, and the second verse in particular feels directed to record labels, saying that they know their music better than the labels ("my definition, it don't hold me back") and that their music will be around a long time because it is rooted in music that has been around even longer ("I got tradition, it's an addition" ... "this is a very old land"). Record labels back then were more interested in releasing music that appealed to the widest audience at that moment than promoting artists for who they are (that still rings true today, but it was much harder to be heard without a label in the early '90s).

The Offspring – Hit That Lyrics 5 years ago
@[NoPride:15254] I kinda liked "consequences are a lost party" more, but I agree that these are the correct words.

The Offspring – Want You Bad Lyrics 5 years ago
@[prayingmantis84:15253] I suspect that linguistic twist was the exact motivation for writing it.

The Offspring – All I Want Lyrics 5 years ago
Ha, I always thought these words were "So Damn What" (instead of "S'all I Want).

I got the message right, but I could never find the song on their track listings.

The Offspring – Come Out And Play Lyrics 5 years ago
@[Phyxius:15252] The lyrics in the chorus are an opposite mindset than the lyrics in the verse. I remember we debated this song in school whether it was glorifying the violence (because of the chorus) or condemning it (because of the verses). I was in the latter group, so I started telling people "you haven't heard to the verses then" when told that it glorifies violence.

It was a rather big debate in my school between the two sides actually until the teachers finally decided to step in and keep'm separated!

The Offspring – Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) Lyrics 5 years ago
@[comforteagle:15251] I agree with your interpretation, but keep in mind that he *asked* for the 13, so the funny part is that his tattoo artist would have thought so little of him that he drew a 31 to make him look stupid.

Great White – Sail Away Lyrics 5 years ago
Being lost in your own life, feeling that internal emptiness stretch as vast as water in the middle of the ocean, it's rough. When you thought you knew where you were headed, but then those directions aren't so certain, there are really only two options (and staying the course isn't one). Just sail away, let life carry you onward.

Consider yourself lucky if you cannot relate to this song. In short, it's the "keep on truckin" philosophy -- but with a nautical motif because, ya know, sharks.

Great White – Sail Away Lyrics 5 years ago
Being lost in your own life, feeling that internal emptiness stretch as vast as water in the middle of the ocean, it's rough. When you thought you knew where you were headed, but then those directions aren't so certain, there are really only two options (and staying the course isn't one). Just sail away, let life carry you onward.

Consider yourself lucky if you cannot relate to this song. In short, it's the "keep on truckin" philosophy -- but with a nautical motif because, ya know, sharks.

Chaos Chaos – Love Lyrics 6 years ago
Maybe I'm crazy, but I love this song!!

Chaos Chaos – Love Lyrics 6 years ago
You messed it all up and you wept cos *it crept* into your heart.
It takes you *down* baby, *look* if you are, baby.
Takin' it *up* and you think too fast to stay *with* me.

It's *all up to me* to make you love me, love me, looooooove meeee!

What Made Milwaukee Famous – Gone And Done It Now Lyrics 6 years ago
This is a fun, clever song about exposing the facade of talking heads from either the liberal or the conservative agenda (I'm not indecisive, just meant it was written to apply to both sides - and, of course, it even stretches beyond political agendas).

Watch how the media or even the Internet overhypes certain people, who the general public often recognize are not as intelligent as they portray themselves, while that particular talking head truly believes in his/her own image. Exposed for hypocrisy, that person is cast aside by the public and media with no empathy for the person's humanity, ironically due to that person's own displays of superiority during their proverbial 15-seconds of fame.

Orenda Fink – High Ground Lyrics 6 years ago
The contrasting personality traits are remarkable: strength or weakness, physical or emotional, man or woman, blame or forgiveness, young or old, all in opposing supply. The only conclusion I'm comfortable making is that this song is about domestic abuse.

The lyrics left infinite room for interpretation, but I heard the following:

A muscular, weak-minded man and a petite, strong-willed girl have a naturally disastrous relationship (hence a natural disaster metaphor like flooding). He was hurt in the past and subconsciously blames (or at least, punishes) her for his emotional pain through physical abuse. She understands his plight, but she knows leaving is her only option to survive. Also, I would assume this relationship is romantic, but it could just as reasonably be a father/child (imaging the loss is the death of the mother), in which case the genders are irrelevant.

"Hey big man, come down from there
You know, with your hands,
What you can do from there."

I infer "come down" means he has a specific addiction as a crutch, which could be alcohol or others drugs, including steroids, or perhaps the insinuation is merely that he's noticeably enraged again, so his anger is what's elevated here.

