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Explosions in the Sky – First Breath After Coma Lyrics 9 years ago
that was a great story!

Beirut – My Wife, Lost in the Wild Lyrics 9 years ago
that does make more sense thanks for the correction

Non-Prophets – The Cure Lyrics 9 years ago
i hear "when a boy writes off the world" as "male suicide notes" and girl suicide notes are done in cursive. he's searching for a girl who's been/is suicidal, so he can love her.
it's intensely beautiful.

the line "You're not the traveling type? Then hide your baggage better
before you die a normal death and write the average letter"
also suggests suicidal nature

the cure he is searching for is the sickness of life that drives us to suicide

Yo La Tengo – The Weakest Part Lyrics 9 years ago
yo la tengo really know bittersweetness

Joanna Newsom – En Gallop Lyrics 9 years ago

Does anyone have this version that goes

"Bitch! You laws of property!
Bitch! You free economy!
Bitch! You one ending after thoughts
you could have told me before

never get so attached....

and around 3:54 you can hear something hit the microphone

KC Accidental – Ruined in 84 Lyrics 9 years ago
when i listen to this song i picture what it's like to be inside an ambulance when it's sirens are howling

Kraftwerk – Tour De France Lyrics 9 years ago
the breathing is supposed to be of a cyclist but combined with the deep "uhh" sound... it sounds like sex...

Mogwai – 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong Lyrics 9 years ago
just thought i'd add this to the forum:

Q: Where do your song titles come from? Are they serious?
A: We make up the music first and add the titles later. Because we don't use a singer, it's much harder to come up with a name for a song so it'll be something that one of us has said or seen that sounds good or makes us laugh or whatever.
Arguably, the titles have nothing to do with the songs (see Golden Porsche or Secret Pint)

from the FAQ page on Mogwai's site (thanks allmylittlewords for the link!)

despite that i like to make up my own interpretation of the song because it's fun to do so

the song up until 3:52 i am usually thinking about a personal experience in my life, then a sudden change comes into the song, i am now in the present tense

one thing i hear him saying a lot is "i'm... so... sorry"
and a deeper scary robotic voice saying "SO change, so change, so change..." (haha or "soul train")

Mogwai – 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong Lyrics 9 years ago
i like your interpretation

Beirut – My Wife, Lost in the Wild Lyrics 10 years ago
i know the lyrics are slightly incorrect and I do need your help in deciphering some of it since I've no idea where to find the official...

anyway, I've always imagined this song to have some connection to "My Wife" from the March of the Zapotec EP, though it's instrumental.

Belle & Sebastian – If You're Feeling Sinister Lyrics 10 years ago
The way I listen to the song is that Anthony and Hillary are simply parallel stories. They both felt like boring people, and both have killed themselves.

But the author's comment is (obviously) on religion. He tells Hilliary's story. In sum, she "was into S&M and bible studies" (which I have found to be a funny line!). She's also depressed though, and doesn't find her hope in the church... which leads to the AWESOME last line: Chances are, you'll probably feel better if you stayed and played with yourself.

Suicide is such a touchy subject but this song makes such an impression on me. One of the best in my book.

Broken Social Scene – Guilty Cubicles Lyrics 10 years ago
in my opinion, "guilty cubicles" are synonymous with "prison cells"
but when i listen to it I think about floating on a lake, and freedom...

maybe that's what goes through the persons mind while they're locked up?

i also feel like i'm in a dream.

this one of my favorite instrumentals of all time

The National – So Far Around the Bend Lyrics 10 years ago
I picture "you're so far around the bend" as meaning "you are so hard to find" and "there's no one leaving new york" meaning the big city full of people make it even harder to locate you.

Broken Social Scene – Shampoo Suicide Lyrics 10 years ago
thats one thing i like about seeing them perform live. they always switch up the lyrics. one time kevin drew forget the words to superconnected lol

in a feist song, the original lyrics go "now i know i wanna win the war"
but in all her live performances she sings "now i know we're gonna stop the war"
in reference to Iraq

Beirut – My Night With the Prostitute from Marseille Lyrics 10 years ago
it's actually off the Realpeople Holland EP, which was released as a double along with the March of the Zapotec EP

Peter Bjorn and John – Amsterdam Lyrics 10 years ago
i guess i have to be the poster that brings up drugs into this interpretation. for potheads, the association is obvious when you talk about Amsterdam (in general) and time being slow, so slow.
that's what marijuana does, everything feels slow.

i'm not sure what the rest of the song might mean, maybe his babe left him for a short trip to amsterdam?

