• april 15, 2009

    by trypticsoyagar on April 15, 2009 Bon Iver "for emma, forever ago" excellent album. you can hear how cold it is. Beirut "march of the zapotec/realpeople holland EP" the realpeople Holland portion has been getting a lot of my air play also very good songs: m83 - kim & jessie kraftwerk - neonlicht cut copy - strangers in the wind No Comments
  • update 02/09

    by trypticsoyagar on March 09, 2009 the top 3 are now 1. broken social scene - shampoo suicide 2. k.c. accidental - ruined in 84 3. the helio sequence - hallelujah my favorite albums to listen to right now are: explosions in the sky - "the earth is not a dead cold place" do make say think - "you, you're a history in rust" No Comments
  • 1st entry

    by trypticsoyagar on June 17, 2008 cool. i can keep a journal on this awesome site.
    the top 3 most played songs on my ipod are currently
    1. broken social scene - shampoo suicide 2. the helio sequence - hallelujah 3. kevin drew - gang bang suicide No Comments
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