"I know that you loved one time long ago
And what happened to you then
Made your heart turn to stone."

There's the line to permit my idea of his addiction as an attempt to numb pain from his past. My mind immediately conjures up a past romance, but it could be any undeserved pain, such as the death of a loved one or even if a prior flood wiped out his home and business.

"And there's a rain coming down
To the valley below,
And I know just how they feel.
Cause when the water rises,
They start to look for high ground.
Just like me when you come around."

Enter the metaphor of their relationship as a natural disaster. I love that the lyrics allow for both events happening concurrently, as if an evacuation for the flood presented the opportunity to abandon him (or whatever the situation is, I suppose "water rises" itself could be a figure of speech for anything else).

"Hey, big man, big wind, don't blow,
Don't come search for me.
I beg of you both."

This second verse is fantastic, because I can feel it going a multitude of ways. It leaves the impression as though he has been left, but still she is scarred and scared now. Inner peace is a far away.

"All you have to do
Is think of me and you,
And all these things
Enter my dreams
And warn, yes they warn me."

This bridge is haunting, both lyrically and musically. Presuming she has now left him, the line could speak to moments of doubt and whether she did the right thing (but all she has to do is remember the worst to know she did). The second person a bit of stumbling block, so it's equally understandable that she hopes her leaving served as a punishment (for how he mistreated her) or that she genuinely wanted him to conclude that they were unhappy together.

I kept using genders, largely due to Orenda Fink singing it in first person, but I believe all these lyrics were purposefully indistinct. There is literally no limitation to how this song can be internalized. Truly, an amazing composition!

Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt Lyrics 6 years ago
@[svellene:2412] To validate your idea that the lightning bolt itself could represent his love at first sight, that's the exact metaphor used in "The Godfather," when Michael Corleone is first struck by Apollonia. (That aside, I prefer ILUVU's & your alt. idea with lightning representing youth. However, I lean toward it as fleeting moments of opportunity in this context.)

Neva Dinova – Clouds Lyrics 8 years ago
Totally agree! I listened to over 2 hours of various songs from bands on Saddle Creek records last week, and this was the lingering melody that has echoed through my mind for the past week.

The Black Crowes – Hard To Handle Lyrics 8 years ago
@MikePauer, The point was that rap lyrics are rattled off faster than the lyrics in this song. It wasn't classification of this song as rap.

L.A. Guns – The Ballad of Jayne Lyrics 8 years ago
This may be my favorite of the so-called "Power Ballads" from the early 90s. It's one of those songs that you hear once and it sticks in your mind for hours, if not days. Even in 2013.

Rhino Bucket – Hey There Lyrics 9 years ago
Easily, my favorite Rhino Bucket song! For the life of me, I cannot remember where I first heard it (although, I believe it had heavy rotation on DMX, back when DMX was a thing in the early-90s).

Even though I bought this album just for this song, I was amazed by how great all the songs were. Even still, this is my fave RB song.

Ra Ra Riot – Can You Tell Lyrics 11 years ago
The line is "standing by your sister fair," so "fair" is an adverb.

Definition #19, "straight; directly, as in aiming or hitting"

In the context of this song, he has emotional and physical barriers between him and his interest. Emotionally, he doesn't want everyone to know his feelings for her until he knows how she feels (can you tell?). Physically, he cannot approach her at this moment because she's already engaged in conversation with her own sister, but she keeps glancing his way. So, he is trying to wait for an opportunity to talk to her privately.

The Black Crowes – Thorn in My Pride Lyrics 12 years ago
I always thought this song was more of an apology for not being a better "friend" to a girlfriend.

It's strange that the previous posts have taken to the theory that the first person is the one hurting because the chorus sounds he knows his actions hurt her, i.e. he's not proud of them but they are his basic nature ("my angels, my demons, a thorn in my pride").

The line "Tell me about your heartache, who could be so unkind?" depicts her saying how he hurts her because it's followed directly with "Do you dream to touch me and smile down deep inside? Or could you just kill me? It's hard to make up your mind sometimes." I don't think that he's in pain there.

Even the second verse, "Then you tell me with a whisper of things that will never be" are her dreams that he knows are impossible. The fact that his breathing makes her want to scream leads me to believe that she is the more tormented.

All in all, this song is just proof that you cannot change another person in a relationship.