Kaki King – Yellowcake Lyrics 10 years ago
the atomic bomb explosion makes so much sense!
also, i hear "it can hardly be conceived" rather than "it can hardly become seen"

the "it" in "it appears" could be the appearance of the explosion
the radiation will "come to you"

uranium is there, it is there in the earth like "diamonds deep"
the processing of uranium "can hardly be conceived"
but because the laws of physics are universal, and because atomic bombs are supposedly not that hard to build, an atomic bomb is still possible to make.

i see it as during the atomic bomb explosion, instead of being scared and curling up into a fetal position, rather to "open yourself" and accept your mortality, and "become the light you see"

Kaki King – Yellowcake Lyrics 10 years ago
yellowcake is an intermediary step in processing uranium

it sounds like "glittering stars are shards" -- but her poetry is so mysterious to me i don't think it even matters

Sunset Rubdown – A Day In The Graveyard II Lyrics 10 years ago
"when the conductor fucks up you can't blame the symphony
so i won't blame you if you won't blame me"

beautiful line!!

the "you" and "i" the second line are the symphonies, but the way we sound is not our fault. in a way, we can look at it as the conductor being parents and the symphonies the children. if your parents were alcoholics and users, abusive and negligent, they fucked up your life, they fucked up your symphony.

this kind of suggests that we are not responsible for some things in our lives.

the music makes me feel like it's a sunny spring day in the graveyard, and that it is peaceful, and welcoming, and introspective. one of my favorite from sunset.

Do Make Say Think – A with Living Lyrics 10 years ago
when i listen to this song i imagine the singer on one of those stargazing nights -- he thinks to himself about the universe and life

eventually he concludes for himself that "light and dark are on and off" (or the earth is light, filled with life, and dark is the universe, not with life). "and all that is left is us"

"what turn to green to brown" suggests death, and even kids know that
"what makes the ground... greatest", obviously us humans. we are cursed with consciousness, but it also makes us the greatest over all other organisms.

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Lyrics 10 years ago
i love this interpretation

Against Me! – Y'all Don't Wanna Step to Dis Lyrics 10 years ago
lol that's what she said

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – The Lost Brigade Lyrics 10 years ago
i just love how he goes on and on and on "every little memory has a song" just like in little dawn when he kept repeating "it's alright, it's alright"

"reckless and directionless, just get in line and file along."
-- he's telling the lost brigade to just obey, do what they're told.

every memory of mine doesn't have a song, but every memory of ted might since he's been making music for however long. all of his life, music has been it for him, and it's all he remembers about anything.

i'm too high to interpret the rest of this song right now... i'm too caught up just listening to this beautiful piece of music to feel anything else but happy about it.

The Velvet Underground – I Found A Reason Lyrics 10 years ago
yeah, this isn't the lou we know and loved from 3 albums before loaded, but hey, it's still capturing the hearts of people. loaded was basically a target album for record companies to generate money from artists such as VU with a loyal fan base - by making an album "loaded with hits." this sounds a bit like selling out... or irony at it's best. we don't like this happening to artists we love but it's reality.

would you like this song if it were by any other musician? any other musician that has more potential than a pop hit love song? the pa pa paa thing doesn't really fit my taste, but i don't mind hearing it in this song.

Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow, & Blue Lyrics 10 years ago
piet mondrian
"composition with red, yellow and blue"

Kevin Drew – Gang Bang Suicide Lyrics 10 years ago
i remember reading an interview with kevin drew and he said he improvised most of the lyrics on this album. i agree with lutremi about it being an extension to shampoo suicide. a stream of consciousness with clearer vocals.

Broken Social Scene – Shampoo Suicide Lyrics 10 years ago
hands down my favorite social scene song. 1:32, when the beat changes and the cymbal crashes, the epitome of all music.

one of the only songs where the music matters more than the lyrics to me. i like that i can't make out much of what kevin says.

we hear what we think we hear and the experience and meaning is a personal one.

anyone know if there's a link to gang bang suicide? at the end of that song you can hear feist sing "all the lights we were"

Broken Social Scene – Shampoo Suicide Lyrics 10 years ago
fanatism "japanese lyrics" LMAO

Sleater-Kinney – Modern Girl Lyrics 10 years ago
i always thought this song was about looking like you had great things in life i.e. a baby who loves you, money to buy yourself things with and still not being satisfied with your life. the lyrics always came off as sarcastic by the way she sang it to me.

the best part is when the angry distortion and drums come in to take over the song with so much emotion.

Kevin Drew – Love 5 Lyrics 11 years ago
where can i listen to this song?

Kevin Drew – Love 5 Lyrics 11 years ago
where can i listen to this song?

Kevin Drew – When It Begins Lyrics 11 years ago
at the show he had everyone in the audience do a call and response with this song. such a powerful moment at the concert.

it's a song about relationships/friendships and how it's always fun in the beginning, and when it ends, for whatever reason, it's gonna be tough. you can probably even relate it to the beginning and ending of a band.

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