The Black Crowes – Movin' On Down the Line Lyrics 12 years ago
Wow! You know what? You're absolutely right! I don't know how I had "Warpaint" for well over a year now and not gravitate towards this song instantly! But I have now, and I would rate it as the second best on the album (below "Wounded Bird") as well.

Hitherto, I thought "Whoa Mule" was the second best track.

The Black Crowes – Miracle to Me Lyrics 12 years ago
There is something uniquely delicate about the relationship. I don't know if the secrecy is because the relationship is forbidden (doctor/patient?), taboo (student/teacher?), or just an awkward situation between friends, but things are better off kept between them.

Obviously the second person ("you") in the song is very troubled based on the first two verses, and I think that might be the attraction, hence the maintenance of secrecy. The first person ("I") knows how difficult continuing the relationship will be (note the hints that the second person is pushing the first away), so that is where the miracle comes in: the perseverance of the relationship itself would be miraculous. The first person wants the second to be that miracle that keeps it going.

Like I said, it sounds like a uniquely delicate relationship.

The Black Crowes – I Ain't Hiding Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree! Fortunately, it's only a few days from now.

I believe this song is a kinda ballsy soundtrack for a party scene where the drug use, namely lines of cocaine, is running rampant as the party-goers are getting more shameless & more distant from the dangers of it - hence the "I ain't hiding."

The Black Crowes – Virtue and Vice Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't think it's wrong, Haley.... "She Talks to Angels" had more mainsteam exposure than most of the Crowes library (and the song itself is very subject to interpretation). Not every comments on "She Talks to Angels" is from a fan, and one stupid comment alone will generate about 7 replies on average, so those add up quickly -- now 75+. Skimming through the rest of the songs, the vast majority of comments seem to be written by true fans.

Regardless, this great work does deserve more than 2 comments so let me add mine...

I respectfully disagree with Drew that the referenced "virtue" and "vice" are of a sexual nature. I think the lyrics reflect the onset of a new emotional bond with another person and how great it feels, even to the point that you don't care if it ends badly. The chorus feels like a sage reminder that whether it works out is not entirely up to either person because the only thing we can control is our own virtues (good choices) and vices (bad choices).

What Made Milwaukee Famous – The Jeopardy of Contentment Lyrics 12 years ago
This is the most eloquent and beautiful depiction of a relationship that has gone past the part where the couple is relating to each other.

The Black Crowes – Wiser Time Lyrics 12 years ago
I never thought the lyrics amounted to anything more than what they are. So I don't think the road is the motif, I think it is the whole song!

It sounds to me like a straight-forward ode to touring, probably penned after an especially bad show. They shake off their lumps knowing that there's another show tomorrow for all new faces, and then another one the day after that.

On the road, you have a bad show, get over it, go to the next one, and try again. The critics have no idea what happens to a band backstage or before a show ("funny, but I've bet you never left home" is an obvious FU to fans/critics that write-off a band for a bad performance when they could have been through a $#!+storm to even make the show) so, by comparison, the critics are none-the-wiser.

The Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels Lyrics 12 years ago
"She don't know no lovers / None that I ever seen / And to her that ain't nothing / But to me, it means, means everything"

It's easy to interpret "know no lovers" with a focus on sex, but it could simply mean that she's so consumed in her addiction/depression that she doesn't know how loved she is by her friends, family, and "me". Letting her know she's loved is key to helping her through this period.

What Made Milwaukee Famous – The Right Place Lyrics 12 years ago
Interesting, loveAZ! As far as the story that the lyrics tell, it's kinda like "The Jeopardy of Contentment," part 2, so it could be a romantic relationship -- but the family relationship definitely makes as much (if not more) sense.

Skid Row – Into Another Lyrics 12 years ago
I think that Andy2007 was on target. Based on the lyrics like "searching for the circle's end" and "one direction into another," it sounds the first person ("I"/"me") is in a broken relationship that is no longer worth fixing.

Skid Row – Into Another Lyrics 12 years ago
I think that Andy2007 was on target. Based on the lyrics like "searching for the circle's end" and "one direction into another," it sounds the first person ("I"/"me") is in a broken relationship that is no longer worth fixing.

The Black Crowes – Girl from a Pawnshop Lyrics 12 years ago
I love how the guitar reflects such anguish during the "out of respect" lyrics! Truly powerful music there.

I'm inclined to agree with most RealCoolHand's interpretation, and the song title indicates that she has come "from a pawnshop," so I assumed she has sold an engagement ring. Except the shift between third- and first-person would support the belief that he wrote the letter to her.

Although, the title alone could almost validate that one night stand interpretation with her being treated as a loaner.

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